Magic Money Paper Offerings Advanced Lesson


Magic Money and Paper Offerings are an integral part of many Asian cultures, especially during festivals, holidays, and funerals. While many are familiar with the sight of paper offerings being burnt in temples or homes, not all understand the deeper significance behind this practice. In this advanced lesson, we delve into the intricacies of Magic Money Paper Offerings, their role in empowering magic, and the theory behind why burning these offerings works. We also introduce the no-fire method of offering, which is a significant practice in the Tin Yat Lineage of Saam Law Tao. You can also read our introduction on paper offerings!

The Essence of Magic Money Paper Offerings

Magic Money Paper Offerings are not just ordinary papers. They are sanctified and consecrated at the altar with the gods, turning them into magical tools. These offerings are believed to fund celestial troops and empower magical work.

Unlike the common belief that these offerings become money for the deceased or the gods, Magic Money serves a different purpose. They are used to convey soul energy from the physical to the spiritual realm.

The Theory Behind Burning Offerings

When a person holds a paper offering, their feelings, thoughts, and intentions are believed to be absorbed by the paper. Upon burning, this soul energy is released and, if properly connected, reaches the intended receiver in the spiritual realm. This soul energy doesn’t materialize into physical objects but is absorbed into the receiver’s soul body.

In the spiritual dimension, soul energy acts as fuel for existence and can be used to create objects out of thin air for daily needs. However, creating objects consumes soul energy, making the soul weaker. The offerings sent by the living act as a support system, allowing the souls to create without depleting their energy.

For celestial troops and gods, Magic Money must be sanctified and consecrated with a higher level of power than the intended recipients. For instance, offerings for troops at the altar must be sanctified with the power of the Religious Court or higher.

The No-Fire Method

In the Tin Yat Lineage, there is an alternative to the traditional method of burning offerings known as the no-fire method. To perform this method, one must first connect to the power source using a heart spell and bring out their sword finger. Next, draw the word 火斗 (fire) on the object and recite the spell, “三羅五雷火,斗中萬法生” or in English, “Saam Law Thunder Fire, All Things Make Happen”. Stomp the right foot to invoke the spiritual flame, and the offerings are considered lit. Bow three times and then dispose of the offerings.

Empowering Magic and Celestial Troops

Special Magic Money can be used to fund and fuel celestial troops, providing them with empowerments, weapons, armor, and more. Awarding them for good performance ensures their continued support and assistance.

The Tin Yat Lineage and Saam Law Tao

The teachings in this article are based on the practices of the Tin Yat Lineage of Saam Law Tao. For those interested in learning more about the lineage and its practices, the CMG Section offers resources on Celestial Master Gold and other aspects of this tradition.


Magic Money Paper Offerings are more than just a cultural practice; they are a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Through these offerings, individuals can support and communicate with the spiritual world, empowering their magic and the celestial troops that assist them.