Magic Money Paper Offerings ADVANCE Lesson

There are many ways you can customize your paper offerings packages for different purposes. However, there is a need for everyone to have a standard package to start with, and you can adjust from there if you want to customize it for whatever reasons. In this article, we will be going through some specific packages for our magic money sets, and also how to customize them for different things.

For the names, refer back to the post on “magic money intro”. This post is meant to be for those who already know the basics.

You will also burn these things in ORDER.

Local Deities (upper deck) in general

1x Letter (Optional)

1x Gold and Silver Pairs

1x Gold and Silver Xiou Gim Pairs (Saam Law Stamp)

1x Set of 5 Colors Clothing

1x Red and Green Lu Ma

(Stomp in heart spell #2 or #4 if Sun Lung stage, Jo Si Yeh pays the local upper deck deities.)

Local Deities (lower deck) in general

1x Letter (Optional)

1x Gold and Silver Pairs

1x Gold and Silver Xiou Gim Pairs (Jo Si Stamp)

1x Set of 5 Colors Clothing

1x Red and Green Lu Ma

(Stomp in heart spell #2 or #4 if Sun Lung stage, Jo Si Yeh pays the local lower deck deities. You can also just circle over incense on top deck 3x CW, 3x CCW, to have JO SI pays the lower deck.)


24 Ki Chiaan

1x Letter (Optional)

1x Gold and Silver Pairs

1x Set of 5 Colors Clothing

2x Xuan Bwa

(Circle over incense on top deck 3x CW, 3x CCW, to have Jo Si consecrate it for you)

To Celestial Court/God Above (Wish/Request)

36 Ki Chiaan

1x Letter (Optional)

1x Gold and Silver Xiou Gim Pairs (Dei Wong stamp)

1x Set of 5 Colors Clothing

1x Red and Green Lu Ma

3x Xuan Bwa

2x Daai Gwong Bwa

(Stomp in heart spell #1 or circle over ground altar incense 3x CW and 3x CCW. You are using the ground altar’s wealth to pay the court.)

Boosting someone (person)

18 Ki Chiaan

3x Gold and Silver Pair

1x Set of 5 Colors Clothing

1x Red and Green Lu Ma

2x Xuan Bwa

(Stomp in heart spell #2 or #4 if Sun Lung stage. You can also just circle over incense on top deck 3x CW, 3x CCW.)

You can burn more gold and silver, Xiou Gim, or clothing and boosters. These are usually the things that gets customized and adjusted.

There is no need for Ki Chiaan and Xuan Bwa if the package is burnt for the local, just like you don’t need a box for someone who is receiving it in front of you.

You can also just grab some gold, silver, boosters, or Xiou Gim and burn them for the gods you are working with as well. It doesn’t always need to be in a full package. For example, I just sent the gods to protect someone by sanctifying a FU, then I would also burn some Xiou Gim into it so that the FU god inside can have more power for doing things.

When you decided to “give” any offerings, you must first think about who is the owner of these “paper” first. Like who is paying the bill. The papers are like cheques, who’s the account owner?  You can use heart spell #2 pr #4 to connect them to the celestial court and make the court pay the bill, or locally you can use the ground altar’s account to pay the bill too.

Value of the Paper Offerings

The question now is then – how do you determine how much to burn, and how much is each gold or silver really translating to, do you have to burn a LOT or just 1 is enough? Read on!

In the default package, usually we set the stuff to the minimal, like 1 set of this and that. The Ki Chiaan, Xuan Bwa, and Daai Gwong Bwa are set with a specific number with a meaning to it, so they are like “coded” with the number that has the specific meaning.

For gold and silver, Xiou Gim, clothing, boosters, you can adjust the amount according to your need.

Every gold and silver “paper” is like one “package” of gold and silver. They are not like one page = $5 and two pages = $10. It’s more like a cheque; the value can vary for each “page” of gold/silver. That means if you are giving to 3 deities, then you would want to burn 3 pairs, because that way they all have their own “cheque” or “package”.  Imagine you have 5 kids, and you by one gift, they have to share or take turns to play.  It’s ok to burn ONE pair of gold and silver for the whole upper deck, just like we are giving ONE big envelop for the whole department, so they can deal with it. But if you want to specifically give ONE envelop to a specific deity that helped you this month, you want to include ONE MORE for that deity!

So, what sets the value or amount your cheque (the gold/silver, etc.) can have? Please remember that the “gold and silver” is not real money and what they are getting is more like the energy which they can use it to convert it into the equivalent things in their world. Therefore, the value of these papers comes from 2 factors.

  1. Your heart, it comes from your faith, your own heart energy which converts into this preheaven energy that embeds on the paper when your intention is set. This is the BASE value.
  2. Your credit-TE in the god’s heart/lineage’s system. When you consecrate the offerings, it is the gods or the court that is deciding on how much to give you based on your profile that you have build up in the lineage. If you are a newbie, then you get a newbie payout. If you are a good disciple who have been doing quite a lot of stuff for the lineage, you get more for your payout, because you deserve more. All these are about YOUR VALUE in the Tao’s heart, which now translates to how much the Tao is paying you for these. That means, if you are just a newbie, you want to burn 10000 pages of gold and silver for your altar, it doesn’t mean you get more value. The amount is the SAME no matter how many pages you burn. The Tao has a set amount for you already, it’s just you want to put it into 1 or 1000 pages.

MORE is not the better. You should treat it as like the # of items are for # of people or case. It’s like one set of this, for one reason/purpose/person.

For example, I am burning 8 sets of gold and silver, 1 for the whole upper deck deities, 1 for the troops that helped me with the case on Jan 12, and 3 for the 3 specific deities on the altar, and 5 for 5 guardians that I have asked them to help me this month.

You can also be giving like 1 set for this project, 1 set for that project etc. It’s the intention that changes everything.

Let’s say I am burning a package for a person to boost their luck or something. I could be burning 3 FUs to them – one for wealth luck boost, one for career opportunity, and one for social luck. Then I would also include 3 sets of gold and silver etc. This is because I want to empower the 3 projects / tasks. I could do ONE for the whole group too, it depends on what I want to do and how I want to make the ratio different. For example, I think that boosting the social luck is most urgent, then I will give 2-3 sets to THAT project, that adds the 3 set to 5 now. Then you are burning a total of 5 sets. RATIO can tell the gods how important A B or C is.

Asking the HQ to burn for you is always going to result in more value on each offering because the HQ have the most credit TE build up. That is why it is always a good idea to have HQ burn for your altar or for any important cases.

Burning Stuff

Remember to burn the MMs into a safe steel bucket, like those red buckets we use for burning things. They are very safe and can handle the heat without issue. At the bottom, there is also a metal rack which level up the paper for faster and cleaner burning.  If you cannot have access to these, ten you can burn it into a steel bucket from Home Depot. It is always a good idea to burn these OUTSIDE and not indoor. I have burnt them indoor when I was living in a house, and it is fine if you are careful, just that the smoke is very annoying. Burning it outside is the best. Always have a metal stick around to stir the stuff if they get packed or bunched up.  Dump the ashes once a while, do not let it build up too much. I usually clean it once a month or so, keeping it empty and so the next time you burn again it would be much cleaner and smokeless.

Remember NOT TO RUSH when you are burning. Do things SLOWLY one by one and you would have the best non-panic experience. The worse thing you can do is freak out then light up the stuff and throw it all into the pot thinking that you can escape from the fire. DO NOT do that!  Burn things one by one, and toss in the next when the fire is almost running out, so you can catch the fire and continue burning one after another. If you are doing this during the ceremony time, you should be burning them at the end of the ceremony, and also take off your robes and such to avoid being a “fireman”.

If you want to burn but also have HQ consecrate YOUR paper offerings, you can also buy the TREASURE FUand burn it over your MMs.

No-Fire Method

The method for No-Fire is very simple, but it is not the preferred way. You can take the whole package of offerings in hand, and then after you have bow to the party that receives it, then you would stomp in heart spell #1 and then do 3x CW circle in front of you, then drop it on the floor to symbolize that you are “letting go”, and then take these things and shred it or bag it up for trash. This CAN be done if you have no choice at the location etc. However, the fire method is the best and most effective method.

A good example of this is that people used to THROW the Ki Chiaan in the cemeteries and such when doing ceremony (instead of burning it), which also work as a way to “send them off”, just like the way we mentioned above. However, it is best o BURN if you can.

BONUS: Special God Money

There are times where a special god can be giving money or clothing etc. too. For example, if it is the Tin Law Jo Si Anniversary, you can also take the gold/silver/Xiou Gim/clothing/booster and write the Tin Law Jo Si FU HEAD on it with the black brush, then stamp it with the Saam Law Stamp and then consecrate it with Tin Law Jo Si (heart spell #2 or #4), then these offerings will be Tin Law Jo Si money which you can then GIFT them to different people/altar/local deities and such.

Special occasions like anniversaries and so on is the best time to get BONUS gifts from HQ too. Sometimes there will be special MMs sent to disciples! On those special ones, you can burn it for your altar or even for yourself! 

Remember, it is all about YOUR CREDIT in that god’s heart. If you have no relationship built with these gods yet, then even you wrote the fu heads over the paper, the gods are not giving you anything. Therefore, it is really the best to get HQ-consecrated MMs for these special dates!

For Sun Lung Stage disciples – remember SAPPOT? Build your credit with that, and it does help you increase your potentials in the MM payouts from the court!

Want HQ to burn offerings for you? HERE is the link.