How to Learn as a Taoist Disciple

how to learn taoism

This article is about how to be a disciple in our lineage, and if you have already ordained, you must read this article to know how to learn and get the most out of your journey here. Being in our lineage opens you up to all sorts of things, crazy amounts of knowledge and unlimited amounts of potential… but you need to know how to be a “disciple” to make this happen.

I will summarize it into 3 points, just to be concise about it, and this is really important based on my experience of teaching so far.

1.     Build a Good Relationship

2.     Be Proactive

3.     Helping is Learning

First point, building a good relationship is very important, because you are new to the lineage. You don’t know people here, and we don’t know you at all. It’s time to show up more, say hi and start talking. Make friends, show yourself, make people remember who you are by using something special and unique. For example, if you are a computer geek, show some pictures of you and your workstation during the chat time, show yourself, and let us know you and what’s special about you. Remind us who you are by showing it again in the future will also help. If you are good at drawing, maybe show us some artwork and help us remember that you are this special guy who draws all the time.

Second point is to be proactive, which means to reach out for answers, and not sit and wait for answers. Being proactive is very important for learning whether in school or here in our lineage. If you just sit and observe or look at the chat only, what happens is that I will be teaching others and the material is not meant to be for you. Even if you read it, my energy doesn’t click with you at all, and you don’t get my attention. As a result, you won’t really get this knowledge in your heart, because I have no intention of passing it to you. If you show up, chat often, bring up the topic, then I can connect to you and your heart will get my heart’s transfer, and you will be able to “keep it” for real. Sitting back and looking at the chat history only is the best way to fail your path of learning, don’t do that! Even if you have some ‘stupid question” that you think might not even worth our time, you should bring it up, and we will give you answers! 

After you have been here for a while, you might have learned a lot of things that newbies are not sure about. If people raise questions, and you know about it, you can help them out too. Helping others often leads to your own improvement. Sometimes you learn something new when you try to answer the questions from the newbies too. Trust me, there is no end to improvements and fine-tuning of your knowledge! 

After all this time teaching Taoist Magic of Saam Law here, I came to a conclusion. That is, no disciple will succeed or really learn stuff if they stay quiet, sit back, or hide away. Those who talk more, ask questions and be proactive, always learn better, faster, and will “get it” much more.

Always remember your Tao and Te cultivation, take and give back, and read the “concluding document”. Every month, because you got help, guidance, wisdom, power and all that stuff from the lineage, you give back as a return to conclude. However, if you do not conclude for a while, you will see yourself losing interest, you will start to drift off, and your achievements will slow down, or even fade away. Concluding monthly is part of a disciple’s virtue, and should be taken very seriously.  If you want success in learning, don’t forget this as the foundation of Tao and Te.

It takes your resources, energy, and time to learn Taoist magic, there is no exception. Everyone dedicates their resources, energy and time to get what they want in life, and in the lineage. If you spend fewer resources, energy and time, you will achieve less, and that is a fact that we cannot change. Magic is not a freebie-energy where you can keep juicing up and turn it into cash and good luck, and that’s the blunt and plain truth that people cannot accept. Magic is powerful, but the power is not free, it’s built up and cultivated with the investment of one’s resources, energy and time, so the magic can be done later to release this potential into things you need. It’s not candy for many people, but it is at least real magic, and not false hope bullcrap like tossing a penny into the backyard to boost your money luck kind of thing. (I am serious, I have seen people post this kind of magic!) Don’t believe things that are too good to be true, it’s often a scam. Our magic is not that pretty and easy, but at least you know what you put in is equivalent to what you can get out of this path. Enjoy learning kids, and remember to learn to learn, we wish you all to have a great future!