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About Us

We are Tin Yat Dragon, a team of Sifu(s) of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 from different places in the world, taught and led by our master Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu, running this website. We are here to offer you our ancient Chinese magic, the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, by offering you distance service, talismans (FU), divinations or even teachings for those who want to get ordained and learn. We are a team that you can trust because we do things with heart, trust, and faith. If it doesn’t work for us, we won’t be offering it to the others.

We Are Here to Offer:

  1. Powerful FU Talisman
  2. Distance Services & Magic Services
  3. Teachings of Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist Magic

Powerful FU Talismans

All the FU Talismans on our website are handcrafted, empowered and charged up by our most skilled mastered in the lineage. Every one of them is written by hand with best effort and energy, then they will be going through a one-hour-long ceremony to be activated, empowered and officially sealed for the client. Every FU that goes out will be charged and empowered on the altar at our headquarter for at least 3 days. Therefore, there are no quickies, but you are ensured to have a quality FU talisman, that is seriously made for you.

To make it easier for the majority, we offers 9 general FUs that can serve the purpose for most general cases, and these FUs are not custom made, but made monthly, charged up, and ready for anyone to purchase at all time. If these cannot fit your need or you would like a customized FU, just e-mail us and let us know, we will be happy to make a customized FU for you at an affordable cost.

Never trust any printed FU talismans that are sold online or any souvenirs from those big temples! They do not have the power to deal with problems or even protect you. A FU Talisman should be hand-made because the master who wrote the talisman have to be doing many magical works in the process to infuse his energy into every stroke with precision, it’s not just a picture that can be duplicated!

A YouTube demonstration of what we do to our FUs during the one-hour-long empowering ceremony (edited to 10mins in the video).

Distance Services

We are specialized in dealing with spiritual issues, but we also offer other kinds of distance magic work that does things like empowering, luck enhancing, or giving your business some empowerments and blessings to make the business flow better.  We can help you do all kinds of ceremonies and rituals because magic can be done on anything, for any purposes you can think of.

For those who are encountering life threatening issues, or spiritual attacks, sorcery or evil magic/ black magic attacks, you have come to the right place. We grow up from busting curses and bombing evil magic for ourselves and our clients. If you are having a serious spiritual case and looking for a reliable source of help, we could be your best option!

Beside magical services, e also offerings things like divination, fortune telling, life forecasts/reports such as Zi Wei Dou Shu, energy diagnosis, energy readings, Fung Shui for homes and offices, etc. If you are in need of help, it’s best to contact us and we will provide you with options that fit your need!


Teachings of Saam Law Sun Gung

The best thing that we offer is the opportunity for everyone to learn this wonderful and powerful magic of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功. Yes, you do not need to travel out of your home to ordain, learn and cultivate this Taoist magic.  You can get ordained through an online application, and start to learn right away! 

Saam Law Sun Gung is powerful and you can start using the magic power in your daily life right away after you ordained.  There will be distance, personal teachings, given to you by distance. You will not be learning on your own, but with the personal guidance of the sifu(s) of our lineage.  It’s fun, and it’s amazingly beneficial to your daily life.

You do not even need to worry about where to get your magic supplies in your country too because our sifu(s) will have you covered and they will be getting you all ready and geared up with the right tools. There is absolutely nothing you need to do that requires you to travel out of your home much!  IF you attend a local place for learning, you might be sitting in the back corner and be ignored or forgotten.  Learning with us, you will be always face-to-face with the masters who are teaching you, and you will never be forgotten, but fully taken care of.  Not forget to mention that learning our magic is also free of charge, there are only fees to ordain, get supplies and for some who want to contribute to the lineage to support the lineage back as a form of giving back and appreciation!


Guaranteed Quality

The talismans (FU), or services that you will be ordering, will be done by our leader Jee Sifu, to ensure you the best quality. Rest assured that we are always giving you the best possible!  As you can see, we all inherit the passion and enthusiasm by Gum and Jee Sifu, and that’s basically how it’s like in our lineage!

The primary purpose of learning Taoist magic is to make life better, by using the magic power to help yourself and others around you. As the Sifu(s) in this lineage, who graduated from the teachings of Gum and Jee Sifu, we have witnessed the power of Saam Law Sun Gung greatly, and is now pumped to share the same with everyone who come along and is in need of help, or even just to make life better than it is right now.

So far, we have sifu(s) in Canada, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong. As you can see, we work together in a schedule that runs around the clock 24/7, and we can provide help to our clients and disciples no matter when they come to us since there will always be someone available no matter which side of the globe. If you are getting us to handle your spiritual case, you are surely in good hands, because your e-mail and request will always be answered in a timely manner!  As taught by our Sifu(s), we always have to care for our clients and believers!

We are now accepting disciples from everywhere, spreading the power of Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic to all who are interested in learning. What’s even better, is that we are putting no restriction on stage 1 ordain process, and so the disciple can be from any backgrounds and belief, and still be able to have the opportunity of witnessing the power of Saam Law Sun Gung.  Learning magic is not a dream anymore, and you do not need to travel!  Making learning magic possible for everyone is also why we have this website running, and we welcome you to join anytime!


The Grandmasters and Sifu(s)


Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu are the grandmasters of the lineage, and they have taught and trained nine sifu(s) as of today, Yee Sifu from Hong Kong is the most senior disciple and she is mostly the primary one to lead the team of Sifu(s) nowadays, unifying them to work together and to deal with the daily operation of the lineage. Wun Sifu and Yang Sifu in USA are the next two in line, and they are also the strong pillar of the lineage that supports the whole team as a backbone.  There is also Yuen Sifu, Hung Sifu, Fung Sifu, Chuen Sifu, Lui Sifu, Jing Sifu. Who also help to deal with the work in the lineage too. Together, with the guidance of their master, Jee sifu, and Gum Sifu, there goes the Tin Yat Dragon.  When you come for service or learning, you are being served by the whole team, and not just working with just one or two masters. We strive to give people the best service and experience, and so we work as a team to give our customers and disciples the best of us.

Jee Sifu is the one who provide service and products to most at the moment, including the diagnosis, exorcism services, distance ceremonies, FU talismans, divinations, and such. He is specialized in all the magical skills and never allows himself to fail a case of exorcism and solving spiritual problems.  He is mostly the one giving out the services and teachings right now and you will be able to see him on YouTube too!

Gum Sifu is the ultimate backend lineage power support, and she is mostly giving the direction, leadership, and doing internal work with the lineage to support everyone when need.  She is specialized in spiritual workings and pre-heaven communications, soul traveling and doing things that are related to the higher level of magical work, only the more advanced disciples will go through her special training.


The Lineage and Structure

Our lineage’s Full name is Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau 天一三羅神龍教, and when you ordain into the lineage now, you will be learning under one of the 9 sifu(s), and so you will be addressing to Gum and Jee Sifu as “Si Gung” which means the “grandfather generation master” of you. 

Gum and Jee Sifu has a long history in Taoist magic for many years. Jee Sifu, started his journey since the age of 4 and he is now in his mid-thirties. They have once been in other sects and paths, but with tons of dedication, hard work, fate have delivered them both onto Saam Law Sun Gung. They now hold the highest authority of the lineage and is doing their best to spread the magical power and teachings to all the ones who have fate with the lineage.

“I feel very grateful to have learned and being part of Saam Law Sun Gung. Thanks to my master Saam Ling grand-Sifu 三靈老師父, who have opened me to a whole different world of wisdom and magic wonders. It’s just speechless, and I don’t know what to say now. I will stop saying but put my feelings to action, by showing and doing, spreading the power of Saam Law to everyone.” - Jee Sifu

Gum and Jee Sifu have got their new temple name, 天一神龍宮 Tin Yat Sun Lung Gung, granted from their master, Saam Ling. 三靈老師父.  Right now, the 9 Sifu(s) trained by Gum and Jee Sifu run this website together as a team, and strive to offer the best of the best to everyone, showing them the power of Saam Law Sun Gung!

The lineage structure Is unique because we work as a team and like a crew of 9 sifu(s) working together with Gum and Jee Sifu leading the crew. When a new disciple ordains and enters the lineage, they are being guided and taught by all 9 sifu(s) at the same time, depending on who is around to teach and guide them, and so you are never left out. We focus on communication and teamwork, and so we teach by using all possible methods, including e-mail, LINE chat, YouTube, blog, and many other methods that can pull the relationship closer. It’s best to say that when one ordains into the lineage, you entered the lineage like entering a big family, and not like entering a “school”. It’s warm and cozy here!


Benefit of Learning Saam Law Sun Gung

There are three major benefits for learning the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung:

1) You can use Saam Law Sun Gung right away to empowers everything in life to make your present life better, smoother and brighter. Start using the power right away to make your work more convincing, make your client understand you more, or make your relationship more harmonize, etc.

2) You can use Saam Law Sun Gung to protect yourself and your family, and not be bullied by the evil magic, spirits, or any curses or sorceries again. There are so many colleagues to colleagues backstabbing with sorcery and magic these days, and it’s time to earn the rights to defend yourself!

3) You can repair your life by fixing up your spiritual body, your energy body and such. By going on a deeper level of cultivation, you will also understand that magic does not end in this life, it is a carried on ability, that leads you to a better future even after this life, earning you a chance to be reborn back to the pre-heaven realm of Dai Law Tin, back to nature, where life begins.

Start by sending us an e-mail, and submit your information if you are interested, then the journey shall begin!


Be Part of Us!

ordain as a taoist now

We welcome you to ordain and join, to learn Saam Law Sun Gung, and witness the powerful Taoist magic together. Share the magical power to everyone and everything around you, make life better by spreading the magical energy around! No matter you are here because you need help for your spiritual problem, or you are coming to learn and become a part of us, we would like to give you the best experience! 

If you are interested, hyped but not yet ready to ordain as a disciple of our lineage, yet you would like to “learn something” and get a feel of it first. You are also free to become a believer of Saam Law Sun Gung too. By doing so, you will need to have an altar opened by us, (distance service) and give us your information (photo and full name) and you will be registered in our believer list!  There is always our blog and YouTube channel that you can check out for more information!

Thanks choosing Tin Yat Dragon, a team that you trust and rely on!