What is Incense Magic in Taoism

Incense magic

Incense magic is very common in Taoist magic a method of executing magic. As described in our theory in the “incense article”, incense is a way to deliver you non-physical elements to the higher powers, or to pre-heaven. These elements includes the intention, thoughts or all sorts of non-physical energies.  Based on this as a foundation, Taoist make the best use of incense and there goes “incense magic”.

Incense magic is called法香 (Faat Heung), which is magic that is done by using incense as the medium. First of all, what is “magic” in our definition?

Magic, is to input your intention, your heart energy, and kick something to move toward the direction you want, and make things flow onward, proceed for the result to happen. 

Magic is not just false hope and belief, or just some random mumble jumble. It is actually a real practice that works to change the reality. Magic cannot change things “directly”, but it can lead things to change. For example, magic cannot bring you money directly, but it can help you to kick in more ideas to your heart, so you can have a different feeling, inspiring you to think a certain way, and leading you to create a better business plan, which brings money as a result.

Incense magic operates the same way. It involves 3 essential process in general for the incense magic to be magically working.

1. Connection and authority – with your heart spell powers, you can make this incense connect to the higher powers, which can bring in resources for the magic to work with.

2. Symbols and spells – to program the incense, assign a task and give the magical incense a mission. What to do with the resources given?

3. Executing and launching – after the incense is uploaded to the incense pot, you must execute it, by launching the energy out toward the destination, or taking the power from the incense and use it somewhere like the house, the FU, or whatever things you want the power to be delivered to.


Example of Incense Magic

As a disciple of our lineage, practicing Saam Law Sun Gung, you will already learn one incense magic at the beginning called the Daai Saam Yuen incense大三元香. This incense magic will require you to write a bunch of symbols on the incense body, and then light it up, then holding it with a certain handsign, pump in your heart spells and stab them into the pot. After you have done so, then you will continue to the other steps to “open altar” and utilize the energy you have drawn out from the altar system.

This incense magic above is to connect your altar to Saam Law, the higher powers of our lineage, and allow your altar to connect and bring down resources from this source. It’s like connecting your computer with the internet!

Another incense magic that you might learn later on is the exorcism incense, which is to draw out energy from the altar system for exorcism purpose. You can see a video lecture below.

Incense magic is powerful and is one of the essential methods in our system. Get your hands on it today and start learning for real!