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What is Incense Magic in Taoism

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What is Incense Magic in Taoism

We use incense magic all the time in Taoism, and it is not the sandalwood that matters, but the magic that made it works. What is the essence of incense magic? It’s that the incense is put into the incense pot of your magic altar, which means, the altar will be the final destination that gets the incense and execute the magic. If you need your altar to output energy and do work for you, then there is the need of incense. You can say that incense is like the medium which connects you and the altar, like a communication device.

The incense pot of our Taoist magic altar is like the heart of the altar, the energy heart, and it is what fires up and start to do work. The incense pot of a newbie disciple might be just filled with sand or ashes for stabbing incense, but for the advanced disciples, there are “treasures” inside the pot, which sets the inner power properties of this “heart”.

You can see the incense pot like a piece of land, with the ashes inside as the soil. When incense are put into the soil *ashes” they are like trees with roots sticking into the ground. What does wood do inside the ground?  They suck up the juice, the essence, and water, and give birth to things above. Incense does the about-the-same thing. They suck up the power of the altar’s heart and help you bring the energies to work.  If you need your altar to do anything, you must use incense to deliver your message to the “heart” of the altar, and so it will “get” your message and know what to do.

Incense do not “work” without the proper magic work done on them. Therefore, we will do a small activation ritual for the incense first, and then they will be stored aside for later use. When burning incense, we do not just light them on fire and do a few bows then call that incense magic. There is a lot more to it.

Incense magic often involves a lot of symbols and spells to set the programs on the incense and tell it to execute a certain kind of work for us. For example, it can be for exorcism, harmonizing, wealth summoning, dissolving sickness, and such.

The first step to incense magic requires symbols to be written on the incense body, which programs the incense BEFORE the fire is lit. This process will give the incense a proper “focus” and set the basic properties of the base energy, getting the correct energy type tuned in for the magic work.

The second step is to use all our “heart spells” to input power, just like putting in resources into a machine for the machine to operate later on. No money, no work was done. Your heart spells will give it the proper power to work. Remember that the secret to success and power building with your heart spells is not just to do tons of practice, but the “heart” is the essence of the “heart spells”.

The third step will be to stab the incense into the incense pot and this is not done just by any random method at all. There is a specific way to stab the incense, with spells, to structure the incense and so that it will have the proper routing done. If you want water to flow in a certain manner, you need to place your pipelines or shape your rivers properly. You can’t just randomly stab incense and expect it to work. There is a structure in incense stabbing too. 

Now that your incense is in the pot, burning and sucking up power from the pot, you will now take magic power with the heart spells again, and draw symbols over the incense flame to program the incense with “what to do” and “how to execute” the incense magic.
When you are done with setting the program, then the last step is to add in any extra resources on your altar and send out the incense for it to launch. Don’t worry, your incense won’t physically be “launched” out of the pot!  It’s a procedure to “activate” or give your incense magic a “start” command, so it can now start to do its work.

Incense magic of Taoism is super important, and it is often the FIRST thing we do in a ceremony, which brings us the specific power for the job, and then we will use this incense to bond in power to our FU Talismans (chick fu) for the ceremony. Incense magic teaches your magic altar to bring in resources and shoot them toward something or someone to execute this whatever magic you want it to do. It is a way to tell your altar to take resources from its own storage and help you carry out certain tasks. Therefore, incense magic in Taoism is a must for all rituals or ceremonies, since it sets the “Tao” of the whole ritual.

Proper Taoist magic should be done with a magic altar, just like a proper business should be done with a bank account and not just using your wallet as a bank account. In order to withdraw money from the bank, you have to use cheques, bank cards, and many methods to submit your request. Working with the altar, your deposit or withdrawal is done by using the incense as a medium. When you do incense magic, you can command the altar to carry out specific tasks for you and help you do things. Nevertheless, you can also use incense to draw symbols on people and put the incense on the altar at the end. By doing so, your altar will then transfer its resources to the person and do the work as instructed by the symbols too.

Incense magic in Taoist magic is super useful, and if you don’t know what to do for a specific case, you can always do the incense magic first as a starter, which at least sets your altar to help you do the work with its energy.  Maybe you are not ordained yet?  No worry, you can do so now and start learning right away!

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