Taoist Cleansing Magic: God 淨神

God cleansing is the seventh spell in the “Cleansing and Purification Spells Book,” there is also an MP3 Tag-along that you can download to learn how to chant the spell in Saamlawnese. This article will be a detailed lesson for those who have initiated or ordained. It will let you further understand the purpose and usage of the spell and pass on some wisdom of Saam Law Tao to you!  Enjoy the detailed lesson!

There are two sets of “Jing Spells.” One is the longer one named “Purification Spells,” and the shorter one named “Cleansing Spells.” The shorter one is easier to learn for newbies.

General Purpose

God Purifying Spell 淨壇法咒 (long) is for cleansing the gods, which sounds a bit strange to an outsider. Any gods in another body, such as your body or the statue, could be contaminated or polluted by energies around them. We explained this in the previous post on the altar cleansing spell. However, this spell is for cleansing and purifying the heart of the god and not the energy around them. It straightens the god’s heart to align with the source again to do the right thing for you.

Spiritual Energy Cleansing Spell (short) can be used for the same purpose, but it is more of a spell for cleansing the soul energy from the people, which can also reside at the altar and blend with the statues etc. For example, people come to your house and burnt incense at your altar; who knows which one had a lot of negative thoughts when talking to your god? Cleansing the energy will remove all the unwanted energies from these people and avoid your god being contaminated and polluted.

Advance Wisdom

Read the “What is God” and “Spiritual Embryo” articles first; you will need that knowledge to understand this lesson.

This spell and the Altar Purification spell are usually used together because they are both needed to neutralize your gods and realign with the Tao. We will use the metaphor of fish in a tank to explain how this works. The body that holds the god inside is like a tank, which means the statue at the altar is the tank, and the god resides inside it. If the energy in the tank/statue is bad, the fish swim in dirty and contaminated water, affecting the fish’s mental health. The fish will not feel good and get depressed and unhappy with many weird thoughts that could cause the fish to have emotional issues. All the problems are internal of the god. This is what happens if the “altar” is dirty.

However, if the god itself is the problem, then it is like the fish itself is the problem, and the problem is rooted in the fish’s heart. Since the problem is internal, the result will show in the external. That means if the god itself is the problem, the god would be giving negative and weird outcomes, causing trouble and damage to things. The god has gone evil and destructive because the heart was having problems. That is when the god purification spells can help to realign the god’s heart again.

For disciples, you have gods inside your body too, and what if those gods were affected by your negative energies or heart devils, causing them to have “heart problems” and giving you weird results or “help” that you don’t want? Maybe you used to get help from these gods, and it is always good, but suddenly you see that your god is “acting weird” and giving you weird advice a few times in a row while your heart is also facing a heart devil hurdle. That means the god must have gone weird too. You cannot change yourself since the heart devil still affects you. However, you can do the magic to realign the gods so the gods can “sync” with the source again to return to the default state. That way, the gods are fixed, and now they can get you back on track!

The local gods are closer to you and can respond to you quickly, but they also get polluted by energies in this world more often. The gods in the celestial court and above are always kept pure, so they will always be the safest and purest ones you can rely on. If anything happens to the gods, you can always align them with the “source” copy, and they will be good again. You can think about it like a computer with a perfect setup with the operating system, office programs and so on. Nothing crashes, nothing is touched, and everything is in perfect condition with nothing but those essentials. You have a copy of that setup on your laptop, and now you can use it however you prefer. After a month or two, you might have installed many programs, games, plug-ins and such, everything looks very different, and some things you installed might be conflicting with other drivers or something that will cause your system to act weirdly over time. The system might also get sluggish and weird because of this newly installed software or even malware from the websites you visited. You never know what you will pick up on the internet!  From time to time, you can download the backup of the original setup again to restore the system to the perfect condition, and now everything is aligned and smooth again. You can do whatever you want to customize it again. It is a good metaphor, but not exactly how it works with the god because the gods don’t lose everything when being realigned (like the computer will delete everything you installed to restore the default setup, while the god will not delete everything in its heart)

When we have clients who have statues and altars that need to be cleaned up or exorcised, we would also use this spell on the statue to turn the god back to a positive state and remove their evil-energy side, which can often save the god in the statue if getting rid of it isn’t an option at the moment. At least the god cannot continue to do bad things and harm the owner while the owner doesn’t even know it has gone evil.

God can also be in anything and not just the statues. For example, if the god in your kitchen knife is contaminated in the heart, it will cause you to cut yourself all the time because the heart affects the physical outcome of things. If you see that the god is acting up like that, then this magic can help you realign the god’s energy to become a helpful god again.

Ordain today to learn more, and don’t forget to cultivate the spells at least twice daily. One in the morning to start your day off, and one at night when you are back home and settled down! It is also inside our mandatory daily chanting in the “Daily Rite”!