Three Yeep Cleansing Magic 淨三業

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What is the Yeep

Yeep 業 is a special term we use to describe a form of accumulated energy in your body that is not going away or being circulated elsewhere. They are staying inside you and could cause your energy body to clog up, resulting in some sort of emotional wrecks, or other extreme behaviours happening. However, Yeep can be good or bad too.

Good Yeep is like when you swear and saw some bad words, and then your parents slap your mouth and tell you not to say it. Next time you want to say it again, they just raise their hand or give you a look, then you immediately know to stop. However, your urge to say the word is still stuck inside, and it feels very suppressed. That suppressed energy in you is the good Yeep. If you keep the yeep and keep yeep-ing yourself, you will eventually get rid of that bad habit. However, some kids might not take it the good way and felt the need to burst and vent it on something, such as going into their bedroom and throw things around etc. If you vented already, then the Yeep cannot be there anymore, and you won’t learn your lesson or improve. If you kept that yeep inside and be quiet, use wisdom to convince yourself it’s okay, it’s good for you because of this and that, then you will eventually convert this bad Yeep into good energy, and it will become a forever power in your body that helps you restrict yourself and not say those words out.

In this article, we are talking about the bad yeep that you cannot dissolve, or maybe even yeep from other people that went to you and you don’t have the ability to dissolve.

Yeep is born from 3 kinds of suppression. Heart, mouth and body.

Suppressing the heart is the feeling being pressed down like how you try to convince yourself “no I don’t like that video game, I won’t need it, I am not buying it”. It is obvious that you say it because you want it so bad but you cannot buy it for some reason. Heart yeep is born when you kept convincing yourself.

Suppressing the mouth is like you want to say “I love you” to someone but you don’t dare to say it out because of whatever reason. You have to stop yourself to not spitting it out, and it does feel suppressing. This is mouth yeep being created. You can experience this at work too. Imagine you are working at a customer service center, how many things do you really want to say but cannot say to the customer? “Come on stop wasting your time and just do what I say!”  You cannot say that, you have to suppress yourself and be “nice” and “professional”, so it became “Hi Sir, is there anything else I could help you with today?” (With a smile too).

Suppression of the body includes facial expression and body movements. For example, that “nice smile” for the customer service example is one of them. You have to fake it, that’s suppression. Another extreme is how you want to punch someone suddenly but you cannot, or you want to crash your car on something to vent but you cannot, or you want to just go APE on someone but you cannot. We all have those moments, and it is a part of life to have Yeep.

However, there are yeeps that are transferred to you by others which you are not aware of. For example, someone vented their anger while thinking of you, like they are punching a heavy bag while imagining that is you. You might think that’s okay because he is not “physically” hitting you so you don’t get hurt anyway. The fact is, it does hurt. The fact is you don’t know when it will hurt you is the scary thing. While the heavy bag is still owned by that person, the energy will be staying inside and not go anywhere. The day he decided he want to buy a new bag, he will trash this one and that’s the day when all the energy is going to vent off. He might already forget about you by then, but your energy was tracked because of the venting 10 years ago, and now all that yeep will go find you and you will suddenly have some crazy bad luck because of this mysterious “magic” done by him in a natural method.

Natural magic can be done like that to curse someone. For example, let’s say you want to hurt a person named John Smith. You gave him a nickname “JS”. Now you are so angry about him, you want to destroy him so bad, and so you decided to do a piece of art to vent this anger out. The more you paint the more violent your mental state is and you kept venting it all out to the painting. Then to a point you feel it look violent and “evil” enough, you feel happier and you kept drawing those things like blood, eruption, violence, etc. Anything you drew is an expression of your anger, which means the yeep is going into the painting. Don’t forget that it’s all related to the same guy, JS.  After doing that painting, you put it there for a few days, and you curse at it daily using your mouth, venting more anger on it, Yeeping it even more.

After a week, you take this painting and decided to trash it, your heart is gone from it, then the soul energy plus yeep will have to find a place to go. You took a hammer and smash the canvas to “break the body” and now the energy vents. That day, JS is going to have some serious bad luck, because of your yeep. This is already a curse, an evil magic, that you can do without ANY religious background. Imagine you have an altar and magic in your hand, it can only be more devastating than you can imagine for JS.

You can read up on the representative magic and distance magic article to see more examples.

How many yeeps are coming your way to create your day today, how many of you have grumpy grannies or friends who love to ramble on and on all day? Jealous friends or co-workers? Some villains at work? There can be many going on, and you don’t know when you are going to be bombed by one of them.


Go to your altar daily, while you do your morning practice and things, make sure you burn incense and do this Jing 3 Yeep spell, it at least let the altar take off some of the bad yeeps from you as a minimum daily cleansing habit.

If you feel you are very yeepy, you will need to also get those yeeps out of your way. Get a cup of tea, dark colour is best, and empower it with the Dei Law Jo Si fu head, and the Jing 3 Yeep spell. Drink it, then sit down and close your eyes, think about all the suppression you have now and dissolve them inside, make them all vanish to nothing in your head, tell yourself that these “need to go” and you will send them off to the Tao. When you get up and move around, the energy will be working its way out. Then, you will pee, which is the time when these energies will be going out of the body when the pee goes out.

You might have vented your anger and yeep onto things at home, such as throwing your phone or chair etc. These yeeps are not going to be gone, and they will bring you bad luck. You need to help them to de-yeep too. Take 3 cone incense and empower it with the Dei Law Fu Head, Jing 3 Yeep Spell, and burn it up. Then, on top of the incense, you will burn the Jing mouth, Jing Heart, Jing Body FU from the 24 Practical FU set (burn the bottom, fold outward, circle 3x CW and dot into the center, then let it burnt off in a bowl). Now, this is the incense for deyeeping, you can take this to smoke the room or objects. Anything that has the smoke and smells going to them will get the magic power on them and start deyeeping.

If you just vented on a small object, like you threw a pen or kicked a door, it’s a minor issue but Yeep is still there. You can simply do your Sun Kuet for the heart spell, and then charge in the jing 3 yeep spell and fire it toward the object and let the power dissolve the yeep inside that object for you. If you don’t know that much, then just put your palms together, and do your heart spell, then jing 3 yeep spell, tell the god to make up for what you don’t know and it should be good. Make sure you stomp the right foot 3x after the jing 3 yeep spell.

Whenever you have vented, make sure you clean up the mess and don’t leave the yeep building up around you, because they will only turn into a time bomb for you later and you will eat your own medicine when the day comes.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!