Taoist Cleansing Magic: Saam Yip 淨三業

Saam Yip cleansing is the fifth spell in the “Cleansing and Purification Spells Book,” there is also an MP3 Tag-along that you can download to learn how to chant the spell in Saamlawnese. This article will be a detailed lesson for those who have initiated or ordained. It will let you further understand the purpose and usage of the spell and pass on some wisdom of Saam Law Tao to you!  Enjoy the detailed lesson!

There are two sets of “Jing Spells.” One is the longer one named “Purification Spells,” and the shorter one named “Cleansing Spells.” The shorter one is easier to learn for newbies.

General Purpose

Saam Yip Purifying Spell 淨三業咒 (long) is for cleansing the obstructive forces created by your heart, mouth and physical actions. Whenever you get suppressed or “stressed,” the energies get stuck inside you and become “yeep,” which will clog your system and slow down your soul energies, making you slow, dumb and often make mistakes without realizing it. Clearing them out can help you avoid these problems. However, there is a much more powerful purpose for this spell: to transfer the impact to the Tao. Whenever you face a spiritual attack, you can use this spell to redirect the energies to the Tao so that the bigger powers will absorb them.

Saam Yip Cleansing Spell (short) can be done for the same purpose, just that the short spell is more meant to be for clearing out the Yip energy that clogs things up and not as much as an “impact absorbing spell.”

Advance Wisdom

Yip/Yiep 業is a kind of energy that accumulates in your system and doesn’t get to cycle out of the system, eventually building up over time and creating blockages and obstructions. Imagine the built-up residue in a pipe that eventually harms the pipe itself and clogs the water flow if it gets too severe. Building up of Yip is very normal for any ordinary living beings because there will always be things that you don’t want to say or act out, and so the thoughts and intentions will have to go back into the heart, which creates heart yip.

For example, you just thought of scolding your wife, but you gave it a thought and decided that this is a bad idea, then you just let it sit in your head and fade out over time. The energy for that idea is born already; if you don’t let it out, it will go back into the heart, which is how heart yip is born. At the same time, because you also suppressed the mouth from speaking, there will also be some mouth yip. The body yip is accumulated when you want to do something but hold back yourself, such as punching your boss out of anger! We have lots of yip in a day, but sometimes this yip can be vented out when you do something that makes you happy or de-stress yourself. Yet, many will remain in the system for a long time, eventually becoming part of your system’s obstructive forces.

If a person has too many yips accumulated, they can go crazy and burst into an ape mode like those who suddenly start throwing things and going crazy at work. Sometimes it can cause an inward impact, such as depression or suddenly wanting to suicide or doing things that cause them pain.

Others can also give or transfer Yip, such as people swearing, venting and rambling about you at the back, transferring their soul energies to you by distance. Anyone can do this, even if they don’t know magic. Once they start opening their mouth and keep talking about you, the energy goes out of them and will fly toward you. Even if it is not a strong attack, if they hate you enough, it could be harmful enough to give you a bad day.

Anytime you feel Yip is building up, you can use this spell to dissolve the yip and let the Tao absorb the excessive energies for you. If the yip is from another person, you can also tell the Tao to absorb the impact for you, and that way, your body will be like a portal which absorbs the yip and send them to the Tao.

This spell also has a very powerful usage: to transfer or redirect the evil magic or spirit attacks toward the Tao, let the Tao take the impact for you and dissolve the power. It is almost like a power-dissolving spell. Let’s say an attack comes to your house, and you feel it at the main entrance. Instead of sealing and blocking, you could open a portal with this spell and suck all the power to the Tao like a black hole.

If you are at work and know someone is talking behind your back or backstabbing you, you can also use this spell to transfer all the bad energies going your way to the Tao. Imagine your body is like a portal, and everything coming in goes THROUGH you and straight into the lineage’s power to be dissolved. This is useful for countering magic attacks outside since you don’t have to fight them and dissolve their powers magically.

Suppose you catch yourself suddenly having any bad or negative ideas/thoughts, saying something wrong, or doing something not good, which you think the gods might not like. In that case, you can do this spell to tell the Tao to help you remove those negatives and dissolve them, which will help reduce the chance of getting affected again.

If people vented their Yip on your house or belongings, you could dissolve them with this spell. Imagine a bad person just took your belongings and threw them on the ground to vent their anger. Their yip will remain on the object. If you don’t clean it out, the energy will stick around and affect you daily, causing you to feel negative and grumpy around this object, or even lead to accidents and injuries.

When eating outside, you know there could always be some grumpy workers in the kitchen or handling your meal; it is always a good idea to clean off the Yip to avoid eating the extra “flavour.” The same goes for your amazon boxes and packages that many grumpy workers could handle in the warehouse. There was a time that our apartment had a water outage incident, and the yip from every unit was so bad that the energy was all over the place in the hallway. This magic helped to clear it out quickly and avoid being contaminated, then coming back home in a bad mood for “no reason.”

Ordain today to learn more, and don’t forget to cultivate the spells at least twice daily. One in the morning to start your day off, and one at night when you are back home and settled down! It is also inside our mandatory daily chanting in the “Daily Rite”!