Golden Light Magic 金光神咒

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What is the Golden Light

The best way to explain this is to say that this is like a coating of special magical powers that can go on top of anything and it will be protected, empowered, and blessed. It’s a “good for everything” and “anti-evil” energy which you can put on things or even on yourself to give it protection against evils.

The complicated way of explaining this is that it is the heart power, magical power, which you are channelling down from the celestial court to yourself and then deploying it on things outside of you. Depending on your level of cultivation, this power will get stronger and stronger, because you will be able to channel the higher and higher level of golden light to yourself.

The golden light has the “D5” property. With the golden light on you, you will feel more confident, the heart is boosted, you will have better connectivity and channelling power to reach the gods in preheaven, your energy body will be hardened so that evils cannot invade or penetrate through your body.

In magic warfare, when two sides are fighting to see who is stronger and still in that seesaw stage of pushing back and forth, golden light power kicks in and will give you a big leverage power against the opponent, it is what can boost you and the altar up immediately.

It’s the spell and magic for protection, empowerment, and boosting your magic power.


Do this daily at the altar during your morning rite practice, and also don’t forget to chant this spell when you feel the need for protection and magic power boosting.

There is the Gum Gwong handsign (golden light handsign) too, which you can use to deploy the magic power with this spell.

After you have finished doing any magical work, such as a FU or a magical tool that you sanctified, coat it over with the golden light to give it the final touch and protection, just like how artists spray a sealing coat over the paintings.

Cultivate this spell into your chain of wrist beads too, so that you can wear the beads for protection when you go outside!

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!