Landlord Deity in Taoism 土地神明

Every Taoist altar has a lower deck, which worships the landlord deity, or who we call the TOE DEI SUN MING in Cantonese 土地神明. This is the boss of the altar internal department and he helps to govern the whole altar operation, plus protecting and guarding the property to keep your home safe. In this article, you will learn about the details of what this deity does and what you can do with his powers at the altar’s lower deck. If you are looking to set up an altar, we have a landlord Sun Paai in the shop too.

Please keep in mind that the landlord deity sign is different among lineages, you will use our version if you are in our lineage.

Power and Wisdom

The landlord deity is one of the gods assigned to your altar by the Celestial Court and governed by the Ground Emperor. Ordinary people might have a landlord deity too, and that is created by themselves using their own “faith” power, read up on “What is God” and you should be able to understand that. However, those are much weaker than the one we are talking about here, the guardian type of landlord deity that is equipped with its own celestial troops and powers.

The landlord deity has two special roles. One is on the civil side, he has to help the family to connect to their Yuen Sun and ensure the everyday cycle between the preheaven and postheaven is doing well. In short, to secure and empower the family luck! Therefore, the landlord is also like your wealth god as well. We have another name for him call Fuk Duck Jing Sun 福德正神, because of this reason. The landlord also connects to the family god 家神 which takes care of your family luck and group the Yuen Sun(s) of people together.

Another role is a civic duty, which is being the guardian and local army commander. If magic work needs to be executed, he will be there to do things for you. If you need to submit anything to the celestial court, you will burn and send it to the landlord, then the landlord will submit it for you through the Ground Emperor’s department.

The whole lower deck of the altar is under the landlord’s control, and so even you put a statue of whatever god into the lower deck, they will be all governed under the landlord while they stay down there. 

The upper deck of the altar does positive things, so it outputs and gives to the outside world. The lower deck does the opposite, so it takes and sucks in things to itself. When we need to cleanse something or send a statue or objects to be exorcised or purified, we can put it into the lower deck for a period of time, and let the landlord deal with it. The landlord will help you remove all the bad energies and such upon request.

The landlord also can govern the other local deities if you have any – such as the bedside deity, the kitchen deity, the washroom deity, and so on.

At the altar, the BAGWA JO SI is above the landlord, so the landlord is being governed by him locally. Yet, the landlords are all govern by the Ground Emperor.

Who Need a Landlord

Anyone who is about to build an altar in our lineage, you must have the landlord and ground altar built. This is very important, or else your upper deck is not supported by a department that take cares of it; just like a company with all the big boss above but no people under them, so all the work cannot be done, and there is not even a single security guard. 

If you already have the landlord altar in the lineage, then you got to learn how to use it. 

Not yet ordain? It is a good time to do so now and so that you can build your altar and invite your landlord asap!