Altar Cleansing Magic 淨壇

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What is the Altar

An altar is a sacred place where gods and humans meet and communicate. It is also a place for worshipping and honouring the gods. However, if the place is not purified, the energy is not going to be welcoming for the gods. There is a saying in our lineage, what kind of energy attracts what kinds of gods or people. If your energy is all negative and evil, you will be attracting the evil and negative gods over when you do your invoking. It is very true because it is just like human beings; like attracts like.

Your body is a “housing” for the gods inside you, and you communicate with the local gods inside yourself using your heart spells. They are fine when they stay inside you and you protect them as a house would. However, once you want to bring them out to do things, such as when you do your Sun Kuet and bring the gods outside, you got a problem.

The space around you might not be at the optimal condition for the gods, and there might be negative or evil energies around, which means your gods will not like it or will be not even want to come out. That will result in your magic not working, or not working properly. Do you ever buy goldfish? They have to put them in a bag with their optimal tank’s water. When you bring them home, you can’t just release them into your tank, you have to put the bag into your tank and let the fish settle down, then you mix water and such to make the fish feel comfortable about the changes. It’s kind of like that with the gods too.

Let’s say we use “Ph level” as a measurement indicator, the higher Ph the eviller and negative it is. Gods like it at Ph1-5 and anything over 5 they don’t like to be around it anymore. Your area might be Ph9 now, which means the gods don’t want to stay or even come out.  With this Jing altar spell magic, you turn the space around to become Ph1, and now the gods can come out and start the work for you.

Prepping the space to welcome the gods is the key. Just like you want to invite some very important person to your house, you would want to clean up and tidy up before they come too.

Learn one mindset here, if the place you are at now is not a place that you usually stay, such as outside in the mall or in a shop etc. Your gods are like goldfish that doesn’t like strange environment. If you cast magic by the gods staying inside, it is fine; but if you do Sun Kuet and they have to come out, there would be a chance that they don’t like it, unless it is like an emergency situation where they MUST come out to fight for you.

Therefore, if you feel that there is a need to “change the Ph level” around the area, you need to use this spell to turn the space into a proper space for the gods first. Even the space is already okay, it just boosts the performance of the gods because you are giving them their best optimal environment.

By doing this spell daily at the altar, you are making the altar purer and cleaner for the gods, which you can see why it’s a good idea now.


When you are at your altar doing your morning practice and such, make sure you chant this spell with the fish and hing to cleanse and purify the altar space.

Take a bowl of water and draw in the Daai Law Fu Head, empower with the Jing Altar spell, then sprinkle this water around the area you want to set the space perimeter to be.  This will allow you to set an area to be purified into the space that the gods would like.

You can also take a stack of Saam Law Fu Head and empower it with this spell, then use it to tape around the altar area like a “wall”, it can also set a boundary for the altar too. (You can use a more advanced method with the FUs and such).

If you are outside trying to do magic that requires the god to come out, you can do the heart spell first and then this spell, then push the palms outward and draw a circle outward to set the energy blasting away all the unwanted impurities, then do the sun kuet to bring the god out of yourself. This will also be good to do for the best result of your magic work.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!