Yellow Incense or Red Incense

Introduction to Incense in Taoism

Incenses are used as a form of offering in Taoism, but more importantly it represents offering of TIME. You are burning the incense, just like saying you started a timer with the gods, you are now committed to the gods and giving your time plus full attention to them.

The incense blessing spells have some wisdom for you here:

“Tao learns from your heart; heart is passed by the incense. The incense burns in the jade pot, and your intention is then revealed in front of the lords.”

It means that the gods knows what is in your heart, your intention, your faith, your feelings, because you have burnt incense into this special pot. The word “jade” is not referring to read jade as in the stone, but as in the metaphor for “the pot with thoughts”. That means when you light incense, everything in your mind can be delivered to the gods.

Let me put it in a simpler way for you. You burn incense to tell the god we are going to start a session now, let’s begin and the incense is lit. When the incense is out, our timer ends.  During the session, your mind is being connected to the gods, which means you can talk to them in your heart, and not with the mouth.


Red or Yellow


Red and yellow incense do have a purpose, but you don’t have to be so stubborn about it. If you cannot find incense of any sorts, even a timer with a watch or an hourglass will do the job too. (as long as your gods agreed to it).

If you do have access to these, then you can go specific. Yellow incense is used for communication. Red incense is for asking for things to be done or granted urgently. If you are to make a wish and want the wish to come true faster, you can use red incense. If you want to do magic and ask for help for exorcism and that sort of things that needs to be done quicker, you can use red incense.

Will yellow incense be weaker?  No. It is about your relationship with the gods and not the incense itself. If you don’t have incense, you can even use a phone and timer app, the god will still respond to you because of your trust and faith. However, having the specific incense will make the whole session better and more professional.


Beware, Don’t Do This!

No matter what incense you are burning, they are really an agreement between you and the gods, which says that you are going to spend the time with the gods during this session. If you just put your incense into the pot, and then walk away and do nothing, it’s kind of like calling someone to go on Zoom for a session. Then, you saw them, and you left. Imagine how the other side is going to feel about you. Do not do that to the gods. When you burn incense, you want to spend the time WITH the gods for that amount of time. If you don’t want to stay that long, burn shorter incense or cut your incense length down!  (No worry it is not impolite to do so!)

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