Luck Stealing Magic and Energy Vampires

Luck Stealing Magic and Energy Vampires

luck stealing magic and energy vampires

In the world of magic, there are tons of luck stealing magic and energy sucking vampires around, which might be the cause of your “bad luck” today.  We are not saying that there are vampires like those in the movies, but there is no doubt that you might have friends or people around you that drain your energy out every time you talk to them or stay around them.  Taoist like us who are specialized in Taoist magic knows how luck stealing magic works, and why people can suck up other people’s energies. That is why we have ways to encounter them, and also to protect yourselves against it. 

A lot of our clients will tell us that they suspect their luck is being stolen by someone they know because they see that all their success has been stolen by this person. It’s like you planted the tree and did all the hard work, but how come they are the one to have the fruits while you got nothing at the end? This is so not fair! 

Well, life is not always fair, because there are these thieves and bullies around, using all sorts of secretive and invisible methods to steal our luck, and loots away the success that we worked hard to achieve. Stealing is bad, but have you thought of people not successful in stealing and they start to destroy things that they are not able to have? Some burglars tried to break into a house and they failed to find the cash they wanted, then they will throw things around, pee on your furniture and “give you a lesson”. This kind of things will happen in the physical world with physical stealing, and so is energy and luck stealing. 

How Luck Stealing Works

In our article of “What is Luck”, we have explained what exactly defines the word for “luck” in Taoism. You might want to take a look at our nice in-depth article later. A short, luck is like the delivery of one station to the next, just like the postal service. The condition and flow of the transportation route in the process are what we call luck. In the article of “What is Taoism”, we have explained that the luck of our life, is mostly generated by the luck between the Yuen Sun (spiritual energy planetary body) and the physical body here.  In conclusion, the luck is how your “soul” does, because it is the middle agent that accepts, processes, and delivers the “package” from your Yuen Sun to your body here. 

What’s in the package from your Yuen Sun?  It’s all your essence of life, including your potentials for health, wealth, love, career, success and everything else in life. Basically, if your soul is not doing well, or it got hijacked, then your luck is in trouble, then you will not be able to get all your potentials, or even have your potentials stolen.

Luck stealing magic is often done in 5 methods, which can determine how they can damage the victim’s life. Doing luck stealing magic is not very hard, but a powerful one will always require some powerful sorcerer (someone that trains themselves to do magic) and maybe even with the help of some evil spirits who help the sorcerers to do their work.  Rest assure that no matter what methods and what kind of sorcerer they are using, you can always encounter it and backfire it on them with Saam Law Sun Gung! 

Five Methods of Luck Stealing

There are forms of magic in the world, but we are just categorizing the luck stealing magic into the major categories according to their work and properties. A form of magic that does the luck stealing can be doing one or even all of these at once, depending on their magic knowledge and methods. The more they do, the more severe the damage is to the victim. 

The first type of luck stealing is done by directly stealing your potentials, and tap into your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) directly. This in Chinese is called 官鬼煞 Goon Gwai Saat, meaning that there is something below the organ, stopping it or resisting it from flowing down. You can think about it like someone tapping to your bank account directly.  This kind of luck stealing magic can damage your greatly because you can’t even see your potentials coming, it’s like pulling the seeds out of your farm even before you see the stems and leaf coming out.

The second type of luck stealing is done by re-routing your Yuen Sun’s delivery, leading it to deliver to another place. This form of magic will often show you a sign in reality with someone taking your credits, or pretending to be you. It’s like the booth calls out your name to take your package, but another person went before you and claimed it while you are still sitting there, waiting for your package.

The third type of luck stealing is the most annoying and frustrating method, which is done while you are processing the things given by your Yuen Sun. Imagine you are given your salary in the form of a paycheck, and you took it to process it into your bank account by using the ATM machine. While you start to plug in the numbers, a person came up and grabbed your paycheck away, fake your signature and stuffed the money into their account with a fake endorsement process.

The fourth type of luck stealing comes in at the very last moment of when your soul is done processing and pushing out the processed goodies to you, and while your soul launched the goodies to your body, it got tapped by another sorcerer and there go your goodies to another person. This type is the most commonly encountered type, and usually is the easiest to do. All they need to do is create a representative of “you” on their magic altar or workstation, then tap into your soul and all these things will go to the representative instead of you.  This representative is just a “container” to store up the goodies, and the sorcerer will then transfer these goodies to another person who paid them.  On your end, you will see this pattern happening in life – with something you have done doing and is finished doing, but someone else took the fruits and enjoyed the final results instead of you enjoying your own fruits.

The last type of luck stealing is commonly done by prayer-style evil magic, where a lot of people are doing it unintentionally by ends up sucking up their friend’s life. This style of luck stealing is to suck up the goodies that one got from their soul already, and is in the process of digesting and absorbing it into their body here, using it in their life, but people in this world start sucking it up from your energy field, which results in your success being damaged or stolen.  This is like when you have finished cooking and your meal is on the table in front of you already. While you are eating, your friends just keep on picking a bit here and a bit there from your plate, and end up you can only have half of what is on the plate. Ever realized some friends who like to do that to you while eating with you? They call it “sharing” to sound nice, but it is actually not “sharing” since they didn’t exchange with you by giving you some of theirs first!


Luck Stealing Done Unintentionally?

Luck stealing can be done with magic of all sorts, but it can also be done by people who are not intended to do so, yet their mind’s greediness plus the evil spirits that were tapped to them will make it happen, and this is especially commonly seen with the “prayers type” of people in the society. Some people don’t know about magic, and they just believe in some religious paths that promote a lot of “praying” for whatever they want to happen or say to their “gods”. That, of course, includes most of their “venting” and complaining about life.

Why should this person have all the success, it should be mine, why it’s so not fair?

When they start complaining and venting out all these things, which can even be done in their subconscious level, their “praying” can be tapped by other spiritual things, including evil spirits trying to find some fun in the air. How cool is it to “pretend god”?  These spirits will then help them fulfill their requests the “tricky way” in exchange for their joy and loot.

For example, a person who just prayed to the air and said “This kid Johnny is so lucky, why is he so lucky?  He should not deserve all that good marks and happiness; my kid should be having all that instead…”

After a while of praying, a laughing evil spirit wandered by and tapped the line. As you might have realized, that prayers are all not trained to even deal with protecting themselves since their “protection” all relies on “praying”, so where is their own power to protect their message that they were trying to beam across the dimensions?  There is none, and it’s like sending messages through the internet without a security program installed, and hackers will tap in for their own whatever reasons.

The hacker spirit then got the message and they want to make this person see the wish being fulfilled. So, all they need to do is now to damage the luck and success of this Johnny kid, and the person who prayed will believe the success must have gone to their kid instead. At the same time, this spirit will suck up 3/4 of what he has taken from Johnny and give the remaining quarter to this kid of the person who prayed. Well in a way it worked, right? That’s what lead the person to keep praying, and praying, for more results to come. Great, luck stealing magic is now on a roll.


Energy Vampires

Now that you know how luck stealing magic works, you might also understand about energy vampires too. Vampires in the movies are fictional, but we are using it as a metaphor here, which describes how people sucks the blood out of others, costing the life of other people.  I am not talking about real blood here, but energies that flow inside of you, your spiritual energy body.

When people keeps on going grumpy mode all day long, venting their stress here and there, or complaining about life and people all day long. All these dissatisfaction, the grumpy vibes, are going to vent out “smokes and fumes”. The energies they give off in the spiritual dimension, what we call dimension 6, is all gray and black in color, like fumes. 

These energies will spread to everything and every person they encounter. If you are the lucky one to be sitting with them, you will feel that you are being clouded by this haze or fume, and things will go “dark and gloomy” for you suddenly. It feels like smog over your head, it stops and clogs your brain, screws up your logic pattern, clouds you from seeing things clearly, and it’s like being inside a mash-mellow made of poop. These energies make you tired, stupid, and even do things without logic. You feel down, sad, demotivated and it just sucks up all the lights from you and takes away all your energy to success in all things.

It does not even take any magic knowledge to be an energy vampire, and it already can do harm to people, ruining their day or even their future. You might have a few people around you that are like that, and it feels like shit being around them all the time. They just love to vent everywhere or they might just love to “share” their feelings with you all the time, telling you how much this is not fair, that is not good, and all that “sharing” means they are sharing their “shit” with you, literally. It is good to be a good listener, but there is a cost to it if you are listening to this kind of “friends”!


How to Protect Yourself

In order to protect yourself from all these things mentioned above, including all kinds of luck stealing, and energy vampires, you must build up your power for protecting yourself and be able to build walls around yourself that will shield you from the contaminations and intrusions, just like how it’s done with your internet security and home security system.

To deal with luck stealing magic, you must have magic powers in order to fight magic. It is a simple theory, just like when people learn martial art to bully you, then it takes martial art training to defend yourself. Learning Taoist magic, like Saam Law Sun Gung, allows you to defend yourself and protect your own “luck”, your Yuen Sun and your energies etc.  You might not be able to build up enough power to fight in a short time, but because you are ordained into a lineage, the lineage gives you the power and support your magic work, making up for what you lack at the moment. 

If you are already a victim of a very severe case, you might think that it’s too late to start learning, because you are already in need of an immediate solution. If that is the case, we also offer the distance ceremony service to help you neutralize the threats and stop the evil magic from doing harm to you. After that, you can then start to cultivate in our lineage to build your own power and prevent the future attacks from harming you in all sorts of ways.  The essence is, you cannot just fix one problem and think that none will come to you again because life is always full of challenges and things that will come by and harm you one way or the other. If you can understand this article, and you are aware of these luck-stealing and damaging energy work, then you should claim your rights to protect yourself and your loved ones. Stay strong and say no to being a victim of luck stealing magic!