Saam Law Taoist Daily Rite - Mandatory Chanting

Many disciples have asked me which prayer or scripture they should learn first; some might have a prayer or god they want to connect to more. Everyone is doing something independently, which is “nice” but not “good.” My teacher from Daai Law Tin gave me instructions after my birthday, which had just passed by; he said, “The disciples are not getting enough benefit and empowerment from the Tao. Their life is not changing and improving as much as they should. The problem is not that they are lazy but lost or hesitating from fear because things are too hard for them.” After that, he gave me a basic guideline, and there goes the birth of a shorter rite called the Saam Law Taoist Daily Rite. It is shorter than the morning, noon and evening rite, which has much more content. This daily rite is now a mandatory chant for everyone, including myself. (MP3 for Tag-Along) / SLOW VERSION MP3

The Daily Rite consists of connecting to the celestial court, beaming down the powers, purifying and cleansing yourself in all areas, and then doing a prayer and scripture, three ordains, and twelve wishes to conclude the whole session. It is a complete and compact yet wholesome rite. The purpose of the rite is to help you bring power into yourself for daily empowerment and realignment to the Tao, and then cleanse and purify your local body and your Yuen Sun, the soul body and the whole system of you from Pre to Postheaven. This will help you exorcise evils, unclog and unblock luck and energy channels, cleanse and purify, and give you protection and empowerment for the day. At the same time, you are building a better relationship with the gods and the Tao.  This amazing chanting will lead you to have a better life and better future because of all the cleansing in the deeper side of you.

Everyone can chant this quickly in about 10-15mins max, and you don’t need to do the drag-sound version if you don’t know yet. Just read the words and follow along. If you rush in the morning, do it before you sleep. It’s very easy and very beneficial for everyone. Keep it up and do it daily; let this become part of your life, and let the Tao take care of your life!

Again, thanks to the gods looking out for us, and all the disciples who need a simple way to get started to embrace the power and get their life-changing improvements!

If you are not yet ordained, you can also ordain today to get started! However, this rite is for EVERY disciple, including the Tin Yat Stage-initiated ones!