Space Cleansing Magic 淨天地

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What is the Space

Imagine the air around you is water, and your house is like a fish tank, you live inside there and the water is all around you. The water is the space, and if the water is dirty, you will get sick. This water will go on your surface and make your body sick, then they go inside you as you breathe, making your internal and the heart sick. When the water is dirty, everyone around the area gets sick, not just you. Scary thing is that virus can also pass on to other people through the water. Remember how covid is passed to others?

This water that we are talking about is the “space” that we are dealing with in this cleansing spell. The “air space” around you!  It is very important to clean up the “space” around you because you never know what is “floating around”. Just like pollen and bacteria, they are not visible to the naked eyes but can be in the air, then into your nose and body, and there go allergies and all sorts of problems. This spell cannot cleanse away pollen and such, but it can cleanse away the negative and evil energies, which means it can prevent you or anything from getting contaminated by those evil energies, and that means a LOT.

When you work in an area that has bad air quality, you get a headache, you feel drowsy, you get tired, and you feel like suffocating and such because of this bad air around you. The same goes for the energies that we are working with too. If evil energies are around you, that will happen to you too. You will also feel tired, negative, and even want to just drop down and not do anything.

Now imagine you have a box of food, it is enclosed in the box, safe and secured. The food is good, and it was packed well. However, your space is all filled with dirty energy, then once you open the box, all the air will be crawling onto the food, passing on the evil energies on it, and now your food is contaminated.  You eat it, and the energy goes into you; your family eats it, it goes to them all.  I don’t even want to imagine what can happen afterwards.

Let’s say you are about to have a party or meeting with people in a room, and the energy in the room is not clean, your whole event will turn out not as happy or harmonized because of this issue. You could have cleansed the space before people go in, and now everyone is starting with good energy, a good mood, and a good vibe.

After people left the event, there might be someone with bad energies on them, and therefore you would want to cleanse and clear them out to reset the energy.

Constructions and renovation are away a big disaster because they stir up the energy from the ground and don’t let the house settle. You can make use of this space cleansing spell to help the house settle down and reduce the chance of accidents and fights too.

Have you ever experienced that whenever you go into a car, then you get very drowsy and blurry? The space inside the car is not clean, it has negatives in there which cannot dissolve and your cleansing power will be the medicine!


When you wake up and finish doing your wash-up and such, you can do a simple space cleansing magic for your house.  Take a bowl of water and draw in the Ng Lui Sin Si Fu Head, then inject the Jing Tin Dei Spell into it, and now use this to flick around the place starting from the main entrance, walk to your left and circle around the house as your flick the water and chant the spell. The leftover water can be used to water plants or just pour them into the drain in the kitchen.

Oh, no time to waste in the morning because you need to go out quickly? No problem, you can use the sound method by using an instrument such as the handheld Gong (the round brass plate that you hit with a baton), make sure you sanctify it first as a magical tool, then infuse the Jing Tin Dei FU from the 24 Practical FU book into the tool too. When you use it, go around the house and hit it while chanting the spell. You can now walk faster and just hit it when you enter a room or area, then move on to the next, because now we are using the sound as a medium to deploy the power, and so you don’t have to slowly flick around.

Still too slow, you will need something that can be done quicker? Sanctify a flashlight the same way, make sure this one has strobe mode. Then you can now pick up the flashlight and strobe and scan around the house while reciting that spell. It will be even faster because you can just sweep around in seconds.

Same magic, done in three different ways!

There is another Taoist tool, the horse tail whisk. Sanctify this tool and also inject the same FU into it. You can also flick this whisk around and chant the spell for the cleansing of the space. This tool will look more “Taoist”, and most importantly, when cultivated to a more advanced level, it will be a tool that can “suck” out the negatives and redirect or “dump” it on someone, like backfiring their magic by grabbing it and flicking it back on them. However, this is a much more advanced technique for the future you!

If you have an issue with the space in a small room or car, take 1 or 3 cone incense and burn them, then inject the spell into them and let it smoke up the space of that small area (make sure you close up the doors too). After the smoking is done, the whole area is also cleansed, then you need to open the door and let air ventilate and that means the clean energy can come in).

Tape up a Jing Tin Dei FU in the area to constantly have the FU power cleansing like an air purifier. Make sure the FU is not blocked by any objects and the light from the FU can reach out to everything in sight! Carry this FU with you when you go hiking, camping or somewhere new or dangerous, it will help you cleanse the energy surrounding you which acts like an evil repellent, and that will reduce the chance of being bitten by evils n the midair! Imagine you carrying it to work, then you can also cleanse off the space around you, then the villains will not want to come near you as much too.

 Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!