Taoist Cleansing Magic: Heart 淨天地

Space cleansing is the fourth spell in the “Cleansing and Purification Spells Book,” there is also an MP3 Tag-along that you can download to learn how to chant the spell in Saamlawnese. This article will be a detailed lesson for those who have initiated or ordained. It will let you further understand the purpose and usage of the spell and pass on some wisdom of Saam Law Tao to you!  Enjoy the detailed lesson!

There are two sets of “Jing Spells.” One is the longer one named “Purification Spells,” and the shorter one named “Cleansing Spells.” The shorter one is easier to learn for newbies.

General Purpose

Space Purifying Spell 淨天地咒 (long) is for cleansing the space outside of your energy body. However, it can do more than that if you have learned the deeper meaning and purpose of the long spell. Tin Dei is the sky and ground, not just the around your physical body. Tin is the source, and Dei is the thing that absorbs from the Tin. Like your Yuen Sun is the Tin, the soul and ghost-altar are the Dei.

Space Cleansing Spell (short) can be done for the same purpose: to clean the space outside of you and clear out the energy pollution from your home or office.

Advance Wisdom

Using the spell on yourself can help you set the alignment of Tin and Dei. The Tin will become the lineage, the Tao, and the Dei will be your soul and ghost-altar, which allows the Tao to connect to you like tuning the frequency of the radio to the correct channel. This spell will allow the lineage to deploy the celestial troops between the Tin and Dei and guard the pathways, which ensures your message goes to the lineage’s HQ or the celestial court safe and flowing at all times. This can be critical for a successful ceremony since if your altar cannot properly connect to the power source above properly; it will fail to get its power and reinforcements.

There is a term in the spell 凶穢消散 Hong Wei Xiao Saan, which means the harmful “wei” energy be dissolved away. The wei energy is the energy that is not moving, stuck and clogged in the middle of the pathway between your Tin and Dei. There are many ways to cause this, which you would never expect. Let’s say you told your god about something that you will do tomorrow, and after the whole day is gone, you didn’t do it, and the gods are still waiting. You did not update the god that you have cancelled the event, so the god will still wait for your result or report for a while. That will already be a “Wei” being created. The more wei you have, the more this pathway between you and the gods is clogged up, like a cluttered room with things all over the place. Eventually, the communication channel is clogged up, and the power cannot flow well.

In our teachings, we use a reporting system in the lineage. Some people would report that they started doing something but forgot to update that they have finished it. I am still waiting, and it turns out they were done 6 hours ago. That time while I was waiting, my energy was still looking for their response and update, and because it had been there for a long time, like waiting for the bus for 6 hours with no result, the energy was put to pause and transformed to “wei” state, and that is how people get grumpy. Wei is like dead water that stinks and doesn’t get moved around for a long time. It turns negative and will become a form of harmful energy.

There are always a lot of “wei” in the house if you do not always clean up the house. Things used and not put away, not tidied up, and maybe even some things left out for days and not returned to their home etc. The energies on these items will be “grumpy” too because they have been waiting for you to conclude with them since the last time you used them. Everywhere has a bit of “wei” sticking around, adding to a greater impact on your life. It can make you grumpy, sleepy, and non-energetic because of these wei. The Jing Tin Dei spell can help you cleanse and neutralize the wei and bring things back to normal in a positive state.

If someone comes to your house for a party night, you know that everyone’s energies are mixing and “contaminating” your house; if you don’t cleanse and reset the Tin and Dei, the place will be getting energy from the guests for a while. If you don’t want their energies to stick around, you must cleanse your house to reset these energy connections to avoid their “extra gift.”

道氣常存 Doe Ki Xieong Chuan, the Tao’s energy is always there. What is the Tao’s energy? That’s the energy of Saam Law. Things at home are often connected to your Yuen Sun as the Tin (the sky) for the source of PreHeaven energies. Doing the Jing Tin Dei spell can ensure that only the energies aligned with the Tao can remain, and nothing else can stay.

You might wonder why the Yuen Sun’s energy isn’t good enough. The fact is that many people have elements in the Yuen Sun that are not good for them. For example, evils attack from a past life or magic attacks that got into the Yuen Sun. You never know when you will wake up to a day where the evil things in the Yuen Sun are leaking down to your belongings and dripping bad energy all over your house for a bad luck month to come. Jing Tin Dei can clear out all the bad energies that aren’t aligned with the Tao and keep what is good, adding the Tao’s power as empowerment. That way, you won’t have to worry about your Yuen Sun giving you a bad day by surprise.

If you have been having much restless sleep, it could be that your Yuen Sun is having issues. Using the Jing Tin Dei spell to cleanse and purify the room can help you detox the pathway between the Yuen Sun and you, plus energize the place with the Tao’s power to help you sleep better.

A place that got Jing Tin Dei’d will be filled with the Tao’s power, which is very suffocating for evil spirits. If the evil spirits try to stick around the area, it is like a human being trying to stay inside an actively heated sauna room; they will have a hard time surviving. It’s like they are under a poison spell, which gradually drains their “health” away. We always do the magic before we open the altar for any ceremony, which helps us repel all the unwanted “beings” and avoid any disturbance. Use this magic often, and your house will be anti-evils because no evils will like to stay in such a “hell” for them.

Ordain today to learn more, and don’t forget to cultivate the spells at least twice daily. One in the morning to start your day off, and one at night when you are back home and settled down! It is also inside our mandatory daily chanting in the “Daily Rite”!