Celestial Master Power


Regardless of your gender, talent, or age, as long as you possess the faith and determination to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching the Taoist heaven, Daai Law Tin, you are welcomed. The Celestial Masters Power serves as a magical empowerment that you can harness for any of your magic in the lineage. This power is derived from the Celestial Masters, the divine teachers and the lord of gods, in God's Court, situated in Daai Law Tin. A special blessing has been bestowed upon us all, continue reading to discover more.

The Hierarchical Courts in Our Lineage

Within our lineage, there exist several courts, each serving a distinct purpose. The Celestial Court is the most superior one we can aspire to as human beings. The court's location is at a significant distance, akin to where the sun is, albeit in a different dimension that overlays the same location. Its role can be likened to that of the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) of the gods in the lineage, possessing all the powers and resources for the gods.

Descending a step, around the atmosphere level, is the Religious Court. Its function is to allow us to utilize the powers of the gods. This court is akin to our "ghost altar" or the home base of the soul. It serves as the middle ground between our Yuen Sun and our physical body in this world.

Further down, we find the Physical Altar Court, which is either the altar itself or our body acting as the altar, in the physical realm. This court can be seen as the container of the gods' power, essentially the body of the gods. Without these bodies, the gods' power remains ineffectual.

Journey of the Soul After Death

Upon the demise of a disciple, their soul is inherently saved by the altar court and transitions into the Religious Court to continue their cultivation journey as a Taoist. It would take quite some time for them to earn their way up to the Celestial Court, and then undertake another lengthy journey to cultivate to be able to ascend to God's Court, ultimately reaching the final destination, Daai Law Tin.

Direct Route to Daai Law Tin: Celestial Masters Power

If your determination is strong enough not to waste time and instead directly reach Daai Law Tin as your sole goal, you now have an opportunity. The divine teachers running the god's court in Daai Law Tin, collectively referred to as the "Celestial Masters," have granted us a scripture. This scripture, when cultivated by a disciple, can enhance their chances of reaching the ultimate goal directly.

One crucial aspect is that the Celestial Masters FU HEAD and the scripture could serve as a tool to empower any magic you perform, making it more potent. As long as your faith and determination to reach Daai Law Tin remains strong and unwavering, the Celestial Masters will provide an empowerment equivalent to your faith level. This could prove extremely beneficial when you encounter an obstacle that exceeds your current power limit.

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Embarking on the Journey

To embark on this journey, get your copy of the "Saam Law Celestial Masters Scripture" ebook and learn the Celestial Master (Tin Si) FU HEAD from our tutorial. This will guide you on your path to empowerment and ultimately, the Celestial Masters Power.


The journey towards Daai Law Tin is undoubtedly challenging, but the Celestial Masters Power provides a path, a magical empowerment to overcome the hurdles. With faith, determination, and the right guidance from the scripture and the FU HEAD, you can set forth on this spiritual journey towards the ultimate goal. Make the most of this opportunity. Learn more, get ordained, or get the ebook to begin this enlightening journey today.