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Magic Luck Boosting for Websites

Tin Jee Luck and Fortune

taoist magic for websites
How to do Taoist magic on websites and boost your luck, bring more success and at least make it better than what it is right now?  Here, Saam Law Sun Gung will make this possible and bring you the true wisdom behind Taoist magic. We all want more traffic, or at least attract more people to our website.

Right, there is the SEO and all that solid work to be done, but that is not all of it, and sometimes we did our best in all the physical work, and it just cannot work out the same as our competitors or friends, why is that so?  Maybe you have 100 people visiting your site and decided to like your stuff, buy from you, and there goes a lot of business. How about 100 people who just came and look, then go away?  What makes the difference if physical work is already done to your best possible effort and quality?

Websites are not a physical object, but who say we cannot do magic on it to help it gain more potentials?  Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung is all based on real knowledge and wisdom of how this nature works. The internet is part of our world, and so is part of nature. If something exists in nature, then there is a way to work on it with our magic. Luck boosting for the website using magic is definitely a must-do and a wise choice to do for your online business or blog. 

What Can Luck Boost and Taoist Magic Do for You?

First of all, we must understand what Taoist magic can do for you and what to expect from it.  Doing Taoist magic on a website won’t make your traffic instantly perk up like crazy or instantly with tons of business and orders flooding into your door. However, it will do the follow things for you which is even better.

Doing Taoist magic on your website can:

  1. Help you gain more potentials
  2. Make your visitors like and feel good about it more
  3. Bring more business than you could have from your pool of visitors
  4. Branch off with more potentials when you interact with your visitors
  5. Keep your fans better
  6. Make yourself feel more hopeful and bright about the website-related work
  7. Protect yourself from be affected by competitors’ luck stealing magic or magic attacks
  8. Ensure you are getting what you should get for your hard work done
  9. Making your website bringing you some future benefits instead of wasting your time

Why is it better? Because you can do better with SEO and such to gain traffic, and you can do advertisements of all sorts to get more customers, but you cannot change the way how people feel about your site by doing any promotion and such. You cannot make people like your site or feel good about your site. Sometimes even you did your best and wrote a nice article, which is the same as another one. Sometimes we just trust John’s page and not Marry’s page, and they are really about the same stuff, why?  It’s all because of one factor that the normal methods or physical methods cannot work on, and that is the Pre-Heaven elements that make people feel and generates emotions to like or dislike your work.

Do you know that there are many other people who also does different kinds of magic to their websites to “empower” their websites’ energy? What’s even worse is, they suck up the energies from their competitors and can stealing your potentials and luck for their own benefit too. Your competitors could be doing it already and why shall you just sit and let it happen?  We don’t need to harm them back, but at least protect your own property, and get what you should be getting, not just 50% or even 25%!

How to Do Magic on Website?

In our article of “What are Souls and Spirits”, we have explained that soul is a bunch of spiritual energies, and as long as there are two sides that keep on transferring things from one side to another, a soul will be born and it will grow as their relationship grows.

Therefore, a soul can be born when two people are in love because of their energy from the spiritual energy body exchanges daily.  There can be also a soul between you and your house, or you can your dog. There is also a soul between you and your car or your computer too.
The soul between you and another thing then allows your life essence from the Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) to pump things through, giving them some essence of yours, and powering them up for a better future with you.

A soul is a form of energy, in what we call dimension 6, the spiritual dimension. The property of things in this dimension is the opposite of ours. You can sort of compare it to the science of light. The things in this dimension are all made of little particles and the particles will then group together, creating the “chi” or energy. When energy is strong enough and gathers up enough ingredients, they will generate power and gives off “light”.

When people do magic to break up a couple, what they are doing is to use a bunch of their own energies to crash into the “soul” of the relationship between these two people, and when the soul is busted or popped, then the two people will feel that their soul is broken, and as a result, they will break up and do things that reflect the condition of the soul.

Your website and you also have a soul, meaning that the website itself also have a soul of its own in the dimension 6 world. When people enters your website, they are actually sensing the soul energy of your website, which gives them a “feeling” or makes them sense your website’s energy and leading them to a certain emotion or conclusion. 

To do magic on your website, we must use magic power to do things to the soul of your website, such as empowering, protecting, and even bring in new essence and resources for it to grow better than the others.

Taoist Magic Application on Websites

Disciples of our lineage can do Taoist magic to their websites easily. There is small magic that you can do to empower the websites, boost the energy of the website’s soul, and even give protection to it. At the same time, you can also hook up your website to a Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) such as your magic altar, to secure its energy and protect it from being attacked or looted.

For the advanced disciples or even by purchasing our distance magic ceremony service, you can have us infuse different FU Talismans into your website, just like installing programs into your computer, and by doing so, we can do changes and set programs to be executed by your website’s energy for different purposes, such as making it run smoother, stronger, or even boosting its energy to grow toward a certain direction and bringing you a certain kind of result.

However, doing the magic once is not good enough, because the effect is not that visible if there is only a one-time infuse being done. Just like anything we do in this world, doing it routinely, in small doses, is often the best idea for a good and healthy growth. Therefore, we strongly suggest you get ordained and start learning the Taoist Magic yourself, then you can apply the magic on each page you update or upload, and also request the others in the lineage to help you empower It a bit every day, then that will for sure be better than doing it all on your own.

Just like we said in the previous article on Yuan Shen, doing things just with your own body is not wise, and that is why we have an altar. What’s better is to have a lineage like ours to back you up and support you, supplying you with resources and power whenever you need.  You and your website could have more potentials, get it empowered today and start learning how to do it yourself!

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