What is Sun Paai 神牌 on Taoist Altar

sun paai


Sun Paai神牌is a frame with things that acts as a portal to connect you to the “Sun’which is the higher powers, the Tao, of the specific lineage. Every sects and lineage have their own “Tao”, and they are not the same, hence they will have different Sun Paai which is done in their own way, with their own secret way to activate it and connect it to their source of power.

A Sun Paai is as important as the modem for your computer, without it, your computer cannot connect to the internet and you can’t get anything outside of your system at home. Every disciples of our lineage will open a Sun Paai altar to connect to the Tao of our lineage, yet not everyone will be doing it the same way. Some will have more space to get a proper altar going, and some will only be able to build a small one inside their room. Some people who are not able to build the altar yet, they will still be given a small Sun Paai from the sifu and they can use it to connect to the Tao every 2 weeks for their Cheng Sun sessions.

A believer does not need a Sun Paai because they are not connected to the Tao, and so even having one doesn’t benefit them that much. For these believers who are not a disciple of the lineage, they can opt for the statues altar instead.

fu talismans

However, a Sun Paai altar can allow the disciple to do their FU Talisman work and because you can connect to the higher powers, you can cultivate, and you can request power, which means you can “chick FU” (consecrate) and do many more things with the Taoist magic of our lineage. Without this, your power is very limited, just like a computer without internet connection today Is almost rendered useless to most people already.


Sun Paai of Our Lineage

The Sun Paai of our lineage is very unique and it is granted to us from the higher powers we connect to. There are basically 3 versions of it. With the same text, there is one in red, one in yellow and one in black. The colors sets the basic property of what this altar does.

red sun paai

Red Sun Paai, with black text, brings powers to the reality here in the post-heaven world, and this is very useful for most disciples. Therefore, you get one of these small red Sun Paai from the sifu in the lineage when you get ordained.  It is good for new disciples and it helps you bring the power to this world. It’s a good thing to have at home, which increase the positive energy flowing to your house, and empowers things in this world for you.

yellow sun paai

Yellow Sun Paai, with black text, is for cultivation purposes. It brings the power from pre-heaven into the internal energy dimension of the altar. It’s like a processor altar, and it is good for those disciples who are learning and doing magic work. This is the kind of altar that most disciples will use.

black sun paai

Black Sun Paai, with gold text, is for accepting things into the pre-heaven and also bringing the creation energy back out to this world. This Sun Paai is used for our master-altars, which is for accepting disciples into the Tao, and also to do magic work with the Tao’s power. This altar is not needed unless the master is at a certain state when they need to accept people into the lineage.


Meanings of the Words

Basically, the words you see are all connecting to the higher powers of our lineage. You will learn more about it when you watch the video lectures in our disciple-only resources. However, a small introduction is being exposed here.

saam law sun faat

First of all, the top says三羅神法– which is Saam Law projects it’s power to this location. Then you see below is神龍血脈which means the dragon power’s bloodline. What does it mean? In our “Dragon article” you will already learn that it is not the animal that we are talking about here.  These four words means the Tao of Saam Law in Dai Law Tin, channeling its energy through the lineage and flows in like the blood that runs inside your altar. 

On the left and right, you see a pair of poetic phrase –紫金真龍從天降,三羅神法入地來. What it means is that the purple golden dragon come from the sky, and Saam Law power projects and launches into the ground. Make no sense to you at this moment, but let’s dig into the deeper meaning!

Purple is the color for the ninth element in nature, which we call the D9 energy, which is when the energy projects its power out of one system. Gold, is the action, which means to gather in and accumulate. “Real” Dragon, means when you have the pre-heaven elements that goes into the post-heaven elements, you have the inside and the outside together, that’s the “real”. Like words with meaning is real, because the container have the stuffing inside. Coming from the sky, means coming from where our power and resources comes from – Dai Law Tin. Therefore, this whole phrase translates to projects the power from our Tao, and gather them up, and beams it into our altar.

After that, the next phrase says – Saam Law projects its “Faat” (magic power) which is the heart energy, intot he ground, which is the altar. It basically translates into charging the altar with Saam Law’s creation power. So the first sentence is about where to get the energy from, and second sentence is the energy going into where (the altar).

The center of the frame is三羅祖師在此天一正法神位which means this is the “seat” for the power of Saam Law Jo Si, for connecting the sky (the Tao) and aligns the heart energy with this location.

You will also see the word for Sunand Moonon the altar left and right, which is not the sun and moon you see on the sky outside. The Sun on the left with one circle around it means to gather up the light and essence, and the Moon on the right with one circle around it means to absorb the light that came in. In short, it sets the output and input side of the altar. Altar’s left is where the “Sun” is, is where it start to output the light of Saam Law to this world. The moon side is where it starts to absorb light from this world and back to the pre-heaven (the Tao). 

Another poem below the sun and moon –千山祿光火,萬法玄風水

The first sentence is saying that all the things (objects and physical things) will consumes and contain the light and heat (energy) given off from the higher powers.

The second sentence is saying all the magic work will inherit the wind and water, meaning the energy and the essence. This reinforces that after your magic is done, it will be pushing the Tao (the higher powers) to push down energy and essence to where you have done magic on, and charge things up to make your magic effective.


Activation of a Sun Paai

The activation of your first red Sun Paai is done by your sifu. After that, if you are building the yellow Sun Paai altar, you will need to purchase some FUs from Jee Si Gung to get the Sun Paai activated. However, when you have learn up to a certain state, you can also activate it yourself too.

Just infusing the FU doesn’t do the job to “activate” your Sun Paai. What it does is to give your frame the “guts” inside and make it real, so you can connect it to make it go LIVE. To connect your Sun Paai to the higher powers, you will need to prepare your altar with the proper food offerings and then do the Cheng Sun ceremony. After your first session is done, your altar is then live and activated.

Don’t forget your Gum Fa and Sun Hung too, they are also important things for the altar to work well!

Remember that you must be ordained in order for things to work! Get ordained today and start to do the practice for real!