What is Sun Paai 神牌 on Taoist Altar

Sun Paai 神牌 – the god’s signage. This is a must-have for our altars, because it is used to mark the connection with our gods, and the celestial court that we connect to. Different lineage has different Sun Paai which has their own main gods and deities in it.  

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The Sun Paai is a signage, and it serves as a signage that mark who and which god is going to connect to this altar. With the Sun Paai, the gods coming to your place will know that this is a legit altar for this lineage, and also “THIS” is the altar built for THEM.

Everyone building an altar in our lineage have one of these Sun Paai hung up on the wall, and it could be big or small, yet it must be properly placed and activated to be a real Sun Paai that works.

Sun Paai in our Lineage

The Sun Paai design can be downloaded in our download page. The lineage Sun Paai connects to the main gods of the lineage, and also the guardiansand such. Our main gods are:

These nine main gods are the core power of the lineage, and there are many other gods which you might see in the Cheng Sun spells which you can find in the other Cheng Sun post too.

We also have different Sun Paai colors. Some being red, some is yellow, some is black. This is very similar to the theory of the Bagwa robe.


Activation of the Sun Paai let the god witness that this is a LEGIT Sun Paai and is registered in the celestial court – which means it will WORK when you Cheng Sun and invoke the gods to come.  To activate the Sun Paai, you need to find an upper to do it for you (via LINE), the masters can do it because they have the authority. Newbies cannot activate the Sun Paai because you do not have that authority in the lineage.

To fulfill your curiosity, we will reveal the procedure of the Sun Paai activation here to let you know how it's done:

*Start with no altar around...

1. Prepare the incense pot and everything needed.

2. Take 3 incense and draw the Daai Saam Yuen symbols (D3Y), stomp in all heart spells from 0 to 5 while clamping the incense in palms.

3. Light the incense and use the incense flame head to draw over the Sun Paai and rewrite the words.

4. Stab incense into the pot center, Hoi Gwong the Sun Paai and hang the Sun Paai up.

5. Do the short Cheng Sun ceremony once with the altar.

6. After Cheng Sun, let the gods know of this Sun Paai and altar is established.

7. Ceremony is complete, Sun Paai is activated.