Taoist Magic God Summoning (Cheng Sun)

God Summoning Ritual, Cheng Sun請神, is part of what we do biweekly in the Taoist magic practice of Saam Law Sun Gung. Some might call it “invoking” the gods, or some might call it summoning. I don’t think there is an English word that fits the exact definition of what we are trying to explain here. 

Taoist priest in action

Cheng Sun請神, really means to “invite” the gods, and how do you invite people? You must have a reason for the event, like a purpose of why someone should be here. There needs to be something that attracts your guest, in order for the guest to come. You don’t just call a friend and tell them to come over, you tell them to come over because there is something for them – maybe some food, maybe some video games, maybe to do something together which they will also benefit from the event. Why shall the gods come to your place? There got to be a reason.

First of all, if you have not read our article on “Gods and Deities” yet, please do so! It might sounds simple, but you will really be confused if you keep reading without knowing what our definition of Gods is. In short, they are nature’s powers, or what we classify them as pre-heaven energies. It’s not like a supreme being who lives somewhere above us like what most would have thought.

The reason why we Cheng Sun bi-weekly, is because we want to connect to the higher powers of our lineage, and invite these powers to our altar.  We will also do Cheng Sun when we need to fire up the altar and do some important magic work.


Different Types of Cheng Sun (God Summoning)

In our lineage, we have 3 different types of Cheng Sun in general.

The first one is the most general-purpose Cheng Sun, which requires the practitioner to do a very short spell and ritual. What it does, is to channel in the powers of Saam Law and get connected.  This method allows our altar to connect to the higher powers, which allows us to interact with them, send requests, submit our messages, or even to do simple ceremonies such as wish magic, empowering things, or some simple cleansing rituals. In short, this is the most basic Cheng Sun, which provide the power for the basic needs.

Beyond the basics, we have 2 routes. One is called the Munn-Gaau Cheng Sun文教請神which is to welcome the powers to come in and charge into our altar. It energizes things up and give us power to do things. Another version is called the Mo-Gaau Cheng Sun武教請神which is to welcome the more aggressive power for helping us to expose power to things outside of the altar system.

FU Talismans Consecrating

For general things like chick-FU 勅符 (consecrate the FU Talismans), doing cultivation for power building, or even to activate magical tools and such, you will just need the Munn-Gaau Cheng Sun for all these “internal works”. All these things require the energies to be inside the altar, and so you can take the energy from the altar and start working on different things.

For working on things that is not part of your altar system, such as exorcism for someone, or even your house, you would need to use the Mo-Gaau Cheng Sun for the external work. It provides you the power that launches out of the altar system and so that you can project them to things outside. Even doing magic for another person, to help them cleanse and exorcise some evil energy, or to bust some sorcery and curses, it’s all classified as external work, because these things are not within your altar’s system.

Compare to a car, the Munn-Gaau 文教 for internal work is like pumping gasoline into your altar system. The Mo-Gaau 武教 for external work is like firing up the car and burning the gasoline to let the car show its power. The power that you welcome in from the lineage’s network is totally not the same when you use the different spells.


Tips for a Successful Invitation

Cheng Sun, really translates to “inviting the gods”. Now that you know the “Gods” are the higher powers that we connect to, you must also understand that you have to treat them as if they are human, in order to “connect” them this type of energy. Just like we said in the “statue article”, you have to treat them like they are real beings, in order to sense and connect to them.  (Like how kids treat their action figure like they are real, they talk to them like as if they are real, but at the same time they know these are not real.)


To get a successful Cheng Sun ceremony going, you have to think about how to invite guests to your house for a happy and successful party.

First of all, there got to be a clear and define reason, a purpose, of what they should come. If you do not even know why you are doing this invitation, or ceremony, then how will “they” know? If people don’t know why they should come to your house, they will not want to come.

Secondly, you need to have things there that attracts them over. For example, food and offerings that you will put on the table. Not only the food and offerings count; your home, yourself, is also part of what you are presenting to attract them over. As we say, you must dress properly in the proper outfit, in order to welcome the corresponding energy. In short, you dressed in crappy jeans and t-shirt style, you welcome crappy energies. Dress nicely, you welcome nice energies. Like attracts like.

Thirdly, you must execute the method correctly and properly. That means, you have to also present your offerings properly, and do your ritual correctly. Let’s say you are trying to invite guests over and you prepared all that nice food already, but you just didn’t dial the right number to call them, or you wrote a letter to them and forgot to send it out, who will come to your place if they never know or hear you?

In general, you must always have a clear intention and reason for the “gods” to come. Every bi-weekly, you know that you are inviting them to come for helping you to power up things, to exorcise and clean up the energy of your house, etc. For other times, you might invite them to come help you kick some evils’ butts. Whatever it is, there got to be a legit reason.

Taoist God Summoning with Food

A table of food, a neat and tidy area, and yourself dressed in the proper magical outfit is going to be the attraction power. Remember to dress better and more formal when it’s the 1st and 15th of the lunar month, because you want the best energy to come for your power-up sessions!

Always learn and refine your skills. As you learn more, you will get into magical tools such as the swords, the flags, and such. These tools will allow you to upgrade your magic ceremony and your Cheng Sun will also get upgraded as you evolve into the more advanced way of doing things. Keep learning, and never stop upgrading.


Benefit of Cheng Sun

Cheng Sun is very powerful, since you can welcome in the higher powers that our lineage connects to. It can help you with a lot of things, and even improve the Fung Shui of your house (improve the energy flow). Just by doing Cheng Sun alone will energize the entire house, hardening your seals that you have put to your house with the symbols, and repelling evil spirits from your family.  

How much power you can welcome to your home during Cheng Sun all depends on your Tao and Te level, and how much trust and faith you have in the lineage, plus how well you connects to the powers. Read up the “Concluding Article” to know more about the Tao and Te, or simply watch the video below to learn about what it takes to have good Tao and Te in the lineage.


To get started and start to do Cheng Sun by yourself today, it’s time to get ordained and learn for real. You can learn to do it at home with your own altar!