Cheng Sun – Taoism God Invoking

Taoist cultivation involves doing things with the gods all the time, and it’s not just for the more advanced Taoist priest but also the newbies like you (maybe) who just joined the lineage! 

The gods are to be connected and channelled by using your heart, your heart spells, and your Sun Kuet 身訣 which is a series of movements (with spells) to bring the gods to your local space!

There are advanced version of this god invoking ritual which involves a lot of complicated things like spells, special outfits, and so on. However, everything starts easy and so there is also a version for you newbies to do. As you understand the mechanics of how the ritual works, you will then know why the complex version is done and what are the meaning of each parts of the magic ritual.

Once you have initiated, or ordained, you can begin to learn how to do your god invoking ritual. It’s easy!  Then, you should be doing it at least twice a month – on the lunar 1st and 15th every month. However, if you need the god’s help for things, you can always do more than twice.

Here is a newbie video tutorial for you!  Feel free to check out the download page for the Cheng Sun Spells 請神咒 too!



More videos to teach you about the chanting part and theory behind the whole ritual!


Advance Level

For you to get a better idea of how it "should be like" for you in the future, here is a full version demonstration of a Cheng Sun ceremony (with least amount of tools involved).

Here are the sections I have separated for you to enjoy the chanting of each section without the middle parts where I talk and teach.

This is the General Cheng Sun Spell:

This is the MUNN Cheng Sun Spell:

This is reading the Bill Munn:

Not yet ordained? It’s here, start today!