Guardian Statues in Taoism 101

Guardian statue in Taoism
Ordainedinto our lineage and started learning Taoist magic?  Great, then you will need to know about the guardian statues for sure. Besides the normal human-looking statues, guardian statues are often animals. If you have not read about the general idea of statues yet, please take a look at our “statue intro article".

As we have said before in “what is Taoism”, there are many sects and lineages that is all categorized as Taoism, but they are all connected to different higher powers of their own system as the “Tao”. Therefore, statues that you have with our lineage is for sure not connected to the same thing as from other paths. Please note that this article is explaining and introducing the guardian statues of Saam Law Taoism and how we use these statues in our lineage. Enjoy the read!

What is Guardian Statue

Guardian statues are often animal statues made of brass. In our article of “Saam Ching statue”, we have explained why the difference in the statue’s material. Brass or metal are basically used when we need to channel down energy from the above. (metal sinks into water, which is a corresponding to energy sinks down for “keep”).  The golden color is a corresponding factor for the five elements “gold’ which means to gather in, accumulate, and to collect. As you can see, these statues are all energy collectors for your altar system.

In nature, the ternary principle of Tin, Dei, Yunn works in all things. Animals are considered to be the “dei”(ground) category, and they are the processor of nature. What animal does all their life is to eat, move around, process and then poop, and move around until they are tired, then sleep and repeat the cycle. Animals have the natural duty and power to help nature process its elements, and that is exactly what guardians does for your altar and home. They help you do work, process things, delivers and push around energies and such.

Guardian doesn’t mean to “protect” like a shield would. Guardians are like nurses who help a doctor to carry out the operation. They make sure everything is delivered to the doctor’s hand when needed, clears all obstacles for the doctor to do their job, and they will take over once the doctor is done giving out commands and set off the nurses to continue with their work. With the guardians, work can be done better, quicker, and you can get the resources you need when you are doing work. If there are people attacking, jamming, or creating obstacles for your work, your guardians will kick their butt and make way for your work to be done.  Basically, guardian powers are very important.

A chef can be cooking a super meal for someone, but if the guardian is not there, the dish cannot be delivered properly. Imagine the people washing the dishes is doing a poor job, or the server flips the dishes on his way out, or maybe the waiter just jot down the wrong food names, everything can ruin the chef’s nice cooking, right?  Guardian is very important for your magic work, and for your altar.

Guardian improves the effectiveness of your magic, the efficiency of your magic commands, and makings sure your power is topped, or even signal to you when things are about to jam in your way. They are just one of the most important thing to have and cultivate at your altar!

Guardian 101 Introduction

Here we will be doing a brief intro of some main guardians in our lineage and you will be able to understand what they do and how their powers can help you with your magic work and such. Remember all these statues must be properly Chick’d (consecrated) in order for them to work.  Just buying the statue is just a piece of decoration on your altar, and nothing more. 

saam ching dragon

Saam Ching Dragon – This dragon carries a ball, which is the essence from pre-heaven. It is the main dragon that delivers the goods from the Tao to your altar. With this dragon, your delivery from the Tao can be done better, making sure you connect better, and eliminate those crappy things that are trying to jam up your altar’s receiver.  It’s sort of like your main connection guardian, and it’s super important for bringing “wealth” to your altar.

k lun

K-Lun – This part of K Lun is very special, one we call it red, and one we call it green. They are both the gateway guardians, which is responsible for making sure the essence from the Tao can be delivered into the ground, which is the altar (green). Then the other one is for the ground to be outputting the power back up to this world (red). Basically, they are the two powers that help you bring in resources and to give birth to things in reality and output power, or you can say they are like the input and output port power for your altar. 

thunder dragon
Thunder Dragon – This dragon deals with moving the essence that got into the altar from the source, like moving raw ingredients around the place, and delivering them to things. This dragon is good at packing in essence to convert them into energy, energizing things, and empowering things up with more energy stuffed into the objects and things that needs them. It is an energizer dragon!


Light Lion – This is like the lion, the king of the forest, which means it is in control of everything in process like the manager or the bossy beast in the center. If anything goes wrong, off track, or not working as it should, this bossy beast will fix it up for you.


Fire Phoenix – The phoenix is mostly responsible for activating powers, outputting powers, giving birth to things, launching power out of the system, transfer power to things and creating new elements etc. You can see it like the chicken that got a mega-boost, great for giving birth to new life, and in your altar any magic you do is a new life, new creation!

wind tiger

Wind Tiger – This is the beasty force that work on the “ground”, which means it is a processor power, a do-work power, and a kind of power that can apply force and power into work in progress. At the same time, it is also a power giving and empowering guardian. If you need to expose power to the things outside, this guardian can help.  If you got attacks coming in, this guardian will deal with the attack first.

On top of these, you will also see some extra ones like the turtle, cow, frog, crab, and such which are also guardian statues that is used after the basics have been established.


The turtle mostly deal with things in storage, meaning like energy you have stored up, and it helps you take from the stored up potentials back out to be used for your magic work.  The turtle guardian also helps you save up energy and to stabilize the connect between you and the pre-heaven side.


The cow guardian helps with pushing through obstacles, with a slow but powerful force, it moves things from a stuck stage to a moving stage. At the same time, it also adds power to things that need a push from the back, pushing through obstacles and hurdles, removing SAAT (stucked energy) and such.

There are much more to describe, but this is the basic 101 for this lesson. It is enough to get you started already. To start, you will go with the first 6, which is actually 7 because the K lun comes in a pair. After you got stabilized, then you can move on to the others if you like.

Guardian statues help you accumulate these powers but you also have to cultivate and make use of them in order for them to help you with your magic work. As said in the “how to make Taoist magic tools powerful” article, you must understand the importance of your daily contribution and investment to these statues. Just buying and placing them there is not enough for sure. Get ordained today and start learning, and also building up your guardians! 

A bonus for you here – if your friends or family need help with something in life, you can also find the correct guardian that fits the job and send them some power from the guardian statues too.  It’s a lot of fun when you start to understand the guardians and know how to build up and also to use and send out their energies to other things.  Ordaintoday to learn, you will be impressed!