Guardian Statues in Taoism 101

Guardian statues are no different from a statue for a god in human form, just that they are in animal form instead of a human being.  Any disciples can request these statues from Dai Sifu, and then have them be consecrated to become their altar’s guardian. The guardians not only help to guard, but also to secure your magical work, and ensure that no one can try to break your magic while it’s being executed. When you are being attacked, the guardians also help to defend, just like how your dog would do the same to you too. Instead of your pet, these are like the gods’ pets, you can understand better by thinking of it this way.


Guardians are actually celestial beings, and they serve the purpose of helping the gods and deities. Think of a very powerful general who fight in the battlefield but he doesn’t have a horse, how can his power be utilized? The guardians at your altar will help you protect the altar and empower your magic work. They are a must-have as part of the protection, and they can also be used to help fix Fung Shui problems too. Our guardians are celestial spirits that are cultivated in the celestial court. By having a statue and getting them consecrated, you are getting a “copy” of the original spirit to possess your statue which you can how have at your altar. Once a disciple altar start to have main statue such as the Saam Ching, then we would suggest them to get the guardians, which protects the main gods.

The Guardians

There are 7 main guardians in our lineage. You can memorize them in this order, and the directions they correspond to:

  1. East – Thunder Dragon 雷龍

Helps with energizing, charging up powers to the magic, and also to empower and boost magic up.

  1. West – Wind Tiger 風虎

Helps to deliver the power to the subject, especially when need to forcefully deploy magic on someone.

  1. South – Fire Pheonix 火鳳

Helps to make things come true, ensure things happen, and boost magic to increase effectiveness.

  1. North – Green K-Lun 青麒麟

Secure the entry point from spiritual realm, block off ghosts and spirits disturbance.

  1. North – Red K-Lun 紅麒麟

Secure the border that spiritual realm and reality touches, helping you to the human side is peaceful and prosperous.

  1. Center – Light Lion 光獅

Helps to secure the altar and keep the whole team of deities aligned. Also a big confident boost and support, helping you make sure your magic is not being overthrown or overpowered by anyone.

  1. Upper – Saam Ching Dragon 三清神龍

Helps to bring down powers from the Celestial Court, and to boos the channelling power to connect to the gods above. It acts like the antenna power, helps to connect and stay connected.

Guardian Magic

There are more that you can learn about these guardians when you are learning inside the lineage and getting your hands on them. However, you can already see the guardian spells on our downloadpage. There are also some scriptures that talks about the guardians as well. Feel free to read up on them.

If you are not yet ordained, feel tree to do so now and get started, you can also learn these guardian magic and protect your altar too. Keep in mind that statues are JUST statues without the consecration, you need to have the magic done to them to ensure they are really legit and have a spirit inside! Praying to “empty statue” is a big problem and can lead to many problems!