Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師

Dei Law Jo Si is the Deity of the Ground, whose anniversary falls on the lunar March 6th. This Deity is one of the three major powers of creation in nature, along with Tin Law Jo Si and Dai Law Jo Si, and all three combined are called the Saam Law in one group. Dei Law Jo Si is like the belly of nature, it contains and processes everything. The best example is the soil and the ground. Without this “mother of nature,” no sign of life would be possible. You need a ground to put the seed in, allowing life to be born. The ground is also like a house, an office, or anywhere that contains life. As long as the life is inside, it will be nourished, like baby inside the mother’s tummy, it will keep growing until it is ready to come out.  The magical side of a ground is that it can give birth to things, and at the same time when things die, they also return into the ground for recycling back to nature too. As we have said before, the power of Dei Law Jo Si is like the belly of nature, it swallows everything we don’t want, and help us take away things that need to be sucked out of this world, such as evil spirits and sorcery attacks. Black is the color of Dei Law Jo Si, just like a blackhole, it sucks everything in, and also spins to destroy and break down every element to the finest possible matter, for nature to recycle these elements to their next cycle of life.

When do we need a vacuum in life to take away all the bad things? Anything we don’t want, we call in the Dei Law Jo Si power to destroy it and suck it away from our world. This is opposite of the Tin Law, which gives us the potentials of life; this gives us the power of destruction and death. If you have bad friends, evil sorcerers that try to pick on you, or even some villains talking behind your back, draw the Dei Law Fu Head to invoke the Dei Law Jo Si, and then fire it over to throw the black bomb on them,  and let them be sucked dry, crushed high, and say bye.

Black isn’t bad all the time, just like we say water can help or kill us too. The black force of Dei Law Jo Si can help us absorb things. If you have stomach pain, digestion problems, diarrhea, or even food poisoning, you can draw the Dei Law Fu Head into water or hot tea and drink it down, then utilize the black power to help you digest and push out the toxic elements. Besides that, you can also use the power to help you “absorb” knowledge, improve your memory (absorbing the light), and listen better. For those people who cannot listen and follow instructions all the time, this will be very useful for you. With some help, you can now listen and digest what you have heard.

Imagine if we go outside for a day, our body picks up some bad energy here and there, or even worse, it’s from bad friends who just squirt out bad luck to you all day long by venting their temper around. Anyhow, you can get a bowl of water and draw the Dei Law Fu Head into it and mix it into a tub of water for a detoxing bath cleanse. Just like a FU bath, it helps you sucks away all the evils that you don’t want, neutralizing your energy body and draining those pollutions back to pre-heaven. For new disciples, this could be their best detoxing bath method for a while. Do it daily!

If at night when you try to fall asleep but you can’t and you feel like your mind is not settled and every part of your body seems to be protesting and doesn’t want to go to sleep, what does that mean? In this situation, it means that you have too much excess energy in you that is not spent. No problem, push them to nature, and let Dei Law Jo Si take it for you. Invoke the Dei Law Jo Si Deity by using the spells and Fu Head, and then let the black energy suck away your excess energy, and soon you should be able to sleep without any issues.

No matter if it is a business or love relationship, we want to be attractive sometimes, and be able to pull in people, or attract your other half to love you. This attraction force is just like the black energy of Dei law Jo Si. Write the FU and tape it around the place, or have it on you, and soon you will be able to attract more people over to your business. Even the lady who won’t even look at you before might change her mind and come over to take a look. The power of Dei Law Jo Si is very strong, like the power of Ground God.  

Dei Law Jo Si also controls the Ground God (Dei Wong) and Landlord, and that means if you have a ground altar at home, and it is properly activated by us, the ground altar is going to bring in the Dei Law Jo Si power and help you protect your house too. Dei Law Jo Si can also be a good guardian and a good fighter who helps you to keep the house safe and sound. Especially those who have babies or little kids at home, Dei Law Jo Si can help them reduce accidents and diminish any dangers too.

Never forget that Dei Law Jo Si is also like the energy or wind, it spins, moves, and turns, which gives power to the system. When we need some internal power to help us get more energized, awake, and powerful, we can always call up the power of Dei Law Jo Si and there goes a power boost.



You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book 


There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Dei Law Jo Si. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.