Secrets of Stamping on FU Talismans

Taoist magical stamps are essentials, and they give us the power to authorize the FU Talisman on behalf of the gods, which makes the whole FU Talisman “work”. In our FU Talisman article, we already talked about how a FU work, so we won’t repeat that here. Let’s focus on the stamps.

How Does it Work?

Stamps are just a stamps when made, they have no magical powers no matter what you carve on them or what wood they are made out of. The magic all begin when you CHICK them (consecrate) making them a holy object, making them a stamp that represents the god’s power to authorize and approve things to be done. To do that, we must Cheng Sun (invoke the gods) formally and CHICK the stamp to ask the gods to approve these stamps.

After the stamps went through the ceremony and become the legit magical stamp, we will have to use them on our FU(s) or any magic work, even symbols, to mark that magic is done with which god’s power. For example, there is an exorcism FU, you stamp it with a stamp that says “ABC Dept”, then the ABC dept is going to do the job for you when the FU is being used. No stamp, the work will not be done, and your FU is not going to work.

Our Stamps

We have a few stamps that we use often, to name a few, they are also in order of what you will be purchasing if you have ordained and is learning in the lineage now:

Ling Sum Stamp靈心印

It represents the god inside yourself, which you call “sifu”, and this stamp is used whenever you are doing things like “representative magic” which the magic needs to trace back to your “heart” to know what this representative is about etc.

Saam Law Stamp 三羅印

This represents the Tao, and you will be using this stamp a lot for getting resources from the celestial court as a Saam Law Stage disciple.

Jo Si Stamp 祖師印

This represents the local gods and local altar powers, which you will be using a lot and mostly using these powers.

Dei Wong Stamp 地皇印

This represents the ground altar, the lower deck, and you will be using these stamps for more advanced FU talismans that utilize the lower deck for Yin-magic.

Celestial Court Officer Stamp 官印

This represents your identity in the celestial court, and is essential for the form you submit to the court.

FU without Stamps?

FU can be without stamps for newbies, because you don’t have all the supplies yet, and gods are not stupid, they know who you are and will help you make up for what you lack. However, you cannot go without stamp for the rest of your life. After your newbie stage you would want to get yourself some good stamps too. The key point is being truthful, and not cheap-ass. You want to have stamps, the proper ones, and not just be doing FU work like a “new-newbie”. Stamps are important, and also a form of respect. YES you can do the FU without stamp and it will work too if the gods are there for you – but you also want to show them the proper respect by using the right formal tools, right?

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