FU Talismans and Different Script

Taoism FU, is a language that lets human and gods communicate, in a way that only the person doing the magic understands what they are saying to the gods. It’s a confidential thing that cannot be leaked, just like a company producing a product do not leak out their secret formula too.  The thing about why this secret must be kept is not just because we don’t want people to copy it. In fact, you can learn it all you want, because even you copy it physically, it’s not going to “work” magically. This article will be very deep, digging into what we mean by preheaven script and the celestial confidential.

Background Knowledge: Yeep

YEEP 業 is a form of energy that is built up when you suppress something and not let it “out”. Yeep is very real, you can feel it yourself all the time. Think about when you know about some good news and you were told to NOT spread it out, you look at your friends and feel very YEEPY, because you SO want to tell them. This is exactly the YEEP that Taoist use in a good way to help people.

Yeep comes from suppression of the heart, mouth, and body.

You feel and you try to suppress the feeling, like how you like something and you keep telling yourself you don’t like it. So, there is the latest tech gear out there, and you are very into tech stuff, you know you want it, but you don’t have the money to buy it. What do you do? Suppress the heart, tell yourself and convince yourself that you don’t need it. The more you do that, the more you are killing that feeling, but it just doesn’t work, the more you do that the more you push it back and hold-on to it only, like compressing a spring. Eventually you will want to vent it out. Maybe buy somethings else at the mean while then. Okay sure, bought a cheaper thing, an you feel better now – because YEEP is being vented out already.

When you want to say something, you suppress yourself and not say it. Just like how we spit out bad words and the parents tell us to slap our mouth and stop up from saying it. Then you SO want to say it again – but you cannot, and soon you want to scream and yell, because the YEEP was built up and you cannot hold onto it.

Same to action (the body). You so want to punch this guy at work, but you cannot, and later you got home and you just need to vent a bit to hit your door hard or throw the bag with some powerful swing etc. You just NEED to vent – because you cannot hold it.

You see, yeep is all over the place, and you need to vent the yeep, because you have nowhere to contain that excessive built-up energy. Taoist learn the wisdom and know how to take advantage of this thing, in what we call Taoist magic.

Yeep and the FU

A FU is a ticket of request, that the Taoist master submit to the god and ask the god for help. But HOW and WHAT does he say exactly with the gods, you never know. The details and things are “encoded” and even scribbled up into a special script that only the gods can understand. This is a lot of yeep, the Taoist have to keep this secret as the “celestial confidential secret”. He is not supposed to explain and tell people what was encoded into THAT specific real FU that he made. By doing so, the YEEP of keeping this secret and not letting anyone know will build up energy, the energy is being contained between the Taoist, the gods and the FU. That energy, become the energy that boosts the FU to work with you, and help you with better connectivity, so that your FU stays connected to the gods.

Respect the Taoist, DO NOT Ask.

Yes, don’t ask the master what this script means and what that means, he can only lie to you and make up something. The fact is that once he revealed everything in plain truth, then the YEEP containing power is leaked and just like a tire leaking air, the FU will vent out all the power and there you will have nothing but a useless piece of paper.

The higher level the Taoist master is, the more he understands everything behind the FU coding language, the more he can contain and conceal everything inside the special script and cultivate the script to become a script that is only known and understood by him and the celestial beings, the gods.

You got the FU, and it is FOR such and such usage, then just use it. Don’t ask, because you don’t want the FU to leak and vent out all the energy too. You can ask to clarify what the FU is for, but never ask what this and that means in the script if you see it is “encoded” into something like what we have shown – the preheaven script. This is done on purpose to contain MORE power and energy than a normal FU that has everything written out in easy-to-read font.

You can also read up on Saamlawnese, which is also a specific and unique language of our lineage!

There are also spells that are embedded into the strokes, which you won’t know unless you are learning it in the lineage. Spells also have hidden meanings and messages too. These are only taught to the most trusted disciples who can hold the knowledge. Beginners, you just need to copy and use, and the FU will work too. It’s just not as high power as the ones by the masters, because you are not there yet. Keep going, and you will learn up to that stage later! You will learn when you ordain.