Eight Immortals and Magical Tools 八仙

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

Eight Immortals 八仙 are different in all sects, and they represents 8 different powers that helps you secure and utilize the powers coming from Preheaven side.

Super-Eyes and Super-Ears 千里眼, 順風耳

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

Super-Eyes and Super-Ears are two generals (Gods) who are also guardians for your altar to boost your magic power and your connectivity with the Tao!

The God of Wealth in Taoism 文財神

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

Munn Choy Sun (Bei Gon) 文財神比干 is a god who is also called the god of wealth for income. You need potentials in your life? opportunities to come? Ask him for help!

General Guan Yu - God of Wealth for Spending 武財神

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

General Guan Yu is also called 關聖帝君 and he is the martial god of wealth for our lineage who help with the spending of wealth!

Guan Yin Goddess 觀音娘娘

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

Guan Yin Goddess 觀音娘娘 is one powerful and helpful goddess to have when you are facing your rough and difficult times in life, you need her help to bring you light!

Mazu Goddess 媽祖娘娘

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

Mazu 媽祖娘娘 is one of the goddess in our lineage that is known for her powers to deal with many common issues people have in studying and planning..

The Four Celestial Emperors

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

The Four Celestial Emperors are higher powers who controls and take care of the celestial court. They protect and assist the Tao to make sure everything is working good!

Saam Ching – The Three Pure Ones

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

Who are the three pure ones in Taoism, what are they about, what do they do, and what is their power about, how do I request the Tao for help? How to pray to the three pure ones?

Taoism Gods and Deities Anniversaries

by Tin Jee | 28 January, 2022

This is a short list of the important gods and deities date to remember, as well as a message for our disciples.

Five Ghosts in Taoism

by Tin Jee | 19 January, 2022

5 Ghosts are important for the ground altar, and they are very useful when deploying the "yin" magic, the negative magic. We gods above for the positive, ghosts for the negative!

Celestial Medic Deity 天醫仙師

by Tin Jee | 14 November, 2021

The Celestial Medic Deity is the one who can help you when you are facing any kinds of health issue or injuries. No only that he deals with sickness, but also passes the power and magical methods to heal and even to harm with our magical powers...

Six Powers Martial Deity 六神武聖

by Tin Jee | 01 November, 2021

The Six Powers Martial Deity is one of the unique god in our lineage which gives us the six powers to overcome hurdles and fight the evils. Everyone cultivating the Tao will have hurdles coming their way, no one can escape that, but you can overcome it and win the battles!

Seven Star Sword Sage Deity 七星劍聖

by Tin Jee | 19 October, 2021

The Seven Star Sword Sage Deity 七星劍聖 is a unique deity in our lineage that deals with exorcism, magic battle, and handling large scale magic warefare when the enemy come in large groups. Imagine you are fighting a battle against 200 groups or more, there is no way you can deal with it by using a normal one to one method. This deity’s power can help us handle these cases with ease. The power of this deity is so unbelievable and incredible because it allows us to help more people by handling multiple cases for the believers at once. Instead of treating them one after another, we can deal with them altogether in one go.

Woh Sing Deity 和聖大神尊

by Tin Jee | 28 September, 2021

A wise and powerful deity of war, specialized in shielding people from danger. He'll buy you time to push through the hurdles, as well as give you the vision to spot potential threats and avoid hasty decisions.

Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師

by Tin Jee | 12 October, 2020

Sun Lung Jo Si, the power of the celestial dragon, is one of the most important deity in Taoism. Here you will read about its power and property and how it's power is being used.

Taoism Five Elders Deities

by Tin Jee | 12 October, 2020

Five Elders Deities are one of the most important series of deities in Taoism which controls the whole operation and power of the celestial court. This is just as important as the three pure ones. Here you will know how to Five Elder Crown works and what does it channel to.

Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師

by Tin Jee | 02 October, 2020

Introducing the Taoism god of creation, Dai Law Jo Si, and its power. Learn Taoism and Taoist magic today at Tin Yat Dragon Taoist Temple

Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師

by Tin Jee | 01 October, 2020

Introduction to the ground deity or the deity of the "ground" and not earth. This is called Dei Law Jo Si, a special and unique deity that represents the negative forces of nature in Taoism.

White crane deity - Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師

by Tin Jee | 27 September, 2020

The opposite of the Dragon, this is the go-to deity when you want to give back to the pre-heaven side, cycle the energy of old stuff or dead beings back to the Tao, and even push out sickness and viruses.

Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師

by Tin Jee | 25 September, 2020

Tin Law Jo Si, the deity of the sky, is one of the main deity in Saam Law Taoism. Here you will read about its power and property, then you will know how useful it is to get his help!

Jee Lung Sin Si 紫龍仙師

by Tin Jee | 25 September, 2020

About the Purple Dragon Deity in Taoism, Saam Law Tao, Jee Lung Sin Si, the deity of power, god of war, the deity that help you get things done and push things to completion, as well as death.

Five Thunder Sin Si 五雷仙師

by Tin Jee | 25 September, 2020

The official document about the property of the Taoism deity Ng Lui Sin Si, why the five thunder, what can this deity do for you and how is the power applied onto things in nature or even to your life. Five Thunder is very powerful, but only if you know what it is exactly doing.

Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師

by Tin Jee | 25 September, 2020

About the origin of Saam Law Tao, Saam Law Jo Si is the main god of our lineage, and here you will see what he is about, what power he has and what he can do to help you make life better. This is the official document from our lineage that talks about the property of this god.

Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師

by Tin Jee | 03 August, 2020

Do you lack self esteem, confidence, or courage? Lucky for you, the Taoist deity, Gum Lung Sin Si, can provide you with magic that helps to build your heart power and boost your confidence.