Burning Offerings in Taoism

Burning offerings is nothing new to the Chinese, it has been like a tradition that people do no matter it works or not. However, does it really work, and can it really work, how does it work and what does it do? That’s the reason you are here, we are going to dig into the real thing in this article, getting you the real knowledge of burning things, including offerings and other things. You would need to also read up the posts in the “After Death” section to understand more about the other worlds and dimensions too.

Why Burn?

Anything physical here is a body for the soul energy to possess onto. When the body is destroyed, the energy will release and go off somewhere it belongs, finding the next body that it aligns to. 

If you read the article on “representative magic” you will learn about this theory too. When you burn or destroy anything, their energies will vent off and they have to find a new home. The question is where are they directed to, and how can you control that.

The physical things you burn carry your soul energy inside (your thoughts and intention), your intention sets the direction because it links to the subject you want to send to. In simple words, if you meant to send this to your father who passed away, then the energy inside will track down your father and no one else. It’s not like you burn it and the energy will go “free run” to just anywhere. It’s just like what we do with the representative doll magic that we explained in the other article.  Your intention connects to the soul of the other party.

What if you cannot burn things because you are living in an apartment that doesn’t allow you to do that? You can also do it by “destroying the body” of that thing such as ripping it and trashing it. You are still releasing the energy by ripping and breaking the thing. It’s not as good and complete as the burning method, but it could be done if you just have to do something.

The energy will also vent out when your HEART is detached from it, just like when you through things out, your heart is detached from it, then all the energy in that garbage will also be released. The heart is what holds energy inside a body. Just like your body too, your heart dies then your soul cannot be held inside the physical body anymore, then you die and energy (soul) vents out of the body right away.

Therefore, you can indeed trash the stuff down the chute of your apartment and call it a “burn” as well, just that it doesn’t look that great. It could be done though. For Taoist in our lineage, if you want to do it this way, make sure you use the Baak Hork Sin Si FU HEAD on the things you want to trash and tell the god your intention, then trash it out. It will work just like how you burn things up, because it’s doing the same thing, with the help of the god too, just to ensure and guarantee the energy is fully released and delivered to the right party.

What is Delivered

You might wonder what is actually being received? Like you draw a cake, do they get a cake? Or you burn a car for them, then they get a car? The answer is, no, but also yes.

What they get is the soul energy, and if you remember in the article about ghost world, they live on a soul energy-based world, you can just have that soul energy then you can create anything you want.  If you burn them something with an intention, for example, I am burning them clothing that protects them, then this soul energy of mine will go over there and become something alike or similar to what I mean. It’s not like the whole look and design will be the same, but it will be something close to what you want to give.

Some jokes from people back then, what if you burn them a microwave and they don’t have electricity there, and we burn them a TV but they don’t have TV station and electricity too. No worry, what you are burning is not directly translated to what it is there. It will sometimes turn into things that are more usable for them in that world, it will be something equivalent or similar in meaning, but something their world has and not what we have.

You can say that is a “no” because you don’t get exactly what was burnt, but you can say it is a “yes” because that soul energy in the burnt object will turn into something close to what you mean at the end, so it is kind of “true” that they can get things that is similar to what you meant to give.

Can they have a car or TV? Surely can do. Just that they have to create it with the soul energy that you gave them.

Burning the Paper Money

It doesn’t work, and they are all fake things. However, they do work, if you turn them into magical things by doing the proper sanctification ceremony for them and turn them into “currency” from the celestial court.

If you just burn those papers for the ancestors, the max is that they will get your soul energy and use it for their daily life things only. No one is going to get “money” in that world because you have burnt some papers.

However, in our lineage, we use these papers as “magic money” too, and they are not just “buy and use”, they need to be sanctified to become a legit form of “money” related to our celestial court. After they have gone through the processing, then we can burn them for the gods or for any ancestors. These “money” all have their meanings and purposes, which you will learn about them in the lineage.

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