Do This Quickly if You Encounter Death

Roadkill, or any kind of death including human beings and pets, there are negative energies being released with the soul of the living being. These are negative dead-soul energies (NDE) that was accumulated inside this living being before they are dead, which could be from hate, fear, panic, anxious, and so on. These energies will stuck around for awhile and anyone who comes by and get in contact with it will absorb a bit of it, then eventually it will distribute and dissolve away with time in around 7-10 days by normal standard. If these negative energies are not dissolved, the soul cannot transition 100% and they cannot become a “real ghost” yet, and will be a wandering soul stucking around this world, waiting and luring around, like stuck in the “loading screen”.

For a disciple in our lineage, make sure you do these things when you encounter any death, especially those road kill or even a dead bug etc.

  1. Palms together at chest, then turn into the heart incense handsign (curl down the index finger and touch the side of it with your thumb). Close your eyes, say the heart spell #1 to call up your Si Yeh, and stomp your left foot 1x.
  2. Pull the handsign up to the forehead and tell your Si Yeh to please help this dead being to cleanse and settle their soul, and help them move on. Stomp the right foot 3x and bow 3x. Open your eyes and that’s it.
  3. If you know more, continue by changing the handsign to the Ching Jing handsign, and chant the Jing Spells (cleansing spells) to clear up the soul energy negatives. You can just do the mouth, heart, body, space, 3-yeep, and that should be sufficient. After chanting the spell, stomp left foot 1x for each, and then at the end stomp right foot 3x and let the spell radiate the power outward to clean up the place.

This is the least you can do for the dead, and at least their negatives are being dissolved and neutralized faster, so that they don’t “stuck on you” and affect YOUR energy.

Some people are ultra-sensitive to these death-negatives and they don’t realize it. If you are a chef or someone who work in the restaurant, you will encounter “fresh” fish or animal meat daily, which means you will be absorbing a lot of these as well.

In this case, some spiritual path will say “oh just go vegan”, and that’s why Buddhist started to go 100% avoid-meat mode. The fact is, we don’t HAVE to do that. Since you are a Taoist, you can deal with it by using the Taoist magic power, clean up and neutralize often then it is good!  You solve the problem, not avoid the problem. Just like cooking will cause the kitchen to get greasy and sticky, do you just completely stop cooking?!  Some people do, they 100% just stop cooking and pretend that’s the smart way and start to convince people to also not cook. Hell, if everyone is that coward then why even live in this world. Why don’t you buy yourself a better kitchen fan, or maybe setup the place to suck out the grease faster, etc. You can also choose to cook with different oil to experiment too!

I have once encountered a case with a client who runs a meat shop, and she have tons of salmon for me as gift since they are all supposed to be dumped “anyway”. They have these pieces cut out that are not pretty and not sold to the shops, so these either goes into a bag for garbage or you can take it home and cook them. We got a few huge bags as gift, and man they are fresh, I got an INTENSE HEADACHE right after looking into it. I immediately know what that was and immediately went into that magic mode and start my chanting for them. Poor fish…! Must be freaking out when dying. After the neutralizing, all the headache was gone and I can cook them and eat them without issues!

Some people don’t “feel” the headache part, because they don’t get the “warning” signs, and the impact go straight INTO their energy body and through it, so they went into the heart and affects their Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body). What will happen is they start to get bad luck LATER, maybe after a few months, and things overlaps, you can’t even tell which problem is related to which things anymore. Well ya, most people call that “bad luck” and shake it off. But what if you can avoid all that crap by knowing magic and dissolving most of it before you just give up and ignore this problem in life?

Imagine how many bugs and crap died under your hand, or the FRESH meat you eat and such still have those energy stuck on them? Maybe even a FRESH lobster that got killed by you in the pot, yummy, but also full of THAT stuff too.

Remember, you have the choice of cleansing and clearing these things now, so use the power and deal with it. Don’t let yourself be messed up by these things and affected by them. The dead animal might not mean to harm anyone, but the NEGATIVE energy on their soul fragments are just harmful to us, like bacteria from meat, you know. It’s part of the game, that they will have and generate these negatives during the process. For human, it’s often way worse, because human build up WAY more negatives than animals at the older age. See those grumpy grandma and angry grandpa? Lots and LOTS of crap inside. When your relative dies, make sure you deal with those energy too.

Disciples, ASK ME for more teachings on LINE on this topic if you want to learn more. PREPARE yourself and cultivate stuff, so you can deal with it when it comes to your turn to handle the problem.

Not yet a disciple? Be one now.