Taoist Seven Days Funeral Ceremony

In this article, we will introduce our seven days funeral ceremony for everyone to understand how our Taoist magic work. If you want one done for your loved ones, you can always request it from us. Disciples in our lineage can also learn to do this, but it can only be done by the upper-level disciples who are qualified with a highly geared-up altar that allows them to do the job. It is a very tough ceremony to do, and very tiring too.

Day 1 – Welcoming back the ghost

The ghost is in the spiritual realm but it is also wandering around like someone floating in space. This ceremony is to search for the ghost’s soul and bring them back to the altar area so they can be protected and stay for the seven days treatment. There will be a “flag” that serves as a temporary “seat” for the ghost, which the ghost will reside in for the seven days ceremony. The altar’s area will need a formation setup to protect the ghost and prevent any spiritual attacks and such that might come and bully this new ghost. If the altar is not strong enough, then the ghost staying there is also at risk!  The celestial army is deployed to secure the place, giving the ghost a safe and comfortable place to stay for the week.

Day 2 – Feeding the ghost

The ghost is weak, just like a new baby. Therefore, we will give them offerings (food and burning paper-offerings) with good energies from the Tao, which can energize them quickly, and they will mature to become a “complete ghost” form. This will already be a huge gift for any ghost because this phase can take up to 3 months if no one is helping them. It’s a very suffering stage! Before the ghost is matured, they are like a new born baby with weak vision and hearing. Everything they see is like blobs of lights here and there, with muffled hearings that sounds like someone talking in the water, it’s very strange, very scary, and very insecure to the ghost. Most of the ghost freaks out during this stage and goes into panic mode. However, those who got treated by us will be super fortunate that they will get over this stage in no time.

Day 3 – Cleansing and purifying

The ghost will have a lot of bad energies carried over from their previous life, and some emotions and memories stuck with them can damage their ghost health. This ceremony will cleanse and exorcise the bad energies away, freeing them from the obstructive forces and purifying them so they will be a “clean” ghost without that burden which can prevent them from having a good life in the spiritual realm.

Day 4 – Prayers

These prayers are done to build up the power of the gods for the ghost’s funeral. It is done to channel down all the powers needed to help the ghost later. During this day, the ghost might be able to see the magical powers and some gods arriving at the altar too, which can completely blow their mind and make them realize this is the power to rely on!

Day 5 – Scriptures

These scriptures are done to “work on the ghost” and give them a full treatment. It’s like helping a person by doing surgery. It will dig deep into the ghost and fix their problems before they can move on to their next journey.

Day 6 – Breaking hell gate

This is a very important step, breaking the “hell gate” for the ghost so they can move on to the next phase. The hell gates are different obstructive forces that can lead them to the wrong path or stop them from moving on. After this process, the ghost will be FOCUSED on the right path and won’t be distracted to stay in the wrong place in the spiritual realm. Many illusions and wrong places can trap a ghost for a long time.

Day 7 – Ordain and conclude.

At the end of the ceremony, the ghost will get ordained to become a Taoist, and if they accept that, they will be guided toward the Tao, moving to where the gods will bring them to – the celestial court. If they do not accept or want to ordain, they will depart and go their way, which is most likely to their spiritual planet. No matter what they choose, it will be a much better journey than not being treated for sure.

Most of the ghost who went through a proper ceremony will love to be ordained because those must have witnessed the gods and magical powers themselves. Unlike the people who are alive who cannot “see” the gods, the ghosts will be able to see them and realize that this is the way to go. After the ceremony, the ghost is going to be fast-tracked and they will skip all the suffering stages that a normal ghost will go through. It’s like a super big gift for them!

If you need to do this funeral ceremony for your loved ones, don’t hesitate. It’s one of the best things you can do for them in their life, once in a life time! Give them a good ceremony and their next life will be much happier!