Understanding Taoist Feng Shui Consultation: A Comprehensive Guide


In our lives, a pattern is constantly at work, subtly yet determinately shaping our experiences and realities. This intricate dance of energy, moving from the pre-heaven to the post-heaven phase, is foundational to the Taoist wisdom of metaphysics and Feng Shui.

Introduction to Taoist Feng Shui

In Taoist Feng Shui, the energetic ebb and flow parallels how feelings give rise to thoughts, which in turn spawn actions materializing into tangible experiences. Your property, too, is part of this cosmic dance, with its spiritual body interacting with pre-heaven energies to shape your physical reality and, by extension, your future.

The Importance of a Property's Spiritual Body

The spiritual body of a property can be perceived as a mirror that reflects what might manifest in the future. If there is an imbalance or an issue in the spiritual body, it can lead to unfavorable outcomes in the physical world later on. Consequently, negative occurrences in our current reality are often the consequence of a previously disturbed spiritual energy.

The Taoist Approach versus Conventional Feng Shui

The Taoist method of assessing a property’s Feng Shui is direct and effective. It involves opening our celestial vision and immersing ourselves in the spiritual dimension layer of the property. This eliminates guesswork, providing a real-time view of the existing energetic landscape.

Contrastingly, conventional Feng Shui often focuses on the physical aspects of a property, estimating the energy flow based on visible characteristics. While this might address issues already manifested, the approach is inherently reactive and relies on pre-established formulas, much like predicting the weather based on typical patterns in nature.

The Power and Responsibility of Taoist Magic

Taoist magic equips us to navigate the spiritual dimension, enabling us to see, listen, sense, and traverse this ethereal plane. This capability, powerful as it may be, demands a high degree of discipline, mental clarity, and continuous vigilance against spiritual attacks or pollution. Despite the onerous demands, Taoist priests and masters bear this responsibility with honor, in their quest to restore harmony between the physical and spiritual realms.

Feng Shui Consultation: The Taoist Process

So, how does a Taoist Feng Shui consultation work? The journey begins with a soul travel to your property's spiritual dimension. It's important to note that this exploration does not infringe on the privacy of the inhabitants of the property.

The energy body of your house, akin to a spirit, has the ability to transform and shapeshift its appearance to communicate. The energy world operates differently than ours, where changes can be easily made, reminiscent of how one might alter a profile picture in an online world.

During the consultation, the Taoist priest or master surveys the spiritual structure of the property, both its exterior and interior, gathering vital cues and messages. Post consultation, these findings are documented, analyzed, and interpreted for deeper insights.

Divination and Analysis

The final stage involves divination with deities at the altar, further contributing to the understanding and evaluation of the property. This divine communication, when combined with the insights gathered from the spiritual examination, gives birth to comprehensive advice and suggestions for enhancing the property's Feng Shui.

Remedies and Solutions

The spiritual inspection typically spans eight sectors, correlating with the Qimendunjia's eight doors. If an issue arises within a sector, a corresponding remedy is applied in the physical location. An example would be if the 'death door' (sector 7) has a detrimental energy overflow, a remedy would be to place a particular object in the washroom (the physical equivalent of the 'death door') to halt and suppress the energy.

The Role of the Feng Shui Compass

For a more detailed diagnosis, a Feng Shui compass might be used to explore the spiritual body of the property. This compass serves a dual purpose – apart from determining the directions, it also acts as a magical tool, flipping through the layers of the house's spiritual body.

In conclusion, regular Feng Shui check-ups can help optimize the energy flow in your space, enabling you to tap into its full potential. Remember, the Taoist approach to Feng Shui is not about guesswork or estimations but an intricate process of diagnosis, analysis, and precise application of remedies. Get your Feng Shui Checkup today!