Harmonizing Yip 業 in Taoism: Beyond Karma and Managing Obstructive Energies

In the spiritual lexicon, the word ‘karma’ is often bandied about, usually referring to a cosmic point system of good and bad deeds. However, in Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy, there is a more intricate concept known as Yip 業. This article, written in an educational and professional tone, aims to enlighten Taoism seekers, believers, and disciples on the nuances of Yip 業, often linked with the term karma for ease of understanding, and guide them on the path to harmonizing these energies. Additionally, we encourage you to read the eBook "My First Taoism Book" as an introductory guide to Taoism.

Decoding Yip 業

Yip 業, represents an accumulation of energies that can become stagnant within one’s system, obstructing the natural flow of energy. In Taoism, Yip 業 is also referred to as "obstructive energies" or "obstructive forces," indicating its potential to hinder the natural progression of life energies.

This concept is distinct from the Indian notion of karma and is deeply rooted in Taoist principles. In Taoism, we recognize the cyclical flow of energy through nature. Energy progresses through a sequence from 1 to 9, symbolizing the nine dimensions or categories in nature. This energy then either moves to a new system or cycles back to 1, continuing the pattern.

The Creation of Yip 業

Yip 業 is created through the intentions and actions of human beings. It begins with an intention in the heart or mind, which builds up and creates energy within. This energy motivates thoughts and, when strong enough, leads to verbal expression or physical action. The three primary causes of Yip 業 are the heart, the mouth, and the body.

For instance, suppressing the urge to speak ill of someone creates a form of Yip 業 associated with the mouth. Restraining oneself from acting on negative impulses results in Yip 業 related to the body. Similarly, suppressing emotions, such as love, leads to Yip 業 of the heart.

The Impact of Yip 業

Yip 業 is not inherently negative. It can create internal pressure, often referred to as stress, which can be a motivating force. However, excessive Yip 業 can be detrimental. It is essential to find a balance and ensure that energies do not become stagnant.

Positive Yip 業

Positive Yip 業 can be a driving force in life. It motivates individuals to strive for betterment, be it in career, education, or personal development. This form of Yip 業 is akin to the pressure that propels one forward.

Negative Yip 業

Negative Yip 業, on the other hand, is like a pressure cooker without a release valve. It builds up and can lead to an uncontrolled release of energy, often directed at unrelated targets. Moreover, one can also be affected by the Yip 業 of others, especially if they are in a negative environment or around individuals who are sources of negative energies.

Harmonizing Yip 業

As students of Taoism, it is crucial to learn how to harmonize Yip 業. This involves finding ways to release excessive energies in a controlled and positive manner. In Taoism, we utilize our spiritual altar as a conduit for channeling these energies. The altar absorbs these energies, transforming them into a resource for spiritual practices.

Protecting Yourself from External Yip 業

It is also essential to protect oneself from external sources of Yip 業. Surrounding oneself with positive influences and maintaining a balanced environment is key. Be mindful of the energies you absorb from others and learn to shield yourself from negativity.

Taking the Next Step

Understanding and managing Yip 業 is a fundamental aspect of Taoist practice. It is not just about avoiding negative energies but also about harnessing and channeling energies for personal and spiritual growth.

For those who are keen on deepening their understanding and learning how to effectively work with Yip 業, getting ordained in Taoism is a significant step. Through ordination, you will gain access to ancient wisdom and techniques that will empower you to dissolve obstructive energies and harmonize the energies within and around you.

Furthermore, as part of your journey, we encourage you to read the eBook "My First Taoism Book." This book serves as an introduction to Taoism and provides valuable insights for seekers and believers.


Yip 業, often associated with the term karma for ease of understanding, represents the energies that accumulate within our system. These energies, also known as obstructive forces, can be positive or negative, and understanding how to harmonize them is essential for spiritual growth and well-being. Through Taoism, individuals can learn ancient techniques to manage and channel these energies. By getting ordained and immersing oneself in Taoist teachings, one can set forth on a fulfilling journey towards spiritual enlightenment and harmony with the natural flow of energies.