Karma in Taoism – Crimenergy Explained

Karma in Taoism – Crimenergy Explained

Karma in Taoism
A lot of people talk about karma these days, and most people get it as like a credit system in nature, where you do good things, it is a plus, you do bad things, that is a minus, and the karma points will increase or decrease on a ladder, the more points in the karma bar, the better your life will become and that is the main concept in most people’s mind. Is that how it works in Taoism?

This topic deserves a very detailed post because we have to explain this clearly, for all our believers and disciples, to avoid confusion! First of all, please be open minded enough to know that Taoism does not have the word Karma, not even 1% of it because karma is not a Chinese word, it’s from Hinduism and Buddhism, and it makes no sense to any native speakers. Therefore, we invented a word “crimenergy” that can explain it more. Crime in nature, Crime-energy, make more sense.

The kind of karma that Buddhist and Hinduism talks about is not the same as what Taoism believes, and not even what we promote or go by in Saam Law Sun Gung.

We understand nature’s principle and we know how nature works in terms of how energy flows from 1 to 2 to 3. Things go from 1 to 9 and cycle to a new 1 to 9 pattern. Just like what we have explained in the article about “money number”, and “dragon energy”, there are 9 dimensions in nature or 9 categories of dimensions. Energy flows from 1 to 9 and then move on to a new system and or cycle back to 1 and continue.

The crimenergy (karma?) is caused by a stopping or interruption of the flow within the 9 dimensions, stopping it from cycling, and this crimenergy is built up, like junk files in your computer or phone. The more junk you piled up, the more pressure is built up inside the system and it can explode soon or later like a water balloon with too much pressure inside.

While building up pressure can be dangerous, but building up pressure wisely can also increase power for a good reason, and it is not always a bad thing to have crimenergy.

(From now on, we will put the word ”karma” behindcrimenergy for the search engine. Thanks!)

Crimenergy Karma Explained

Human beings start by having the intention in their heart or mind, and this intention builds up from the inside, pushes through the system inside and creates energy. The energies built up inside makes them thinks and processes the ideas. When the energy is full or enough, they will want to leak “chi” out of the system and so they will want to talk or tell people. When the energy is too strong or not leaking fast enough, it will lead the person to start moving, and doing things with the body, like writing and drawing or typing. This is basically the 3 things that can cause crimenergy karma.  The heart, the mouth, and the body.

Why will you have crimenergy karma?  It is because you have things that automatically triggered up in the mind but you tell yourself not to think about it, then the energy from your heart goes to the spiritual energy body and bounced backward to the pre-heaven magic body, Faat Sun 法身, and back into the heart.

Or you could be thinking about it and you tell yourself don’t say it because it is not good to say such words. Then your energy goes from the energy body and get processed but stopped and not allowed o leak energy out, so all the energies got stuck and trapped in the dimension 6, ling sun 靈身, the spiritual energy body.

You might be talking already but you force yourself to not do it and not even write it down, then you got you energy flowing to the body and bounced backward to the mouth, and there goes the last type of crimenergy karma, the body’s issue.

Practical Example of Crimenergy Karma

Sometimes you hate someone but you just cannot say it out in front of them, and so you have to suppress yourself to hold back. That is a form of mouth crimenergy karma.

Sometimes you might be wanting to beat someone up, but you stopped the action, and maybe you just shouted at them, so there goes some body crimenergy karma.

Sometimes you might be wanting to love someone or you feel you love a woman, but you cannot, because you know she is taken already, there goes a heart crimenergy karma.

You can have so many crimenergy karma in one day, and this is absolutely normal. Let go of yourself thinking that making this crimenergy karma is a “bad” thing. What happens is that the energy gets build up inside you and not vent out of your system, which creates “internal pressure”, which is what we call “stress” most of the time. Stress can be good for you because it keeps you pumping and moving. Too much stress is not good because it causes you to go crazy or explode.

Good Crimenergy Karma

As you can see, we are born to create these crimenergy karma every day. The day you are born, you will be fed by your mom and dad, and you will be doing so many weird things like licking your fingers or even peeing around and doing many weird movements that only baby understands.

When you get older, your parents start to “teach” you by telling you don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t say this, you cannot go here, don’t touch the stove, don’t eat this, etc. All the restrictions are just waves and waves of energy that blocks your natural energy from circulating nicely- for a good reason.

What happens to your energies that cannot come outsuccessfully from your heart?  They will be pushed back into the heart or stay in your “brain”, then eventually they will build up the pressure in the heart or brain and there goes your “power of life”.

Good stress pumps you up, and give you the drive of life. You want to earn more money, you want to do better in school, you want to get a better grade or job, all because of stress at the back that has been pushing you forward. A person who is born spoon-fed and babysits until age to 18 will have not much stress, and he will not even understand why there is a “drive” in people for finding a job, why can’t they just sit and eat only?  Right, scumbag it is.  We don’t want to be those potatoes or scumbags, and so we must give ourselves a good amount of pressure sometimes.

Bad Crimenergy Karma

Building up crimenergy is not the same as building up stress though. Don’t get it mixed up. Crimenergy can create stress but it is not always going to make you stressful. However, if you have crimenergy, it is always like you have a tank of air that you need to push out to the next tank because you are getting pressurized. But the next tank says “no” and push it back. Pressure will build up and if you don’t have another place to deal with the extra pressure over a long period of time, no matter what the reason for this stress it, everything can explode and cause you to shatter.

Therefore, sometimes you see people going crazy at work because of their family issue, they will vent it on the workplace just because the fuse went off at that moment by chance. You don’t always vent it on the subject that stressed you sometimes.

Therefore, we must always have a way to “vent” these excessive crimenergy karma and only keep a healthy amount of it in your system. If too much, we much dump it somewhere. Dumping it by venting as in going crazy or screaming does no good to you, and so we will “vent” it on our “magic altar” instead. The statues and everything will take my pre-heaven energies or “crimenergy karma” and soak it up like it’s fertilizers. What’s even better is because the statues are “empty containers”, they can store up as much as you want and they won’t explode, because they don’t have emotions and won’t throw a keyboard at your face at night!

What are these crimenergy? They are pre-heaven energies that did not get to “be born” in this world, and so they are like potentials-energy for creation. In another word, they are “dragon energy” that is used for creation or making things turn into reality. If we can save it up, it’s not so bad at all. It is actually a very useful resource for doing magic!

Crimenergy Biggest Threat

The biggest threat is not your own crimenergy karma, but the ones that are not yours but passed onto you from somewhere or someone!

Sometimes you got a friend or a bunch of people at work who just contaminates you when you are around them, and they could be the biggest cause of crimenergy explosion in your life. You can be a person who doesn't stress about things, but when you are around a few of these crime-bombs, you will eventually explode.

There are also people who will do things to “pass over” their crimenergy to people they hate as a form of revenge.  These should be the worse source of crimenergy karma!

It is important to realize how crimenergy karma works in life and for you as a disciple. It is not like the Buddhism’s karma at all, but it is happening every day, which you cannot even ignore. It’s part of life, and it's what shapes life and emotions too. If you want to know how to really utilize or deal with these crimenergy the best way, you should start learning Saam Law Sun Gung today.