The Oath for Initiation and Ordaining

This post is incredibly important for individuals interested in becoming a Taoist through free initiation or ordination. We will be sharing a PDF containing the oath/letter required for the ceremony, along with an English translation that gives you a general understanding of its meaning. It's essential that you read it carefully and consider its implications before making a commitment. View the PDFs on our google drive. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to Jee Sifu, feel free to do so via email.

Submitting to the Three Realms

We are thrilled to embark on this auspicious journey together as we gather before the sacred altar for the oath ceremony. The spoken words of the oath will be symbolically transformed through the gentle dance of flames, connecting us to the divine presence that watches over us.

During this meaningful ritual, the essence of the oath will be written on a special talisman called FU. This magical script will be infused into water, bridging the distance to touch the depths of your soul. It's a powerful and transformative experience, like embracing the essence of the oath within you.

A physical copy of the oath will be treasured at our headquarters' altar, while a digital copy will be shared with you as a testament to your commitment. We believe in your sincerity and understanding, trusting that your dedication to this path will guide your actions as a disciple or Taoist. The bond between master and disciple is sacred, grounded in respect and shared responsibilities.

Explore the enlightening concept of "oath and swearing" through our blog, where wisdom awaits to illuminate the significance of this tradition. It empowers you on your journey of self-discovery.

If you ever find yourself contemplating a transition away from this path, remember that we value the unity of our Taoist family, while also understanding that circumstances may change. In such situations, open and compassionate dialogue with your master is encouraged to find a peaceful resolution for any concerns you may have. We believe in the power of understanding and mutual respect.

To gain a deeper understanding of the sacred doctrines and guiding principles, dive into the captivating blue ebooks available for download on our webpage. Each page holds wisdom and insights that nurture your spiritual growth.

We have thoughtfully crafted an uplifting introduction and roadmap to illuminate your learning journey. It will empower and guide you as you embrace the wonders of Taoism.

Approach this opportunity with a joyful heart, for the path of Taoism is one of enlightenment, harmony, and personal growth. May your journey be filled with profound experiences and transformative discoveries that enrich your spirit and bring you closer to the divine.

Three Masters in Big Ceremony

During the initiation or ordination ceremony to become a Taoist disciple, three masters play distinct roles, each carrying significant importance for both the ceremony itself and the ensuing relationship and responsibilities.

1. The Master Witness (監渡師 - Gaam Doe Cia):
The Master Witness oversees the disciple and meticulously records their journey within the lineage. This master also reports the disciple's progress and history to the celestial court and the highest gods above. While their direct interaction with the disciple may be infrequent, they maintain a constant watchfulness, monitoring and documenting the disciple's growth and development within the lineage.

2. The Master Teacher (傳渡師 - Chuan Doe Cia):
The Master Teacher imparts wisdom, knowledge, and serves as the primary guide for the disciple's learning journey. This master engages with the disciple extensively, offering teachings and guidance. They work collaboratively with the other two masters as a cohesive team, adapting teaching methods and content based on the disciple's specific circumstances and needs.

3. The Master Guarantor (保舉師 - Bwa Jue Cia):
The Master Guarantor plays a crucial role in ensuring the disciple's success. They provide guidance and corrections, acting as a support system to guarantee the disciple's progress. Often, this master works closely with the Master Teacher to strategize teaching approaches and assist in redirecting the disciple back onto the right path whenever necessary.

It is essential for the disciple to always be aware of and show respect towards these three masters. Recognizing their distinct roles and acknowledging their wisdom and guidance fosters a harmonious and fruitful discipleship journey.

If you think you are ready to initiate or ordain, go ahead!