The Oath for Initiation and Ordaining

This post will be very important for those interested in the free initiation or ordaining to become a Taoist. We will post the PDF for the oath/letter that you will be accepted for the ceremony, along with the English translation version, which roughly tells you the meaning of the words. You can read it carefully before you decide to commit. You are also free to ask questions or email Jee Sifu if you want to.

Submitting to the Three Realms

The oath will be read and burnt in front of the altar and submitted to the celestial court, which will be witnessed by the gods above.

Then, a FU will contain the oath, which will be burnt into FU water and be deployed into your soul body by distance. This is like if you drank the FU with the oath inside.

A hard copy will be kept at the HQ altar, and one soft copy will be sent to you as proof for the human. Shall a disciple betray or break their promise, the oath power in the disciple’s soul body will immediately be activated and take action as the oath says.

It is a serious thing, and we expect you to know and agree to it when you submit your request for initiation or ordaining. This is a tradition for Taoism and many kinds of learning in the Chinese culture, and it shows that we take the relationship seriously, like how you should go with marriage. It’s not a joke, and it’s not a hobby club. You have your responsibility as a disciple/Taoist; the master also does.

Read more about the “oath and swearing” in our blog!

Are you worried about what happens if one wants to withdraw or quit the religion? It’s not a good thing to do, but if you have to, then talk to your master nicely and explain why you want to do so. There can always be a peaceful way to withdraw/quit. If the disciple decides to disappear or snap, it is treated the same as betrayal and breaking of the oath. Read more about it on "How god punishes people."

You can read about the doctrines and commandments in the blue ebooks at the bottom of our download page.

We have also put together a nice introduction and a learning roadmap which you should read before proceeding.

Three Masters in Big Ceremony

In a ceremony such as initiation or ordaining a disciple to become a Taoist, three masters are responsible for the different roles in the ceremony for this disciple. Not only that it is important for the ceremony, but the relationship and responsibility that follows.

  • The Master Witness 監渡師 (Gaam Doe Cia)
  • The Master Teacher 傳渡師 (Chuan Doe Cia)
  • The Master Guarantor 保舉師 (Bwa Jue Cia)

The Master Witness is the person who oversees the disciple and records their history in the lineage. At the same time, the reporting is also done to the celestial court and the highest gods above. This master will seldom interact with the disciple but will always monitor and record the disciple’s progress and history in the lineage.

The Master Teacher is the person who teaches and passes on wisdom and knowledge and guides the disciple to learn. This master will be interacting with the disciple the most. However, this master will work with the other two masters as a team to adjust the teaching method and content according to the situation.

The Master Guarantor is the person who helps to “guarantee” the disciple to success by giving guidance and corrections. Sometimes this master works closely with the master of teaching to plan how to teach the disciple and guide them back on track.

The disciple should always know who are their three masters and respect them at all times.

If you think you are ready to initiate or ordain, go ahead!