A Physical to Mental Benefit from Taoist Chanting Exercise

by Tin Jee | 18 August, 2022

You will not want to miss out the important benefits of chanting in Taoism. Check out this post to learn more about it and get started on improving your health!

Why You Need to Fold a FU Talisman

by Tin Jee | 17 August, 2022

Learn about why you should fold the FU talismans into a triangle and why it matters, what does it means and how much more powerful the FU gets?

How to Spot Evil Energy Contamination

by Tin Jee | 17 August, 2022

See how Evil energy can contaminate you and others without a sign, and how to handle them when it happens. This is a common thing, it happens almost daily!

Initiates vs Ordained

by Tin Jee | 15 August, 2022

A brief talk about what is the difference between initiation vs ordain in our lineage. Very important info!

How Good Are You as a Taoist?

by Tin Jee | 08 August, 2022

A reality check for every Taoist disciple, it is time to stop being a frog in the well, come out the look at the world. Everyone is moving and you are not.

Recruiting The Ghost Soldiers

by Tin Jee | 08 August, 2022

On the Lunar July 15-18 is our ghost soldier recruitment day! Learn about the ghost army, why you should be involved, and use this special day!

Taoist Camping Guide

by Tin Jee | 06 August, 2022

A Taoist has their things to do for camping; you should know this because it applies to any trip you might go on, and it is always smart to be prepared and apply what you have learned.

What is Happiness in Taoism’s View

by Tin Jee | 04 August, 2022

What is happiness, is it always good? What is the ultimate happiness in life and what is really important? How to have more happiness?

Breaking the Hell Gate

by Tin Jee | 04 August, 2022

Breaking the hell gates can help a dead person greatly, but do you know that it also applies to people who are alive? What is this ritual really about and why it is so important?

Taoism and Vegetarianism

by Tin Jee | 03 August, 2022

An unexpected talk about vegetarianism, a lot of wisdom in this post beyond just what is good or bad, you should read until the end!

How to Get Unlimited Taoism FUs for FREE

by Tin Jee | 02 August, 2022

What if one day I tell you how to make one FU become unlimited FU(s), lets say one protection FU can turn into 100 protection FU?  Here is how.

Powerful Weapon from the Tao

by Tin Jee | 30 July, 2022

The powerful weapon of the Tao allows us to fix a lot of problems that ordinary powers like physical powers, guns, or even the law cannot deal with.

FREE Protection FU for Ghost Month

by Tin Jee | 27 July, 2022

There is a special offer for the ghost month, a FREE FU that everyone can download and print, then get free sanctification for your FU (S) that you can put up for protection!

Ghost Month Taoist Self-Defense Guide

by Tin Jee | 26 July, 2022

You have come to the right place if you are looking for protection and a strategy to protect yourself for the ghost month.

Non-Chinese Writing Taoism FU

by Tin Jee | 06 July, 2022

If you are not a Chinese and thinking of learning Taoism and Taoist magic, such as Taoism Fu, you need to check this out. Some real examples for you and some TRUTH for you to swallow!

Learning Taoism is Hard Because it is in Chinese

by Tin Jee | 17 June, 2022

Learning Taoism and Taoist Magic is NOT about Chinese and art, and it doesn't take any talents in language or art to master Taoism at all. Let's take a deep dive into this topic which might be the hurdle for many.

Hoi Gwong 開光 – Consecration in Taoism

by Tin Jee | 17 June, 2022

What is Hoi Gwong / KaiGuang 開光 in Taoism, explained in a simple and easy to understand way, no more guessing, just read and you will know what it is all about.

Taoist Magic Sanctification Explained

by Tin Jee | 16 June, 2022

This is a fully detailed article on the Taoism sanctification process, how it is different from consecration, and how we do it. Everything is clearly explained here.

Quitting Addiction with Taoist Magic

by Tin Jee | 15 June, 2022

By using the “Quitting Evil Scripture”. you can get the Tao's help for quitting any bad addiction that harms you and not help you. Here is how you can do it to ensure the result is good.

Communicating with the Gods Daily

by Tin Jee | 14 June, 2022

How to talk to the gods in Taoism? What is the right way to communicate with the gods, and how to make sure your prayers are being answered.

Sending Packages Through Taoist Altar

by Tin Jee | 14 June, 2022

Lets talk about how cool it is to be able to send and receive "packages" through the Taoist altar and what we can use this feature for. An eye opening thing for many people!

Magic Money Paper Offerings ADVANCE Lesson

by Tin Jee | 08 June, 2022

A very in-depth lesson for our disciples on the magic money paper offerings and how to make them, use them, pack them and so on. So many things taught here, your brain might be fried.

You Need to Burn Things for Your Taoist Altar

by Tin Jee | 08 June, 2022

You have a Taoist altar at home? Then you need to know why and how to burn these magic money and offerings to fund your altar in the spiritual dimension, because they need these to stay alive and be powerful!

How to Use Magic Money

by Tin Jee | 07 June, 2022

This is a technical post on how to use the magic money in our lineage, and what each item means behind them. This is for our disciples to learn...