Understanding Spiritual Health Assessments | Exploring Your Yuen Sun

The world around us is filled with more than what meets the eye. While we tend to prioritize our physical health, paying attention to our spiritual health often takes a backseat. One profound way of evaluating your spiritual health is through a Spiritual Health Assessment. This comprehensive diagnostic process dives deep into your spiritual realm, providing critical insights into your life source, the Yuen Sun.

The Spiritual Health Assessment requires a unique blend of skills, particularly celestial vision and the ability to undertake soul travel. This capacity is not commonplace; it is only attainable by a master who has devoted years to rigorous cultivation and practice.

Our master, Jee Sifu, possesses these extraordinary abilities, honed through extensive battle experience and real-world training. His hands-on engagement in spiritual combat has granted him profound insights and the power to traverse spiritual realms safely. It is through these invaluable experiences that Jee Sifu has developed the celestial vision necessary to conduct these in-depth Spiritual Health Assessments. His expertise and understanding offer reassurance and trust in the precision and efficacy of the process.

What is a Spiritual Health Assessment?

A Spiritual Health Assessment involves exploring your soul energies, evaluating your local energy body, and analyzing your Yuen Sun, or Spiritual Planetary Body. In Taoist practice, the Yuen Sun is considered the life source, mirroring real-life situations and potential stressors.

The process utilizes the Taoist magic soul traveling technique, a powerful practice which demands thorough preparation and precaution. Initiating at the altar, the practitioner soul travels into the client’s spiritual realm, carefully recording observations before analyzing the findings and discussing them with the divine entities present at the altar. This is followed by a review, cleansing, and finally the preparation of a detailed, easy-to-understand report for the client.

Why is it Important?

A Spiritual Health Assessment acts as a preventive measure, revealing hidden threats and potential issues that might be impacting your life adversely. It can uncover whether you are being spiritually attacked, experiencing draining luck, or even being targeted by magic. Furthermore, your Yuen Sun could foreshadow upcoming events or changes, offering you an opportunity to prepare and potentially avert unfavorable circumstances.

For instance, in one case, a client's business and personal health were under attack from competitors, leading to significant challenges, including vision loss. The assessment not only revealed the source of the issues but also provided a strategic plan to counteract the attacks, resulting in improved health, fortune, and overall well-being.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you're facing inexplicable personal problems, business challenges, or simply interested in understanding your spiritual health better, a Spiritual Health Assessment can provide crucial insights.

The practice, refined over decades, leverages extensive spiritual combat experience and the rich knowledge base of Saam Law Taoism. It provides a professional approach to resolving spiritual issues, guided by the Jee Sifu’s wisdom and divine communication.

How to Prepare?

To benefit from a Spiritual Health Assessment, submit a recent photo and briefly describe the issue or concern prompting your spiritual check-up. It's essential to approach the process genuinely and sincerely, and not as a test or challenge to the practitioner.

After submitting your request, Jee Sifu will perform the ceremony and prepare your report. Following this, you will receive detailed findings, including recommendations and potential future plans.

To better understand what a Spiritual Health Assessment entails, we've prepared a sample diagnostic report for you. This comprehensive document will provide a glimpse into the detailed analysis and thoughtful recommendations you can expect from your personal assessment. Exploring this sample report will offer an illuminating overview of the depth and breadth of insights provided by this unique service. Please follow this link to access the sample Spiritual Health Assessment report.


Just as regular physical health check-ups are vital, so too are spiritual health assessments. A comprehensive Spiritual Health Assessment allows you to uncover, understand, and address issues that may be draining your life energy. It provides a pathway to better spiritual health and a balanced life, revealing the unseen threats lurking in the shadows of your Yuen Sun.

Ready to navigate your spiritual journey? Reach out to us today to schedule your Spiritual Health Assessment.