What is God In Taoism's Definition

What is God in Taoism

Gods in our definition might not be the same as what most might have thought. However, if you have read up our article on “Gods and Deities”, it will clarify things for you. Besides the “gods” as in the higher powers that we connect to, this word is also used as a verb in Taoist magic too.

The word Sunis used a lot in our spells and symbols. The word basically means to output the power and project it beyond the body’s limitation. For example, you have a lot of words in your head now. To “Sun” them out of your body, you can say it out and so that people can hear your words. Now, the words have projected beyond your body’s limitation and boundary. As you can see, this word is used to describe the action of energy projection, just like a verb.


God, the Power

The word of Sun is also describing the power that projects out of a system, which is what we call神力Sun-Lick. It means the power that can be projected beyond the body’s limitation. For example the light that radiates out from the Sun is the Sun-Lick of the Sun. It goes beyond the body of itself and shine all the way to our land here. 

In our spells, we have a phrase like this “Tin Law Sun, Dei Law Sun, Daai Law Sun…” 天羅神,地羅神,大羅神....

This word “Sun” in the spell is a verb, it is to summon and invoke the power of Tin Law, Dei Law and Daai Law to “Sun” (projects) toward the person casting this spell.  The Tin Law, Dei Law, and Daai Law are pre-heaven energies, and they are not “beings” like the “God” in the common definition.


Theory of Jing, Qi, Shen

Yes, the theory of Jing, Qi shenis talking about the same kind of Sun / Shen we are talking about here. Yet, many really fail to understand the true meaning of this theory. Therefore, we suggest you watch the lecture video below to avoid confusion. Jing, Qi, Shen is a pattern, it means essence, energy and power. Essence creates energy, energy burns and create power, power projects and give birth to new essence.

A good example that you can see in your daily life is – food is essence, they go into you and give you energy. The energy pumps you up and so you can do things and move around to output power. As you use up your energy and give off power, you can hunt for new food and the cycle then repeats. Simply speaking, it’s a pattern, and not an absolute subject. See the lecture below.


Gods and Deities

We do not worship or pray to the “beings”, but we do know that there are these beings that exists in nature. For example, the gods and deities of other religions and spiritual paths. Yes, they do exist, but they have nothing to do with us. Every path connects to different powers and they do not connects to the same path, just like no flowers and trees shares the same root.

In Saam Law Sun Gung, we also connect to our own “Gods and Deities”, but they are the powers in pre-heaven, or you can call it the deep-nature.  

Saam Law “Sun Gung”, is the same Sun as what we are describing above. Sun Gung is a kind of cultivation or practice that allows you to cultivate these “Sun” power and use them on what we call “magic”, applying them to things you need help with in your daily life, or even helping your friends and family to overcome some difficult situations.

This SUN power can help you create the future, and it can be very stunningly powerful when you cultivate it properly and use it accordingly. Get ordain today, and learn to use this power with Saam Law Sun Gung三羅神功! It’s not a mystery anymore when you know how it works!