What is God In Taoism

Many people who want to know more about Taoism often try to compare it to other religion and see how they are “different”. Here, after years teaching Taoism, I would just want to teach you by starting off how “similar” we are instead. You can understand Taoism easily, and here are all the plain straightforward answers you need.

Taoism believes in God, gods, deities, immortals, celestial beings, whatever you want to call them. A form of beings that is outside of our world, and they are obvious in a more superior status than us, a more wise and powerful type of beings. We also believe in the power of nature, as well. The fact is, gods are also part of nature.  

One common mistake people make is that they think learning Taoism is just about doing some Tai Chi and such in the park, being close to “nature”, which is like rocks and trees or rivers, and away from tech (how weird).  This is just so wrong.  I know people love to go to China and visit WuDang or something like that, have a look inside the temple, none of them are JUST doing Tai Chi and such. Their altar, their gods, their rituals that they do daily, that’s the MAIN DISH. Foreigners are having a hard time swallowing this, and so they try to convince themselves that there is “philosophy Taosim” and “religious Taoism” – no. It’s Taoism, that’s one whole thing like pizza crust and the ingredients on top, you cannot separate them.

So, what are the gods of Taoism? How many are there and so on? Let’s dig into this in a way that beginner can understand.

Two Main Types of Gods

There are two types of gods, one is human created, and one is not. Simple?

The one that human can create such as how you can have a General Kwan, a Guan Yin, a whatever thing you named to be god, like god of cooking, god of gambling, whatever you want.  As long as you want to get some sort of help to top up your life, you can “create” a god. We will talk about how later but this is the type that all religious paths go by all the time, especially folks’ belief.  Even a lot of Taoism sects uses characters from the novels and fictions to create gods for people to worship and “use” too. The famous one being the monkey king who kick evil’s ass all the time. Oh yes, he is totally fictional, but he became a god, it works and it is real.

The other one is the god that is NOT created by human, they are real beings form another world. These gods are not going to just listen to you and do whatever you asked.  These gods are in the preheaven dimensions and they have their own life and world as well. Different gods of different religion might be from different worlds. Ours, is from what we call Dai Law Tin.

Local Gods vs Non-Local Gods

On our Taoist altar, we worship the gods that are locally at our location, and we can beam our message up to the celestial court to send our prayers to the gods above as well (with heart spells).

The Taoist altar have 2 main gods there, upper level being the Bagwa Jo Si, and the lower level being the landlord. They are both the gods that reside at your altar, and they are granted to you by the celestial court in the preheaven.

Gods are like a “file”, which can be duplicated, and so whenever a god wants to help a person, they will duplicate themselves and send a “duplicate” copy to them or their altar. Just like how our altar works, the Jo Si is a duplicate of the master-copy in the celestial court. After you have been granted the duplicate, then you cultivate it by worshiping and such at your own altar. Overtime, the god will grow to become more powerful and responsive too.

There is a full in-depth lecture I did on YouTube, watch it wen you got time!  Also, you can read up on the “spiritual embryo” and such.

Ordain today to start learning and cultivating your gods. Btw, that is why it is called Saam Law “Sun Gung”, which means the cultivation of Gods!