Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun Taoism Knowledge 101

Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun Taoism Knowledge 101

what is Yuan Shen
Many people have heard of the term Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun 元神 from Taoism, but not many really understand how it works, and it seems to be more of a mystical element to most because it is so vague and hard to understand or witness it. This article will bring you the best introduction to this subject, leading you to understand the truth about Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun (Cantonese). Feel free to read our more detailed article on “what is Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun” too.

Sum it up in short, Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun is not on the top of your heard, but it is above your head because it locates out of this planet. Most people don’t get it right because they have misinterpreted the ancient diagrams in books when the books are trying to tell you that the stuff is above you and not really on top of your “head” like a ball floating on top of the skull.

What is Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun?

Yuan Shen is not just a theory but something you can cultivate to witness and work with by doing Taoist magic cultivation. Everyone has a Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun no matter what race or religious path you are in, because it’s a part of our life, just like we all have organs inside the body, and it’s just the matter of if you acknowledge them and know about them or not. To know about what is Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun, you need to know this theory from Taoism.

Everything has an opposite of two extremes in order to exist in reality. Yin and Yang, white versus black, hot versus cold, etc.

The pattern is pretty simple as you can see.
We are a single living being with a bunch of other living beings, being contained inside a planet. 

In order for us to exist, there is an exact opposite.

Everyone in this world is actually also a planet, living with a bunch of planets around them, each containing many living beings inside them.

We are physical here and the other must be spiritual or non-physical. There goes your spiritual planetary body, or what we call the Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun 元神. (more details)


What Does Our Yuan Shen Do? (Yuen Sun)

Just like all of our organs, the Yuan Shen is like our organs too, it is part of us. The Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) is always locating in the location of where the sun is, but in another dimension, there, which is what we call the dimension one, or the Pre-Heaven dimension, so you cannot see it with your eyes.

The Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun is our power plant, it generates all the essences that we need in life, and then it delivers it to our “spiritual soul” and the soul will receive, process and delivers them to our body here in this world. After we get it, we got a little “battery” in us in this dimension to store the energies up, and that is what powers us up and gives us the potentials for everything in life. This “battery” is what we call the Faat-Sum 法心 or what most people call the “heart”.

This heart is not the organ that pumps blood, but the energy heart that feels, and stores some of your memories and a lot more things that you don’t know of. The center of your heart is right at the center of your chest, between the two nipples. When we say “oh I feel it”, we usually place our palm on there too, it’s a naturally felt location, but most people don’t realize what it is that they are pressing on.

How Do We Get Things From the Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun

The theory is very simple!  You eat and consume things in this world, then your body processes the food, drink, air, and all the elements (including what you see and hear too!) then they will all be going back to your “heart”. Your heart holds it like it’s a temporary storage. When you sleep, the storage then starts to work and beams it out of your body and back to the Yuan Shen above (Yuen Sun). The beaming route, or the transmission route, will pass through a medium, which is what we call the “spiritual soul”.

While you give things back to the Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun), the Yuan Shan also gives you something in exchange, which is the essence that it has processed and made for you after one cycle of itself. The soul fragments then carry it, digests it, and give it back to you, and there goes your “recharge”. 

As you can see, you feel good and energized when you wake up, because you got “charged” by this Yuan Shen above. If you sleep and you wake up like a zombie, it’s mostly your body is not charged enough by the Yuan Shan or there is something wrong in the middle, maybe the soul isn’t pushing elements to you or having something stuck in the pathway that clogged the transmission channels. If the Yuan Shen cannot deliver its package to you successfully, then your sleep quality sucks and you feel like a zombie, a walking dead.

Yuan Shen and Life

The pattern of how your Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) does will be contained in an essence form, a compacted and condensed form. When you get the package from the Yuan Shen, this essence will start to unpack itself and release on you, and your life, then your whole life will start to go into the same pattern of the Yuan Shen, running the same kind of “pattern” throughout your day. Basically, you can see your whole life is like a repeat of what the pattern of the Yuan Shen is like. It’s freaky isn’t it.

If your life is hectic and turbulence-like all the time, your Yuan Shen must be also about the same, like a planet with tons of crazy climate and disasters.  People with spiritual problems often got their Yuan Shen totally screwed up, and everything is not working well on the planet. Some even can get their planet invaded and such too. In real life, they can see it happen in another form, just like the same pattern repeats itself but in another form.

In order to have a better life, better luck, you must know how to secure, protect and also nourish your Yuan Shen well.  If you don’t take care of your Yuan Shen, your life will be facing all sorts of problems or evening having your luck being stolen and such, leading you to all sorts of problems in life. Mind you that, even rich people can have a lot of luck and life problems, look at how chaotic the royal families can be in history, we can all see that from the rich and upper class. Having a lot of money and power in this world doesn’t mean your life is “good” all the time.

How to Cultivate the Yuan Shen

In order to cultivate or to make your Yuan Shen better, you must have a good method to do so, and doing any form of exercise won’t bring you there, including Tai Chi, Chi Kung and such.

In the ideal world, you connect to your Yuan Shen when you sleep and you get charged up naturally.

However, the world is not ideal, and that is why people have bad luck or troubles connecting to their Yuan Shen. If you want a second way to connect and even to protect your Yuan Shen, then you need to learn Taoist magic, which is a way to cultivate for this kind of Pre-Heaven energy and essence, the kind of things that can actually touch these Pre-Heaven matters. Doing 100 years of tai chi won’t bring you there, just like swimming for 100 years won’t bring you to see fruits growing in your garden. You want fruits, you have to have seeds and start planting. Do the right thing for the results you want is the key.

In Saam Law Sun Gung, we utilize the Taoist magic in our lineage, with the Taoist magic altar, we can then execute magic to beam things to the Yuan Shen at will, or secure the channels between you and the Yuan Shen at all time, preventing the luck stealing magic, or similar threats that might be obstructing the pathway, which most people call the “dragon gate”.

There are many things you can do to reinforce and strengthen your Yuan Shen too, getting your life more in-control and peaceful, or even improving your potentials. Besides that, in the higher level of cultivation, you might also be able to witness your own Yuan Shen too. You can travel to your own Yuan Shen, and even to another person’s Yuan Shen too. That is what we do in the advance-level of magic for dealing with spiritual issues and helping people to solve their problems.

Yuan Shen is not an imaginary thing or just a theory, it’s something that you can witness yourself, and work on it yourself to improve life, or even to save lives. What does it take to really get started on all these things and get your hands on the real deal cultivation?  Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung is what can bring you there.