Five Directions Gods of Wealth 五路財神

Five Directions Gods of Wealth, Ng Lo Choy Sun 五路財神 (Saamlawnese: Whuo Lu Chaai Sin), are five very important gods in our lineage that help to further empower us following the Munn Choy Sun and Mo Choy Sun’s blessings. His anniversary falls on the lunar Jan 5th. Five smaller gods of wealth statues can represent him.

The words “Five Directions” refer to east, south, west, north and center. The colours for these gods are green, red, white, black and yellow, respectively. These five gods of wealth give us the “wealth” that relates to the five elements powers. You will learn about this god and how to utilize him in this article!

Five Elements

As we have explained in the Ng Lui Sin Si article, the theory of five elements describes the five phases of how things progress.  The same theory applies to many things in magic, like the five thunder powers we discussed in Ng Lui Sin Si’s teachings.

Gold, its colour is white, and it describes the phase when we are still and not moving, just like how metal is. We absorb and bounce off light, giving us vision and pushing the heart to generate feelings. During this phase, we will have an idea and feeling of doing something as the fruit.

Water, its colour is black, and it describes the phase when we have the desire. As a result, we will put down the time and invest our wealth (time and potential) into the event.

Wood's colour is green, describing the phase when we pick up the energy, building up motivation and hype as we ponder the subject. We will have much inspiration, pondering and motivation development in this phase.

Fire, its colour is red, and it describes the phase when we take physical action to execute the task and do what we have planned. As the action is taken, it burns off the energy from the wood so that motivation will decrease, and hype will die down as we physically do things.

Earth, its colour is yellow, and it describes the phase when we slowly accumulate over time, waiting and collecting the fruits from what we have done. As we sit and collect the fruits, we grow bigger, thicker, wider, and wealthier. New gold will be born from the earth, which means that after we have gotten the fruit from one event, we will have new ideas that tell us what to do next.

These five phases cycle non-stop for every event, and if you lack a certain type of energy, you will see hiccups or problems happening in that phase. For example, if you lack fire energy, you would have trouble taking physical action, but maybe you are still doing fine with the thinking and pondering process.

You can do better in that phase by packing on more energy of a certain type. For example, if one has more water energy, l would be more patient and willing to stay committed to what they do. In contrast, many people have commitment issues and give up their marriage in a year or two.

Magic Money

The Five Directions Gods of Wealth have given us the magic method to cultivate these five elements energies into “Magic Money” and deploy them to things that need help. We can make magic money and deploy these powers to anything with papers of five different colours according to the code system. For example, if someone lacks motivation for their business, we can burn some green paper for them, giving them some wood energy. It will help spark motivation and make them excited about things again. This magic money would need to be consecrated with the gods to work.

The Five Gods of Wealth and Powers

White God of Wealth helps you spot opportunities and have the vision to see the future.

Black God of Wealth helps you be patient and calm, increases your desire, makes you stay committed, and so that you do not give up easily.

Green God of Wealth helps you stay pumped and motivated, think of ideas and get inspiration for solutions.

Red God of Wealth helps you increase and boost your performance when you physically do things. His power also helps you do the right things and avoid falling into traps or making mistakes.

Yellow God of Wealth helps you secure your wealth and ensures that things are not done for nothing in return.

These powers can also be deployed to help the house or storefront’s Fung Shui, increasing the luck and fortune one can have from the location. It is very useful and helpful. With a good balance and amount of these five elements’ energies, you will have much fewer hiccups and “brain fog” moments, everything will be smooth and flowing well, there will always be fruits to reward you for your hard work, and life will be meaningful again.

Don’t forget to read up on the other Gods of Wealth, such as the Munn Choy Sun and Mo Choy Sun!

Ng Lo Choy Sun is a god that can help you do better in all things and make your journey smoother. You need his empowerment and blessings to achieve better results regardless of your actions. You can get the Magical Foundation eBook to learn his FU HEAD, prayer and spell!  Get ordained today to learn more about him and how to use his magical powers.