Saamlawnese 三羅話 the God's Language

Saamlawnese 三羅話 (Saam Noh Whua) is a unique and exclusive dialect of Chinese that we use in our lineage for Taoist magic. This dialect sounds a bit like Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, and many other dialects, but it is none of them. This is the dialect taught by our gods from Daai Law Tin and has great magical powers that benefit our disciples from all different cultures.

“Languages are used for communication, and Saamlawnese is used for communication with our gods in the celestial court and Daai Law Tin.”

If you are a disciple, read this line again two more times.

You should know why we need Saamlawnese and not any other dialect you might be more comfortable with. Imagine the gods speak French, and you use your mother tongue (Chinese) to speak to the gods; how do they understand? Even if they understand you, would they like you more if you used their language to show respect?

The Beginning of Saamlawnese

There we no Saamlawnese when the lineage started; it was taught after a few years of cultivating and grinding through intense learning and being tested by the gods. I have known Cantonese since birth and learned English and Mandarin (intermediate level) later. Cantonese sounds different from Mandarin, and it has more tones than Mandarin, which makes it very hard for foreigners to learn. One day, I was chanting at the altar and performing a ritual, and during the middle of the scripture, I was speaking in a dialect I didn’t even understand.

After the ritual, I sat down to talk with my teacher from Daai Law Tin, and he started to guide me to learn how to chant “properly” and not do what I “used to know.” There was a lot of training and exercises; I broke my voice a few times in a few months and took some remedies to recover; it was very hard. My teacher then told me to learn how to sing and to look up some references of singing lessons, good singers and try to sing their songs with high pitch, low pitch, and so on. I did it, and it didn’t sound very good. He gave me more training and exercises; I almost killed my neighbour, screaming from the balcony. I sounded horrible, just as any newbie singer does.

Later, many lectures on chi kung, how the energy body works in co-relationship with sounds, and many other things made me drop my jaws to the floor. It was DEEP! I have learned so much within a few years, and my voice has developed. I could sing high-pitch female and low-pitch male songs; it was crazy and unbelievable.

After my voice had developed, then the Saamlawnese dialect was taught. I started to write down all the phonetics of pinyin and typed out the scriptures and spells one by one. If you look at our download page, you should know how much typing I was doing; it was a massive amount of typing. As I learned how to say the words, I also learned about other techniques to use the energy body properly, such as “drag sounds” and many other techniques.

With a few years of work, we have refined and polished the eBooks many times, checked typos repeatedly, non-stop updating the books and created new books with the Saamlawnese PinYin. That was much HARD and HEART WORK!

Read “Spiritual Embryo,” You should now understand how many special gods and spiritual embryos were created for these words in the boo and how intensively magical the dialect is. Every word is a package of magic power; it’s amazing how Saam Law Tao can use the dialect to store so much power and wisdom in a compressed format! All the teachings and powers are packed into the dialect, and the dialect is stored in the Celestial Court system for us. Whenever we chant in Saamlawnese, the power will flow down for us and pass on the powers to us to empower our chanting!

The True PreHeaven Sounds

All human beings, like the meows of cats and woofs of dogs, easily make some sounds. We can make many sounds naturally, such as Ha, Hor, Eh, Um, Or, etc. These are simple sounds that babies naturally make, and we call them “baby language.”

In “Why We Dream,” we talked about our three bodies and how they work. Our energy body will trigger the heart to give energy to the soul; then, the soul will tell the body to act. Baby talking is the same concept; they don’t think but act based on what the heart says. When the baby says baba, booboo, or whatever funny sounds, it’s mostly a sound made because the energy body has done action in the preheaven. The baby will say that sound. This sound is called the true preheaven sound or language, which we call 先天真言 (Cian Tian Jin Yien). It’s done naturally, but people don’t understand it because it was not in a human-created language system format.

My teacher passed on the whole package of wisdom and explained all the sounds to me in detail. It’s too much to explain in one post, but I will give a few examples.

When the energy body wants to output the heart energy, it will say “ah” because the mouth is wide open and the tongue is in the middle, which directs the energy to the middle and out the center, like the heart beaming forward in a straight line.

When we want something or want to keep something, we say “or” because our tongue press downward, like pressing things into the ground system of the energy body (the bottom), which is the storage area.

When we want to reach up for something, we often say “eh” because our tongue goes up and touches the top of the roof inside the mouth, as if it is getting things from above in the sky.

There are many other ones, but you should understand the concept now. These are decoded but not meant to be decoded or kept thinking about their meaning when we use them. (or else you will fail the FAITH factor).

With the “drag sound” method of chanting, we would add these sounds behind the words. For example, 三羅神法 Saam Noh Sin Whua, it would become “Saam-na… Noh-na… Sin-ah… Whua-aw-all…” At first, you won’t know how to recognize the pattern, but as you copy my chanting audio, you will start to get it and be able to “get it” yourself without looking at the notes. These are ways to combine the words with the preheaven sounds to command the preheaven energies and better use the power. This would take a long time for people to learn if they try to “decode” it. The best way is to follow the mp3, chant, and do it daily. As you do them more, you will naturally get it, just like how we learn to talk from our parents. Be a baby, learn by trying, and you will get it soon.

These sounds are very useful because they might be used individually to convey a message to the god in a second. For example, if you want to show god, you are very happy after witnessing the result of his help immediately. You can say, “HEY~YA!” immediately telling the god the message and the god would get it.

True Sounds and Other Things

These sounds were used in chanting and applied to our Saam Law martial art, chi kung, healing, medicine, and many others. They are very natural and easy to use, which can help you command the energy body to do things in a sound or two. Super fun!

As I learn and apply them to my everyday cultivation with my chi kung and martial art practice, I find them very effective for health improvement, healing and fixing energy blockages! They are a good way to do magic and other things that require this power to control your energy flow the way you want!  Martial arts done with this will be much more powerful, too, because you can exert your inner energies to the subject as you strike, and they penetrate the opponent’s soul body and not just stay as an external impact for pain. Giving them a shallow punch can break the bone or bruise the muscle, but with the energy from these sounds, we can strike and penetrate their body energy which can affect them for a lifetime because the impact goes straight to their Yuen Sun!

In magic, we can also use these sounds to help us, like short commands for the magic power. It works very well for us!  No need to remember so many spells; just a HA or HEY would do the trick!

Get ordained today, learn more about Saamlawnese and enjoy this amazing dialect with our chanting system; learn about the energy body system and how to utilize it to maximize your potential in life!