Body Cleansing Magic 淨身

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What is the Body

The body contains the soul inside, and it is the barrier that protects your soul and the heart. If the body is not clean, the soul energy inside will be not settled. Just like you are sitting inside the car, and you see the windows and everywhere being covered by dirt and mud, you will also freak out and feel very bad. Your soul inside the body is the negative soul, it controls the power of thinking and breaking down information. If the body made this soul go crazy; you will have a hard time thinking straight.

Things on the body also get absorbed inward over time. This means that if you let the pollution packs up on top of your body, it will eventually penetrate that wall and then contaminate everywhere. After that, you will lose control and start to go crazy.

A polluted body is also not welcoming for any gods to connect to, which means even you are doing your spells or even invoking the gods, you are not getting good feedback. The gods don’t even want to come near you, your magic starts to not work so well, and its all because the body is dirty.

When you are about to write FU, and your body energy is not clean, what happens? Your FU will be full of non-aligned energies, which means they are “evil” energies. Evil energies on the FU create evil FUs, meaning that you will be doing harm to yourself instead of bringing help.

It’s not just about you and your body too. Think about your house, the wall is the body that surrounds everything. If the body of your house has a lot of evil things attached, imagine what’s like when you walk out the door?

If the statue or tool’s body is not clean, gods don’t want to go in there, and so even you did your work to sanctify them or consecrate them, the gods won’t enter, and that means your magic is done but nothing is done. Ouch.  A lot of people just buy tools and then expect them to be usable for magic. Nope, because the body is dirty, it is full of the energies from everyone who touched it during the making process, it is not purified.


When you wake up, the first thing you do should get yourself washed up, go for a shower. Hold the shower-head above you and then recite the jing body spell, stomp left foot 3x right foot 3x lightly, and now let the water rinse you over while you close your eyes. This is a quick method to cleanse the body every day. Make sure you don’t put on dirty clothing after this shower, change into fresh clothing. Oh right, don’t wear the same pyjamas for days, wash them every day. There are a lot of things you detox during sleep, and you don’t want that to stick on you again the next day.

Sometimes you might have no choice but to wear something again before it can be washed. Even jackets and coats are in this category. Then, hold onto the object, stomp in heart spell and jing body spell, stomp the right foot and then flick the coat or jacket in air 9x. This will shake off the impure energies right away and so you are at least wearing something cleaner.

Laundry time! Pour a bit of detergent into that cap, use sword finger to put in the Dei Law Jo SI Fu Head, and then the jing body spell. Now this is going to be a good “cleansing wash” to reset the energy of all the clothing you have in the machine.

Before you work on magic or FU work , you can light a cone incense and inject the jing body spell into the incense, then use this incense smoke as a medium to cleanse anything you need. Roll your hands over to cleans the hand for writing FU, then move the small pot around so incense smoke can be going around the area you sit to cleanse the surface energy too.

Sanctify a flashlight and inject the Body Cleansing FU in the 24 Practical FU Book into it by burning the FU into the object. (burn top, fold outward, circle 3x CW and dot into the object). Bring this flashlight with you when you go outside. When you are need it, just turn it on strobe mode and flash all over your body to cleanse (say the spell too, if you can). Flash from top to bottom, left to right.

Before you use any object as magical tools, that includes statues and even a brush, you should cleanse the object’s body first. Take a piece of the “gold and silver” magic money and roll them up, inject in the jing body spell like how you would to the FUs, then burn it and use the fire to roll around the objects you want to cleanse. Just move the fire around quickly then it won’t burn the object. This can be done to people too, it’s called the fire method, which is more aggressive than the water method for purification. Great to do when you are just home from work and you felt something is not right or you feel like you are about to get sick.

No flashlight or anything to burn? Write the Sun Moon Fa Jee on the left palm, and then add in Jing Body spell, then use the palm to slap on your right hand, this is to transfer the power over to the other hand, and now use the right hand as a scanner and scan over the subject while reciting the spell.

Of course, you can go for the FU BATHs too! Don'f forget that!

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!