Taoist Cleansing Magic: Body 淨身

Body cleansing is the third spell in the “Cleansing and Purification Spells Book,” there is also an MP3 Tag-along that you can download to learn how to chant the spell in Saamlawnese. This article will be a detailed lesson for those who have initiated or ordained. It will let you further understand the purpose and usage of the spell and pass on some wisdom of Saam Law Tao to you!  Enjoy the detailed lesson!

There are two sets of “Jing Spells.” One is the longer one named “Purification Spells,” and the shorter one named “Cleansing Spells.” The shorter one is easier to learn for newbies.

General Purpose

Body Purifying Spell 淨身神咒 (long) is for cleansing your Preheaven energy-body, which also closely relates to your physical body. This is like the “wall” shields your physical body from external elements such as bad energies, evil spirits and even magic attacks. Have you wondered how the ghosts and spirits see you in their dimension? They don’t see your physical body! With the body purification spell, your energy body will transform into a state that makes them see you like you are a “god,” a powerful being, repelling most of them away.

Body Cleansing Spell (short) can be done for the same purpose. You can treat it like a protection magic that blocks off things that want to penetrate your shield and also to “dust off” the energy pollution you picked up throughout the day. The magic can also be blended into daily hygiene, such as washing your hands and face, showering etc.

Advance Wisdom

There are two things that the spell brought up, 神光洗身 Sin Gwong Si Sin, 仙氣煉形 Cian Ki Lien Xieong. The first means using the god’s light to wash the body, and the second is using immortal energy to cultivate the form. What does that mean?

The god’s light is very obvious, which is the power of the gods, to wash your energy body, removing all the unwanted elements. Washing is done externally. While the “immortal chi” is charged into your body to “cultivate” the form. By doing so, you are not only removing things from your body but something good is being charged into it to reshape it back to what it should be. You can read more in the “immortal bone” article about this.

To have your body become invincible to the attack of evil, you must also know that this is the key to cultivating your energy body. You learn from god’s teachings (light) to remove what’s on your body. The exterior of your energy body is where the Positive Soul is (see Soul article). The positive soul gives you the power to act and pushes your physical body to move. This metaphor means that you should learn from the teachings and use them to see what actions you are doing now that should be removed. What are you doing that is not aligned with the Tao? Remove it. For example, the Tao says you should be loyal and focused on the Tao and only the Tao. Then you should eliminate your old practice with the other religious paths you used to have. Once you remove all the bad habits and actions, you can refill yourself with what the Tao tells you to do and shape yourself into a proper Taoist. This tells you that to learn well and repel evils, you must first remove the evils from yourself, then fill yourself with the Tao’s energy to reshape yourself. You cannot reshape yourself if you have not removed the bad elements. Reshaping also means you have to change and not “improve.” Improve means you are good now, but you can do better. No, the Tao said, you need to change and reshape, not improve. Accept that what you are now is wrong and reshape yourself into a new form as a proper Saam Law Taoist.

天一神水,使我清淨 Tian Ya Sin Su, Xia Whuoh Chieong Jieong- the Tin Yat godly water can help to cleanse and purify me. What is Tin Yat water? Tin Yat refers to the lineage; god’s water means the god’s energy flows down to you. Please note that water only flows downward, which means you must put yourself lower or even the lowest to receive the water from above. Be humble, let go of your ego, and condition yourself to receive the power from above. That also means that if you are NOT willing to low down yourself, nothing will flow to you regardless of how many times you recite the spell. Many newbies have trouble doing so because they still think they are here to “try” things out and “get a feel” of things like a spectator. Well, you are not ready to receive anything yet, then. Water will come to you when you are low enough.

This spell could cleanse you from energy pollution or give you a shield to protect yourself against evils. Especially if you don’t feel safe when walking outside, quickly recite this spell to bring out the magic bubble to envelope yourself, and there goes the protection against the evils and energy bullets raining down at you.

Imagine food was put on the table, and you won’t be around it for a while; then you would put something to cover it to prevent it from being eaten by insects or flies—the same mindset with this spell. You can create a magical dome or bubble with the spell to cover and shield things you need to protect. If you face spiritual attacks, sleep paralyzes attacks; you can shield yourself immediately to block off the evils and then go back to sleep in peace! This magical bubble can also be placed over your car while driving; it could help you reduce or minimize the damage in case of an accident! 

Another way to use this magic is to dome or bubble up your house to give your house a protection shield; at the same time, you can also deploy this magic to “wall up” your doors and windows in a flat fashion, which can also be a good resistance for evils or evil-minded people.

If you give or lend someone something, you could also use this magic to seal the object before giving it to them. That way, their energies cannot affect your object, which could eliminate much energy pollution later. Imagine you are sending in your resume for a job; who knows what people will do to mess up your opportunity? If you shield the paper or email first, it will be protected against all the villains!

For those undergoing magic attacks or spiritual attacks, you can clean up the energy body using a FU BATH empowered by this spell. While in the FU WATER, recite the spell a few times to let the magic water soak away the unwanted elements and dissolve them for you. However, you don’t always need to soak yourself. In most cases, just doing the spell and blasting the power is enough to clean your body. You would want to use the soaking method only because the evil energy already penetrates your positive soul layer and affects you very badly. Things that enter your body will affect the negative soul, which shows up with weird thoughts, logic, and many weird ideas inside the head.

Ordain today to learn more, and don’t forget to cultivate the spells at least twice daily. One in the morning to start your day off, and one at night when you are back home and settled down! It is also inside our mandatory daily chanting in the “Daily Rite”!