Different Levels of Sky

When we talk about the “sky,” we are talking about a “source of power” above us. Just like a little brother that is 3 years old, he would treat the 12 years old sister as his sky because she can give him the help that he needs. However, there is a 21 years old big brother above, and then the mother, father, and even grannies—so many levels of “sky” above him.

As a disciple, you should know the structure of the lineage and how the different levels of “sky” you have above you.

You are “yourself” and must connect to the lineage’s power as your first sky above. Once you have an altar, the altar would be your closest “sky,” which puts the lineage’s power one step further away since you have a local “sky” around you.

The lineage’s power is called 總壇 (Jong Taan) or the headquarters altar; in short form, we call this TYHQ (Tin Yat Headquarters). It is the closest thing to the human living space representing Saam Law. TYHQ is located around the “ground zone” above our cloud and atmosphere level, where our ghost-altars are. Read the “moon” article to know what the ghost-altar is. Since the TYHQ is in the “ground zone,” we would call this Sky Mountain. 天山 (Tian Saan)

Every altar in the lineage has a physical side in D8 and a spiritual side in D6. Since D6 have no “distance,” all the altars in the lineage are linked up at the same place in the TYHQ zone. The altar in Toronto, with Ju Cia Juan and Gim Cia Juan, is in the center of the TYHQ area, while Beh Cia Juan in HK is also closely sticking to the center of TYHQ. The other disciple’s altars are around this area of TYHQ, and the whole group of altars, and people’s souls, are linked into one big group of powers in this TYHQ system. Every disciple’s ghost altar is also connected to this TYHQ system. This whole thing together is TYHQ. That means if you cultivate your altar and get it to strengthen, the whole TYHQ also benefits from your work. If a disciple was training hard, it also contributed to the TYHQ as a whole. TYHQ is not just “one altar.” The whole lineage is together as one unit, with the main altar in the center as the main power. For Tin Yat Stage and Saam Law Stage disciples, you are mostly drawing power from the “TYHQ” level. It is also much easier for TYHQ to send things to your altar at home because your altar is directly linked to TYHQ’s center altar (Ju Cia Juan’s), while the center altar is the one that beams things down from the Celestial Court, which is much further away.

One level up …

Imagine you are at the TYHQ location, above the clouds… travel to the sun, and swap your vision to dimension 1 (d1), and there goes all the Yuen Sun in the Yuen Sun Palace, as we have talked about in the “Birthday” article. Near this bunch of Yuen Suns is our celestial court, another thing like a Yuen Sun. This celestial court delivers things to TYHQ for us.

As a metaphor, the celestial court can be called the Sun, while TYHQ is the moon.

Dei Wong Daai Dai (Ground Emperor is a bit above TYHQ, who is responsible for connecting TYHQ to the court.

Sun Lung Stage disciples are supposed to be able to communicate with the celestial court.

The celestial court gets things from the above, directly from Daai Law Tin’s altar, which we call Sun Ting. That is WAY far up, all the way out of Dei Law. Sun Ting is not even in the same zone as our Yuen Sun; it’s in Daai Law Tin, where the source of our Tao is. This is very far away, but that’s where our main powers came from. If the gods in Daai Law Tin have things for us, they will deliver them to the celestial court for us, and we can get them from TYHQ after the court delivers them to us.

People in the Tin Ting stage can directly work with the celestial court and add things to the court’s system, and the Sun Ting level gods are watching Sun Ting Stage disciples.

In most cases, disciples only need to connect to the celestial court for the highest powers they need.

Your power line is like: yourself -> local altar -> TYHQ -> Celestial Court (Tin Ting) -> Sun Ting.

To connect to the local altar, you need to open the altar. Using the master spell allows TYHQ to beam down some power to help you with your ceremony. To connect the altar to TYHQ, you need to use the short Cheng Sun spell. You need the long Cheng Sun spell to connect the altar to Celestial Court.

HS0 and HS1 call up the god inside your body locally.

HS2 calls up Jo Si Yeh in TYHQ.

HS3 and HS4 call the celestial court

HS5 calls the celestial court for the Sun Lung Network powers

The higher you want to connect, the more purity is required. Therefore, even if you are a Sun Lung stage disciple, if your power is impure and “ordinary,” you won’t be able to reach the court’s power because you are not conditioned to do so. The problem is that your energy cannot even touch that power level. That is also why newbies are good enough using the power put into their bodies because it’s easier for them to take and use anytime. TYHQ is closer but still too hard for a newbie to reach that level. The higher the power, the more powerful, especially when fighting in magic battles and kicking evil crap’s butt. However, to be able to use the power above, you must also be pure and conditioned enough to channel down the power at that level. The empty title of XX Stage means nothing if your energy is dirty and polluted.

Here is a diagram that illustrates the concept, hope you can understand through this pic!