Preheaven vs Postheaven in Taoism

Preheaven vs Postheaven in Taoism

The word preheaven and postheaven is often used in Taoism, especially in our website! These words have nothing to do with the “heaven” but more about the difference of “time”. The word “heaven” is actually the “sky” 天, and with pre and post, it’s like before or after the “sky” phase.

The Pattern

This rooted back to the pattern of Sky, Ground and Human 天地人, which is a pattern like five elements, yin yang, bagwa etc. The pattern is to explain three phases of creation or how things happen.

Sky is where things have not started yet, but it’s all the goodies being gathered up to prepare for something to begin.

Ground is where it contains the elements from the sky, like how the ground hold onto the water from the rain. The ground then start it up and begin the event.

Human are the things born from the ground, or from the event, like the final “fruit” or “outcome” of something.

An example would be to explain how a business meeting went. During the sky phase, everyone set the time for the meeting to be tomorrow at 12pm. Then everyone gathers up their files and notes to prepare for it. The meeting has not started at all, it’s just planned and waiting.

Then time flows into the ground phase. The ground is the meeting room, which contain the people. Once the people setup into the meeting room, at the right time, the event starts and that’s the beginning of “the meeting”.

After the meeting, the people came up with new ideas and such which is the human phase. After that, the fruits will return to the sky and wait for the next thing to happen.

How Does it Relate to Taoism?

In Taoism we talk about which dimension comes first in nature, the one that is more ancient is the more preheaven one. Therefore, if we see our world here as a dimension 8, then the dimension 6 and 1 before it will be a more preheaven dimension to our world. The god’s world is more ancient than ours, they are preheaven of us.

Your Yuen Sun is in a preheaven dimension compared to our soul and body here. Therefore, our Yuen Sun is also a preheaven matter. Yet, if compared the Yuen Sun to the celestial court or Dai Law Tin, the Yuen Sun is not as preheaven and is actually very “young” compared to those. So even they are all preheaven to us, there is still a difference.

The more preheaven party will feed the postheaven, and the postheaven consumes from the preheaven. Just like father and mother feed the children, while the children consume the parent’s time and energy.

Preheaven Energy and You

Your HEART is in the preheaven dimension of what we call “d1”, and our soul is in the postheaven-yin dimension “d6”, the physical body is in the postheaven-yang dimension “d8”. When the preheaven energy from our Yuen Sun comes down to us, it goes to the HEART first, and then converts into soul energy in the D6, and then goers to our physical body to cause us to act. This kind of energy flow pattern is important to know if we need to understand things like Fung Shui and dragon-energy etc.

That is also why we say you cannot use herbs and stones (postheaven matter) to deal with the ghosts or evils (preheaven matter). It just cannot touch them at all. You need to use a force that is more preheaven than them to fight them. That is why you need Taoist magic power, which is overpowering the evil spirits due to this fact.

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