God of Wealth for Spending 武財神 Mo Choy Sun (Guan Yu)

God of Wealth for Spending, Mo Choy Sun 武財神 (Saamlawnese: Whuo Chaai Sin), is a very important god in our lineage that helps us deal with spending of wealth. His anniversary falls on the lunar Jun 24th. We use the statue of Guan Yu to worship him, and so it is also commonly referred to as General Guan, 關聖帝君. We go by the name Mo Choy Sun in the lineage, but the name of General Guan is easier for ordinary people to relate to.

General Guan is a famous general in the story of Three Kingdoms. He is a real person too, but most of us know him by his fictional character. For example, the red face and green robe version of Guan Yu are from the opera costume; it was done to express his emotions and character with the language of colours. We have also explained in the article on investitures of gods that these gods are created using a character profile, just like the Monkey King, Bao Judge, and Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, etc. It is not a problem that they are inaccurate in their historical facts. The god is based on the profile, not the person’s soul in history.

Why would the god of wealth hold a Guan Dao (the long weapon in his hand)? Should he not be holding something like money or gold nuggets? This is a question from many believers.

The word wealth in magic is not referring to money. The wealth of nature is time, and the wealth you get in nature will improve your quality of time. For example, you can spend two hours at home doing nothing, feeling useless and demotivated. If you had wealth given to you, it could improve the quality of time. You might have been happy and productive in the two hours, resulting in great achievements and feeling awesome. The quality of time can make a huge difference.

General Guan is famous for two qualities, Jung 忠 and Yee 義, roughly translated to loyalty in English. A very good quote from the classics describes the two words in precision. Being loyal to your one and only lord is Jung. Being loyal to your friends and peers with honesty is Yee. It is said that Jung and Yee are hard to achieve together sometimes because if your lord wants to do something your friends are against, which side will you be on? Imagine working for a boss who wants you to fire your peers. You have to be Jung to the boss but fail the Yee. You can also be disloyal to the boss and quit, and now your Yee is good. General Guan has many stories that show the quality of Jung and Yee at different times, praised by many people and royal ones over the years. 

In Taoism, our definition of Jung is when the heart is focused on one lord and does the things the lord said. According to our Saam Law metaphysics, our heart in the energy-body creates thoughts in the soul, and the soul pushes the body into the act. The physical body works or acts for the energy body and the heart. Jung (loyalty) would allow our body to act and do what the heart has wanted and guided us. For example, your heart felt the need to clean the house today, but your body and soul just decided to be lazy and sit all day but not do a thing to clean the house. This is like disloyalty; your body has trouble doing what the heart wants.  If you have the quality and empowerment of Jung (loyalty), then your body would have the power to stand strong and clean the house no matter how tired it feels. It’s like a loyal soldier would fight until the end, no matter how painful or tired.

Yee is like the loyalty between the peers, the body and the soul. With Jung and Yee together, it translates that your heart, soul and physical body are working in harmony, which means everything will be smooth and flowing.

The big weapon in General Guan’s hand is called the Green Dragon’s Moon Cresent Blade 青龍偃月刀. It is well known for being a heavy weapon used on horseback, and many martial artists use it as a good training tool for strength. Many sects practice this weapon and use a gigantic or extra-heavy version, like exercise equipment. It’s not because the weapon is practical in real fights, but it is just a fun way to exercise, build strength and condition the body.

This blade symbolizes the exertion of physical powers in magic, which relates to the metaphysics we have explained. Having great power and control of your strength and physically applying the inner powers from the heart and soul to do what you want is what we call spending wealth—making time productive, efficient and able to achieve your goals.

Some people would ask how the blade should be placed and aligned. When the blade edge is facing downward, it resembles the investment of time; this will give you patience and help you with commitment and determination. When the blade edge is facing upward, it resembles the power to pump up the energy and be motivated to take action; this will help you execute the task better and physically do things with good energy and motivation. These metaphors relate to the metaphysics pattern, but you don’t have to be too robotic about the statue. The statue can be in any form and setup; as long as the god is there, he can help you in all ways.

How to Improve Money Wealth

Many people might be disappointed because wealth isn’t related to money in magic, so it is “useless” in their case. Don’t despair; we will talk about wealth, as in money too.

It is fine to think about it as financial wealth, the spending of money like investment, stocks, doing business, buying things etc. This god will also help you with these matters since they fall in the same category. After you have spent your money, you want something beneficial to come back; that’s what this god is all about.

If you are a normal office worker who goes to work 9-5 daily and has a stable income, how would this god help you improve your wealth?  You can ask him to help you do the right thing at work, and become more productive and efficient, which leads to the boss liking you more and as a result, you will secure your job or get a promotion with a raise in your wages. You should always think about how god can help you achieve the goal and not assume that money will be there because you have prayed.

How could financial wealth be achieved? Money cannot just walk to you like they have legs. If you don’t do anything or have a way for money to come, nothing will come to you. Let’s say you decided to invest in stocks or you wanted to buy a house and rent it to make money; that’s something you can do to make money. You can ask this god to empower you or advise if you have a way. For example, we can use divination to ask for advice to see if the stock is a good choice, or we can carry a FU while we decide and pick on the stocks to invest in.

Wealth Beyond Money

You might have to think outside the box to utilize this god fully. Instead of just thinking about money, you should learn to use him for greater benefit. The wealth in nature is time, and we all have 24 hours a day, but why can some people do a lot and achieve a lot, while did you achieve so little in the same amount of time? How should you use your time for the best results?

A person is about to go out with a friend for a drink; should he go or not? You could have asked this god first. If you are about to “spend your time (wealth),” you can always consult this god who is specialized in this field. Maybe asking him all the time would be a big hassle, then at least carry his FU with you so that he can help you spend the time better. If the friend is not a good investment and you should not be there, god will signal to you and make you leave the meeting sooner.

You are about the paint the house; how should you decide on the colours and design? Should you do it next week or this week, hire people to paint or do it yourself? These are all questions that you can ask this god for help. It’s all about how to spend your time and invest in things for a fruitful result.

Are you buying a car? A computer? A new phone? Why don’t you consult the Mo Choy Sun first and see if it is a good time to do so or which one to buy for the best result? Getting his empowerment and advice can often lead to many fruits, which give you a better future.

Before we end the lesson, I must also introduce what a “negative lesson is.” Sometimes he will point you to see “what is wrong” and give you a choice to make you realize what is wrong too. However, if you can have faith in him and learn the lesson, you will appreciate the experience in the future, saving you from crashing into a bigger problem later. For example, Mo Choy Sun could tell me to buy something to try, and it ends up that the product is not good. Because of the experience, I have learned what I don’t like. When buying similar items again, I know to filter out many options before wasting time trying and testing.

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Mo Choy Sun is a god that can help in financial wealth and wealth in nature, which is the time! He can help you become more productive, make better decisions, and be more efficient. You can get the Magic Foundation eBook to learn his FU HEAD, prayer and spell!  Get ordained today to learn more about him and how to use his magical powers.