The Timeless Taoist Magic Spell

When we recite a Taoist magic spell, most people cannot notice or hear it because it is done quickly and timelessly. For the newbies who just initiated or ordained, this will be your most life-changing lesson, which I will try to cut short and go straight to the point. You are about to get a huge upgrade.

When you learn your heart spells, you would say them very slowly, trying to pronounce all the words accurately and ensure they are correct. That is good, and that is how you learn or practice. Once you have learned the words and know how to say them, you practice them by repeating them many times a day; eventually, it will become second nature to spit out the spell without thinking.

How do you sign your name? Do you print each letter like you are three years old? Probably you would “woosh” a stroke, and there goes the name.

Once you can do the spell fluently and flawlessly, practice it daily to improve. However, whenever you want to use the heart spell, you do not say it word by word like you did when practicing. This is the hurdle that many people are stuck with and cannot get over because they lack faith and confidence in themselves.

Try this exercise and see if you can do it:

Without thinking, close your eyes and think of your house, phone number, and shoes. Can you “get it” in a split second without trying to “print” the image out in your mind? That’s exactly the point; you need to “want” to recall something then it is there already. The less you use the “thinking power,” the better it gets because you use the HEART to do it, not the soul. This is how the heart spell is done too.

If I am executing ten heart spells at once, you would see me stomping the foot 10x and not slowly reciting the spells one by one.  It’s simple because the intention of why you stomp already sets that heart spell power; it’s timeless and instant! As long as you have cultivated and practiced the heart spells slowly and know them, this method will help you bring the heart spell power out timelessly. This is how it should be done.

Building of Power

This method is fast, easy and efficient, but you shall always remember to build the foundation and strengthen your roots. You can sign your name in a stroke, but you must remember it, or this stroke will never mean anything.

When practicing, you should be slowing down, detailed, precise and patient with your practice. Try to refine and polish the words to improve your Saamlawnese. It’s time-consuming, but it’s worth it in the long run.

When you use the spell, close your eyes and immediately think of the spell, stomp, and the spell is done. It’s like you try to “recall your phone number”; you know what it is, then it is done, do not “read it out” inside yourself. This is the way to use the “heart” to execute the spell, which is how heart spells are used. It’s fast, it’s brainless, and it’s timeless. The more you practice slowly and precisely, the more the spell grows on you, and you will be more confident about it. You practice a lot, like typing on the keyboard, and don’t need to look or think about the keys to type. When you can close your eyes and the hands can know what to do on their own, that’s how your spell will become over time.

Faith in yourself and the gods is the most important thing for your magic to work. Faith means to believe without the need for evidence or proof, just like how baby believes their parents and won’t ever question or doubt. Tell yourself this all the time “my magic has to be working well; if it doesn’t, the gods will help me make up for everything I lack and make it work.” Once your mindset is correct, your heart spell will never fail.

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