Taoist Empowerment Magic

After the “Protection Seal” magic, this is another one that I would like to teach and explain in a lengthy post. There are two magic symbols in this lesson, one is called the “Sun and Moon 日月花字,” and one is called “Daai Gut 大吉花字.” Both can be used for empowerment and many other things. However, they require access to our lineage’s power, which you can start by going through the free initiation or the official ordain route.

How to Do the Symbols


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Here are the TikTok videos we have made for the symbols. It’s simple: copy and practice, memorize it by heart, then use it anytime. The spells for them are:

Sun Moon symbol:


Ya Yioh Gwong Miong Jiao Si Fong,

Yioh Chieong Chia, Cieong Chieong Chia, Taai Chieong Chia

Daai Gut symbol:


Daai Gi Daai Li Daai Gi Chiang,

Yioh Chieong Chia, Cieong Chieong Chia, Taai Chieong Chia

The symbol can also be done with the 13 loops outside, which empower the magic with the help of the lineage’s power, like hooking it up with a power cable that supplies power to the magic. Without the 13 loops is fine, too, for a simple one-time deployment.

13 Loop spell for connecting things to the lineage’s power.




Ju Chiou Yin Miao,

Sin Ju Wu Mia,

Sin Yiou Su, Daai Gi, Daai Chiang

Another variation for the 13 loops is to use the higher power in the celestial court, calling the Jade Seal Nine Gods (nine main gods)





Tian Noh Ju Cia, Di Noh Ju Cia, Daai Noh Ju Cia,

Sin Nong Ju Cia, Gim Nong Cian Cia, Ju Nong Cian Cia,

Whuo Le Cian Cia, Bye Hwall Cian Cia, Saam Noh Ju Cia,

Hip Jong Cian Cia, Jong Sin Fu Chia, Nieong Sim Jieong Yin,

Daai Hen Wei Nieong, Chia!

Sun Moon Symbol

The best way to understand this is that after you write the symbol, a light source shines on the spot, like a big spotlight or sun that shines on the subject, giving it power from the outside.

What happens to you when the sun shines down on your skin? You feel it inside, the heat.

It affects the inside of things, which deals with the spiritual elements (d6) side of things. When light is there, evils don’t want to stick around.

The shortcut is to remember that you want god to beam its light on the subject; the power will shine on it and affect it right away. God can empower things for you or to exorcise evils for you; it all depends on what you want god to do for you. The intention is what sets the actual purpose of this symbol.

The intention is not when you keep thinking about something; it is why you did it. It requires no time to create an intention. It is the first split-second of why you even wrote the symbol.

Examples of Application

  1. Draw before yourself so that god’s light can empower your vision for deciding and picking things.
  2. Draw on the resume so that the person reading it gets to see it and be affected to feel positive about you.
  3. Draw on the main entrance before you leave; draw higher up like a light bulb that shines above, and repel bad guys who try to break in or mess with your house.
  4. Draw over the car or bike you just parked, so the light can coat over the subject and make people who see it will not want to steal or damage it.
  5. Draw over the bed’s area before you sleep, protecting you against evils and helping you sleep better.
  6. Draw over the dinner table after everything is served, give everyone a better vibe and eat happily together.
  7. Draw over the working desk area; it helps you think of ideas and get more inspiration.
  8. Draw the symbol on someone (over the face or heart) to give them blessings.
  9. Draw the symbol over some food you bought outside, and let the light clean up the evil and negatives before you consume it.
  10. Draw the symbol over people by a distance to let the light shine over them and make them resolve an argument faster.

Daai Gut Symbol

Imagine injecting a needle into something and giving it some god-power juice. What happens when things are injected into the subject? It affects their action or outside. It will affect the outcome of things (D8). This is great for using when you need god to help you achieve a certain outcome.

The shortcut is remembering that this tells god to go into the subject. God will possess it, and whatever you want god to help you do is up to your intention.

God going into an object is like the god staying in there, which can also be doing nothing and waiting for your command later. The god needs to go into something to get control over it. Imagine the god got into your boss’s body, then the god can affect his mind and thoughts to make him like you more.

Examples of Application

  1. Draw on the door and tell the god to go into the door and guard. In case people come to pick your lock or try to break in, god can go into them and affect their minds to change their actions.
  2. Draw on a business card so the god can go into it, then later, when people get the card in their hand, the god can go into them and make the person like you more.
  3. Draw on someone’s left palm, which tells the god to stay in the person’s heart and help them later if needed. For example, a confidence boost, repel evil thoughts and deal with heart devils.
  4. Draw on a pen so the god stays inside and helps you write better.
  5. Draw on a hat, so the god goes into it and helps you guard and protect your head to block any evil magic attacks from above.
  6. Draw into medicine before you consume them; it helps the god to go into your body and deal with your sickness.
  7. Draw into the game controller/phone/keyboard or things you will be using, and have god help you execute the task better.
  8. Draw on your palm secretively and then shake hands with people. You can tell the god to go into that person and influence their thoughts and feelings.
  9. Draw on your palm and then slap the heart 3x, allowing the god to go into your heart and help you from the inside. Good for protecting the heart, boosting confidence, making decisions, or preparing you for a fight!
  10. Draw on a gift and let god go into it and follow the person home; after the person unwrapped the gift, god will give them help and blessings as you have wished.

Cultivate the Symbols

There are many ways to use these two symbols; it’s about your creativity and intention. By default, the Daai Gut symbol was drawn on the incense pot to put a god into the pot when we first started up the altar. We also write the Sun Moon symbol over the altar by a distance, so light can shine and bless it for protection.

To strengthen them, you must learn the symbol by heart and use it more often. The more you use it and utilize the powers, the stronger the magic gets.

Remember that you would need to draw out power using the heart spell before you draw the symbol. Just writing the symbol itself doesn’t do anything since you have not called the gods first.

Magic is magical because of the relationship and communication with the gods, not because a certain symbol or word has the power itself. Words and symbols are communication tools; they don’t say much until the intention is set.

Extra Note:

The three “ticks” now use the Saam Ching spell, which gets the power from the lineage’s civil-level power (HS2). If you are using it with civic-level power, drawing power from the celestial court (HS4), then you would have to change the spell to:


Ya Bia Sin Nong Chong Tian Gong, Yi Bia Fi Nong Yip Di Loy,

Saam Bia Chong Nong Jaai Chia Jia Sin Toy.

There is also a spell for using local power (HS0) which is:



Ya Bia Tian Di Dong, Yi Bia Ju Cia Gim,

Saam Bia Hong Sin Ngoc Xia Jiou Qyue Chiaan Li Why

The spells change according to the heart spell you use because of the difference in power source. Make sure you memorize the spells by heart. Practice it many times until you remember them, and keep doing so until you can do it without thinking.

As you can see, Taoist magic is very sophisticated and complex. You will have many questions, and that is why you should never learn on your own. Ordain today to learn more!