Dragon Energy Magic Power

Dragon Energy Magic Power

Dragon Energy

Dragon energy is a metaphor used in Taoist magic, and you see dragons all over the place in our Taoist magic robes, flags, and other tools. Dragon the animal is a metaphoric device that describes something that is going in together in one crew, flowing toward the same direction, same path, and to give birth to something, or some event. 

For example, we will refer to the line of people who are lined up for black Friday sales outside of Best Buy as a dragon. They are all going toward the same place, and going to do the same thing, which classify them as one dragon.

Another example can be the sperm, which contains a lot of sperms in one shot of sperm, and everyone of them is going to the same direction, and trying to get the same job done. That is also why we are called the descendant of the dragon!

Some might even call a team that is very united and together a dragon, just like if a village of people is very together and they all aim toward the same goal and have the same vision, they are also one dragon. As you can see, Chinese uses a dragon as their first icon for the race, which represents the thing they emphasize on – togetherness and united minds.

Here is a lecture on the meaning of dragon, just in case you are up for more details.



Dragon Energy and Taoist Magic

In Fung Shui, we talk about the dragon energy all the time, Lung Hei 龍氣. This dragon energy is actually the pre-heaven energy that comes from nature, which goes into things in reality and charges up everything.  Dragon energy is formless, and not visible, and not even detectable by science, because it is the energy that holds the potentials for the future. How can you detect something that is not even born yet?  You cannot detect a baby when there is not even pregnancy going on.

dragon in natureDragon energy in nature is the essence of creation, and it powers up everything in nature, like how electricity powers up our homes today. It shows on the surface of things in the form of light, but you cannot see the energy itself. It’s sort of like saying you can determine how much “dragon energy’ this tree is getting by looking at its health on the physical side, yet you cannot measure or touch the dragon energy in it, because it has converted into reality already. Dragon is formless, you can see the head and not the tail, which means you can only see the result when the power splashes, sort of like lightnings!  It flashes and it appeared and things are burnt already, you can’t really see it when the energy is not yet sparked up.

In Taoist magic, we also use dragon energy, but every sect and lineages are connected to different powers as their “Tao”. Therefore, this dragon energy can mean different things for different sects.

dragon in magic toolsThe primary definition that doesn’t change for “dragon”, is that it is from the ‘Sky” (which is where pre-heaven resources comes from), and into the “ground” (which is what absorbs the resources), and into the “water” which is what stores the energy.  Dragon comes from the sky, and travels into the water.  We call this 神龍下海 (dragon going down the water) which you can see it being depicted on one of our magical tool on the right side. 

The picture of two dragons going down the “sea” is commonly used in Taoism. If we convert this to modern English, it means to request power from the provider and charge it into “something’ that will hold the charge.  Like plugging your phone to the USB that connects to your computer. The computer is the sky now (provider), and the dragon is the charges which you can’t see, then the phone’s battery is the “sea” which holds the charges. You cannot see the charges, but you can judge how much charges there is by looking at how the phone functions or display on the monitor.  Isn’t that just so easy to understand?

golden dragon

Another example is the “Golden Dragon” on the flag with white background. The gold elements is referring to the property of gold in 5 elements, which means to gather and collets. Gold “sinks down” as well, which allows things below to get and “store” it up.  White background means to output, as explained in the theory of 9 stars.  Therefore, the picture translates to gather up the charges from the sources of power for the work that needs power. (the red circle with the word in black added the last part in).   The other side of this flag is a black face with a golden 7-star pattern, which means the gather and collect the charges and let the other party absorbs (black absorbs).  Seven stars, actually means the 7 stages of creation, meaning to launch out of a system and to the exterior again. Read the 9-star theory article for more information on this. 

Basically, the flag as a whole is about A) get the power from the source, B) delivers the power and charge it into the absorbing party.

seven stars

The flag doesn’t mean anything useful if it is not consecrated to “a source”, just like we have explained in the “Magic Stamp article”. If you never specify where you are taking power from, its like your dragon is without ahead, you have nothing that determine where you are going, and where you are taking things from – like a fake cheque, without a bank name, an account number, and a signature. It’s basically rendered useless.

dragon on taoist robesThe dragons on our Taoist robes work the same way too. If the robes are not consecrated, the dragons do not mean anything, since the “sky” is not defined and connected. There is no providers connected to your internet, no matter what you do, how you click “send”, nothing will happen. With the robes properly consecrated, the dragons then means to charge in energies from the “powers of the lineage’s higher powers” and go into your body  (through the robes), which charges your body up and give you power to do things.

As a contrast to dragon, a crane is the reversed route, which pump things from inside you (the ground) back out to the pre-heaven (outside of you). Crane robes will bring energy from the lineage’s power to you and then it will not go “into” you and charge you up. In fact, it will go on the surface, which you can then give it to other things in this world (outside of you), or send things back to the pre-heaven of this local space, or to send things back to the powers of the lineage etc.  Here is a crane robe!

crane robe

Dragon robes helps you bring power down for doing work, while crane helps you give back or “empower’ things in this world, or send things back to pre-heaven, creating the future etc. You will see crane robes used for blessings, empowering, fortune-boosting, wealth magic, or even to send a dead soul to recycle (help them to move on to the next cycle etc), which all deals with the “pre-heaven” of some sorts. While dragons robes are used for exorcism, consecration of FU and tools, and things that needs power to kick butts in this world.

You might be finding this article mega-interesting, because somehow all these basic knowledges of Taoist robes are not even reachable by public on the internet or books. I wonder how many people actually knows what these things means. A side note for you here – if someone don’t even know what things means, then magic won’t even work. It’s like saying if you don’t know what you are trying to do, how can your body do “something” for you? 

In our lineage, we provide you with true knowledge and a mega-clear path for you to learn. Get started today by getting ordained and let your journey of Taoist magic learning begin!