Sun Kuet 身訣 103

What is Sun Kuet

Before you read and learn from this lesson, make sure you have completed the "Practical Magic Lesson #1" and learn about the "quick way" to flash these Sun Kuet.

Sun Kuet 身訣, also known as "Body Codes," refers to a series of movements that disciples use to bring the power of the heart spell outside of their bodies.

For instance, when a disciple invokes HS0, Saam Law Jo Si is present to help, but his assistance remains internal. He can boost your confidence, courage, provide guidance, and influence your actions. However, if you need him to guard a door or confront evil spirits outside of you, you must release him from your body using the Sun Kuet. Once outside, he can work on external tasks like battling evil spirits or removing curses placed on your door.

Using the Sun Kuet of HS1, you can bring Si Yeh to the outside, allowing him to assist you externally. Si Yeh can offer guidance and advice internally, but if you want him to gather information, you must send him out. For example, if you want to divine your boss's current mood, you would send Si Yeh to your boss to collect the information. Once the information is obtained, you can perform the divination to seek an answer. Si Yeh can also act as a local guardian, stationed at your door to provide updates and notifications. For instance, he might remind you if you've forgotten your keys before rushing out the door.

With the Sun Kuet of HS2, you can bring the magic power from the court outside of your body, empowering and enhancing magic performed externally. For example, you can empower your resume to increase your chances of being hired, or boost the flavor of a dish you've cooked to impress your girlfriend. Without the Sun Kuet, the power remains confined within your body and cannot affect anything outside.

Cultivation of the Sun Kuet

When cultivating the Sun Kuet, it is done slowly and with precision. However, when using them, we often perform the movements quickly and employ an express method to represent all the necessary Sun Kuet. Similar to heart spells, we cultivate them gradually but use them in a swift manner.

Each Sun Kuet creates an orb of light known as the Sun Toy 神胎, which can be seen as a magical bubble in the air. Once deployed to their destination and separated from your body, the "embryo" transforms into a mature god. This process allows us to send the gods to work, enabling them to learn from experience. After completing their mission, these gods "die" and return to you in the form of energy. The energy then merges with the god inside your body, reuniting with the source as one entity. This cultivation process, which involves creating and dispatching gods, is referred to as SUN GUNG 神功, the cultivation of gods.

Learning the Sun Kuet

You need to learn this after the heart spells – Sun Kuet 身訣. I will post the video links to the sun kuet(s) here. You can learn from the videos for the heart spells you have. Remember to practice until you have memorized them and can do it without hesitation. Show your progress on LINE and ask for teachings!