Sun Kuet 身訣 103

You need to learn this after the heart spells – Sun Kuet 身訣. I will post the video links to the sun kuet(s) here. You can learn from the videos for the heart spells you have. Remember to practice until you have memorized them and can do it without hesitation.

Sun Kuet is used to give birth to a god outside of you, which you can then send to do work outside your body. For example, you need god to guard your car as you go to work somewhere else. The god must stay there, which means you need to use sun kuet to create that new god and then deploy it to stay with the car.

When you do the sun kuet and not fire it out, the god you created will be around your energy body (faat sun) like a guardian, waiting for things to do later. Whenever it could help you, it would go and help you, such as blocking off magic attacks or whatever you need.

Remember the sun kuet by heart; after doing the sun kuet movements, stomp the left foot to beam the signal up and then the right foot to push the god OUT to the external space. Your sword finger then directs it to a place it needs to go.

Which Sun Kuet to use is the same as which heart spell you need to use. If you don’t know, re-read the heart spell post.

When the sun kuet pushes out the god you created for a mission, the god will be sent out to do what it is supposed to do. Once the god completes the job, it will return to your energy body; it will go to the lineage HQ in the ground zone or the court in the sky zone when you sleep.

Gods returning to the court or the lineage HQ will regroup with the source of the power and bring the experience back to the source, which helps to make the god “more intelligent,” like a person being trained to do work and get smarter as they complete the missions. You are helping the lineage to “cultivate” the god by doing so because the source gets more experience and is “smarter” as you use more magic, returning more gods you have used, etc. The next person using the magic from this source will benefit from the upgrade. As you can see, you are already “giving back,” in a way!

Sun Kuet in a Flash

You should cultivate the sun kuet daily and brew up the gods to hover and guard around you to start the day off. However, when you are outside and need to use the sun kuet, doing the whole set of movements is often very hard. Therefore, you can simplify it to execute the same task. Remember that the INTENTION matters like the heart spell in a flash method.

Try doing the HS0 sun kuet, but just the part where you “snap” the X in the chest. Then roll the hand so the right sword finger points up the sky, and the right sword finger touches the wrist of the right hand. Stomp the left foot when you “snap the X,” and stomp the right foot when you point to the sky. Bring down the sword finger to chest level as you visualize a ball of white light pulled down from above. There goes the simplified method. You can make any god like this as long as your heart and intention are for that god from that heart spell.

Then you can deploy the god anywhere by just pointing, blowing and pushing like how you would do it in the normal way.

After the god is sent to the destination, the god is one system, your heart is one system, and they are entangled. Therefore, anything you do on your side at the heart level will also trigger that god to do the same thing. For example, if you do jing spells, the god will execute the same power. You can also talk to god to give instructions. Close your eyes while pointing at it, then speak inside. After you are done talking, stomp the right foot, and the god will understand and execute the task.


  1. HS0, fire a god to the main entrance of your house, and tell the god to guard the door when you sleep.
  2. HS0, fire a god into the shower head, then tell the god to give you cleansing bath water to clean up evil energy. Go shower!
  3. HS1, fire a god into a letter you wrote to the gods and tell the god to send it up to the lineage HQ for the gods. After that, burn it.
  4. HS0 and HS2, fire a god into your jacket before you go out, tell the god to transform into the jacket and give you magic armour for deflecting evil magic attacks or spiritual threats.
  5. HS2, fire a god into your keyboard and tell the god to help you type an email with better skills etc.

Use your creativity, and you will see many ways to use the sun kuet power. Feel free to share your experience on LINE and show people how you used it; inspire each other!

It is also a good idea to send the gods (sun kuet) to your peers in the lineage or to their altars, which can give them some god as “manpower” and empower their magic when they do their magic work.