Essential Taoist Magic Body Code 101

This is a basic guide for every disciple in our lineage starting to do the Daily Rite as their daily cultivation. As we have mentioned in many longer articles, such as the “Common Qi Gong Misunderstanding,” our body communicates with our PreHeaven bodies, such as our Soul Body and the Spiritual Planetary Body (Yuen Sun). In this article, you will learn how to use the body to do magic for daily rites, which could also be done with the musical instruments on the altar.

Knowing Whom You are Talking To

When doing magic, we communicate with another side, such as our god. You are not just “singing to the air” while chanting; it’s not a “practice,” it is “for real.” If your mindset is that you are “practicing,” then your rite is doing nothing for real, and that isn’t what you want to do. Even if you are not perfect, you are still doing it for real daily. It’s like you are on a real zoom call with someone, not just “practicing” a speech alone in a room with no one listening.

When doing the rite, we are talking to the gods at the celestial court from far away. The heart spells are the key to connecting to them. Therefore, you first put your hands into a Heart Incense Handsign and say all the heart spells in your mind.

Handsign- palms together at heart, bend down index finger and use the thumb to press on the outside of the index finger. All three fingers that stood up straight must be sticking together.

Form the handsign at heart (between nipples) and close your eyes, recite all heart spells, and after each spell, you would “shake” the handsign back and forth three times, which symbolizes “ringing the bell.” Remember the lesson on “timeless spell” don’t be a turtle.

Then, pull the handsign to forehead level and speak in the mind, “Disciple is here to do daily rite…” then shake the handsign 3x again after the message is done.

Requesting the Connection

The next step is to tell the court to come down and connect with you. Your head resembles the “sky,” which is the celestial court. Therefore, you will work on the head with these three methods to communicate with them.

Sky Drumming- Put the palms over your ears and finger pointing backward, press the middle finger down on the head and don’t let it get off the head. Put the index finger over it and flick it down to hit the drum. Hit the drum will directly “move the heart” of the sky, allowing you to “output a command” and call the court to act for you. Drum 24x for one set, and do three sets—24 means to do the action of 2 (listen) for 4 (thoughts). Three sets mean to begin immediately. Drumming should be from slow to fast and slow down at the end of the set of 24. You can also hit 24x evenly if this is too hard to control.

Hammering the Teeth- Close your mouth and bite, tapping the teeth, which resembles hitting the wooden fish at the altar, and it means hammering with the intention for the sky to output for you. It’s like the keyboard that types, tap tap tap. Tap 36x, which means to connect to the spiritual dimension (to meet up with your soul). Your hands are still covering your ears.

Red Dragon Coming Down- Make saliva by pulling the tongue back and flicking it forward 3x, then swallow it 3x. This resembles hitting the Hing 3x on the altar, which tells the court to receive the request; 3x means requesting to “connect and begin” now.

Now that you have finished the prep work and commanded the court to connect with you and meet up with you in the spiritual dimension, your rite will begin, and your words will count.


At the end of the rite, you should hold the heart incense handsign and do a final sending by swallowing the saliva 1x, bowing 3x, and repeating this three times, which will conclude the whole ceremony and have the court output all the powers.

All these body codes will upgrade your rite to get a better connection and flow with the session. These can be done with the body method if we are doing it casually, but they can also be translated to be done with the altar tools if we do the whole thing at the altar.