Taoist Magic with Flashlights

Flashlights are great everyday-carry (EDC) tools, they can save you in an emergency, but most people don’t realize that you need a flashlight even when you are not in the dark. If you are a disciple here, you can use this short lesson and start using Tao-Lights; the Taoist Magic magical lights!

Mind you that there are many kinds of flashlights with different features; it is important to know which one to choose for the type of magic you want. The different light colours can be used for different magic according to their energy properties. You can connect the dot here for those who know more about our nine-stars theory.

  • White – D1, good for empowerment, to GIVE or OUTPUT the power fully for the subject to purely receive.
  • Red – D7, good for pushing the energies from the inside out, forcing the spiritual energies to come out, such as boosting luck or pushing away evils.
  • Blue – D6 is good for pushing energy inward toward the spiritual dimension, accumulating and condensing energy.
  • Green - D3, good for moving and pushing the energies to bring in ideas, inspirations, opportunities, etc. Also good for reviving “dead and stuck” energies.
  • UV (purple) - D9, good for sending evils and bad things back to preheaven or killing things you don’t want in this world.

By default, you can use white light for most situations; we will start with this first. 

How to Do it

Pick a flashlight and hold it between your palms, do the heart spell 0 and stomp your left foot 1x with eyes closed; this will connect you to the god. Then bring the hands up to the forehead level and talk inside to relay what you want from the god, for example, “please help me make this flashlight magical for XYZ purpose….” Stomp your right foot 3x and give it a blow with your mouth. The flashlight can now be used for magical purposes. Shine at the object to deploy power.

Example 1 – House Protection

After you go out the door, take the flashlight and shine it at the door, then strobe it all over the door. Strobe mode is used to signal “instant deployment” for the power to be deployed right away.  Your intention is there when you strobe; then it will be done—quick and easy door-sealing magic. Good to do once before sleep daily!

Example 2 – Car Protection

After you get out of the car, strobe the car all over, especially the tires and door handles or important belongings that might attract thieves. This will protect the car to repel these “ghost” people.

Example 3 – Interview and Work Empowerment

Are you going to an interview? Go to the washroom first, and then turn the light on steady mode and shine above your head to empower your energy body’s top system, and then scan yourself from top to bottom slowly to empower the body to increase the good feeling people get from you, which result in a better outcome for the interview. You can do the same to resumes, work papers, and such.

Example 4 – Cleansing Food

You just bought some food and fear that the angry or grumpy chef energy will stick around? Take your flashlight and strobe the food all over; the energy is cleansed.

Example 5 – Cleansing Bath

Hold the light over the water, turn it on a high mode to beam at it for 36 seconds and cut off, then repeat 3x. This is a bowl of cleansing water that you can use for bath cleansing. Mix the water into a tub and soak yourself for 15mins, then do a normal shower, change into clean clothing, and you are good!  36 seconds is good for empowerment and energizing. If you want exorcism to remove bad energies, you can do 24 seconds.

Cultivating its Power

Doing Sun Kuet to it daily for empowerment is a good practice, and you can always fire sun kuet into the light before using it (if possible). The more you use it, the more powerful it gets from experience. Also, the more focused the light is for its job, the better it is. That is why it is good to have multiple lights for different purposes, so the god inside can be cultivated for a special purpose, focusing the energies and powers.

Sun Lung Stage disciples Exclusive (Distance Magic)

You can use the heart spell 5 on top to execute magic by distance, such as doing magic on your kids or car when you are not locally there. For example, your wife just told you she is not feeling well when she arrived somewhere, you can close your eyes and point the flashlight forward, then strobe her all over to cleanse, and then use steady light to shine from above her and downward to create a protective layer of magic power.

As you can see, a flashlight could be used as a magic pointer or commanding device, just like our swords. The more you know about those energy colours and such in our lineage’s teachings, the more you can upgrade your flashlight’s properties and powers. Remember that it is not the light that is magical; it is the power that goes into it that is magical.

Ordain today and get started with this cool and easy magic! Everything starts from your heart spell, which draws the power out for your magic!