Coronavirus (Covid-10) Remedy with Taoist Magic

Coronavirus (Covid-10) Remedy with Taoist Magic

What is the Taoist remedy to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)?  A lot of disciples have been asking me for our version of “mask”, like how can you prevent yourself from catching the virus or being contaminated?  Taoist magic is not a medicine, or a drug, it cannot “kill” the virus if you ever got hit by it. However, Taoist magic uses preheaven energies, which means, it can help to avoid things happening, or make it just slip away and not hit you by the odd chances. You know like when you are just the only lucky one to not get on a plane because you got stuck in the toilet for some magical reason – and you just happen to be out of that plane tragedy that crashed later and end up dying in the mid-air.

For this matter, we had a complete bundle that can help you minimize the chance of being attacked by this virus and also if you are infected, and being treated, you should be having a bit more chance of recovering from it..!  We all want a bit more chance to win, even a single % will help!

First, you would need this basic bundle which comes with the big fu and a pair of what we call the K Lun fu. These are like the main door guards and house guards. You put them up and they will help your house to secure the ground, block off negative energies and such.

After this is done, you would need a FU for carry, bath fu for cleansing and detoxing the bad energies out, and then top it up with a few house empowering fu for making your house more secure against these virus related energies. Now you have got yourself and your house covered, you should be much safer.  If you felt something not right that day after you come home, get yourself into that detoxing bath and see if you feel better right away. We have had witnesses that says it helped them right away and the feeling went away immediately after the bath!

 If you want a ceremony done for your family, JUST for your family, to bump up that protection to another level, you can also request for the "Coronavirus prevention ceremony" too.