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Spiritual Embryo and Immortality in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎

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Truth About Spiritual Embryo and Immortality in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎

Many people come across the ancient text of Taoism or chi kung (Qi Gong) text that is originated from Taoist cultivation and there is this “spiritual embryo” that confused everyone. Many people who were discussing it online forums are for sure totally confused, lost and going in the wrong direction because they have been trying to understand things from all the “surface meanings” of things and does not really understand the truth behind Taoism’s inner teachings. As mentioned in the article of “Secret of Yuan Shen in Taoism”, many things are not leaked to the outsiders in Taoism’s teachings, but only to the real trusted disciples, and so you can see the words in books, but you don’t know what it means, because the words are all a metaphor or a container only, and the meaning is not people used to interpret it as.

In this article, we will unleash the truth about what is a spiritual embryo or what we call Sun-Toy 神胎 in Chinese. 

This word of  " spiritual embryo" is very badly translated and does not really tells us the truth at all. This thing which most refer to as the spiritual embryo is called Sun-Toy in Cantonese or Shen-Tai in Mandarin 神胎 and is nothing hard to understand. It is also what you need to cultivate to do advanced Taoist magic, including things that touch your Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun. Doing Chi Kung and Tai Chi alone will NOT bring you there, or you will be spending your whole life trying to cultivate a small spiritual embryo, which is totally a waste of a time.

What is a Spiritual Embryo

First of all, what is a spiritual embryo?  Please bear with me here with the repeating word of a spiritual embryo, because this is solely for the sake of google to get this keyword more highlighted for the people who want to seek for the truth.

A spiritual embryo, Sun Toy 神胎 is a Pre-Heaven element, like your Yuan Sun, but it’s a medium that contains some essential elements of a spiritual soul in one group.

What is a Toy 胎? It is like the form of a baby when it’s just developed into the mother’s body. This form is a very early stage. In the Taoist theory, we say what give birth to this is the Yang essence infused, combined with the Yin essence, then harmonized, and there goes the Toy 胎. Just like referring to the real birth of a baby in pregnancy, the sperm (yang essence) goes into the vagina, finding the egg (yin essence), then combined together to form a new thing, and that is the TOY. However, please read carefully, this is a metaphor, and you do not consume sperms or eggs in Taoism for giving birth to your spiritual embryo!  Many people go crazy and think that they should be consuming these things, which is totally disgusting and stupid.

In the article of “secrets of the Yuan Shen", we already talked about the fact that we do not only have this body here but also 2 more bodies. There are 9 dimensions (category) in nature, and our physical body is in the dimension 8. There is a body in dimension 1 and 6 too.

Dimension 1 is what we call the pre-heaven body, it contains Yin and Yang of Pre-Heaven together. The dimension 6 is your spiritual energy body and that is your post-heaven Yin body. The physical body here is dimension 8, which is the post-heaven Yang body.

The yang essence and yin essence that we talk about is the energy cells or essence in your energy body in the dimension 1, the pre-heaven body. You can see your dimension 1 body, which we call the Faat-Sun 法身 (magic body?) is like an hourglass. There are 3 systems or parts to it. The top is light and the bottom is wind, and the center is the heart, or energy heart, which we call 法心 which stores your feelings, emotions, senses and such. The top is all resources and they don’t move. The lower system is all processing powers. When the center, the heart, allows things to flow down, it will be digested and processed by the lower system. After the processing is done, the body pushes out things it doesn’t need and put the things it needs back to the top as resources and the system keeps rolling and circulating like this. The whole thing is like the electro-magnetic-field of the planet earth that scientist talks about, very like and similar.

In Taoism, we call this the Yin and Yang energy in our pre-heaven body. When we do Taoist magic, we are using the elements in the center (the energy heart) to command resources from the top (yang) to flow to things and get into process, or we can start energy flow, or even to use the Yin energy to help things digests or break things up etc. This is what Taoist magic is about, it’s all about using the things in your pre-heaven body to do work, but it goes beyond that, which you can read in our “secret” article.

As you can see, the center is where that blends your Yang and Yin together. Usually your yang essence just got pushed down through the center heart and goes into the Yin portion to process, but in order for things to “stay” in the center of yin and yang, it must be a balanced medium, and that is why it doesn’t go down or float up. Too heavy it will go down, too light it will float up, and if it’s neutral or balanced, then it will stay.  Simple enough, you don’t won’t the + or – but the O in the center. That is the essence of your energy heart, faat-sum. In Taoist alchemy, me call this energy heart the Sam Daan 心丹 or Faat Daan 法丹. The word Daan is like a pill, but it’s not a pill. The word is used to describe how this is an essence that is contained and waiting to be unleashed. 

Spiritual embryo, the Sun Toy 神胎 is born from your energy heart, or this Faat-Sum system.  It’s the little essence in this place, yet, you cannot just have “any” essence in this place in order to make it “the spiritual embryo” that we are talking about.

First of all, think about what is the Yang essence? It is like memories in your head, things you can remember is always floating on top of your head, for example your wife.  What is the Yin essence? It is a corresponding thing that you will be doing with the subject, a process. With your wife, you will have a corresponding process which is living together and doing all sorts of things.  When the two gets to a point, then there is a spiritual embryo in the center between the two.

You don’t need to make love to have a spiritual embryo, it’s just there because the two knows about each other and have done enough things together, then there is this pre-heaven energy thingy that is born, and it’s like a little sphere of energy, like a planet, in dimension 1. Yes, we can see it too, with advanced cultivation in Taoist magic.

As you can see, you can have a spiritual embryo with many things you interact with all the time, even your car, your TV, your phone, and anything in life can have a spiritual embryo with you, just like the concept of a “spiritual soul” that we talked about before.

As we said in “What is Taoism”, just believing or acknowledging a theory does not make you a Taoist, and here is another example for you. In order to cultivate THE spiritual embryo that we talk about for going to your Yuan Shen and achieving immortality, you must have a dedicated spiritual embryo for this cultivation and it needs a ground for the spiritual embryo to be cultivated. 

The Real Spiritual Embryo

The real spiritual embryo that Taoist have to cultivate requires dedicated cultivation just for this special one that they will be using to beam themselves to their Yuan Shen and achieve immortality. Nothing can respond to you without a name. Just like we said, everything is just a container, but we need a container to contain something if you want to keep it and keep it growing.

Many people are too obsessed with the idea of “letting go of materialistic stuff” and thinks that name, material and everything is not important. This is totally not true. We are born in this world with these “materialistic” stuff, and there is a purpose for it.  Things in pre-heaven need something physical in this world to connect to it, in order for the energy between, which is the soul, the inner energies, to develop!  Just like human have their Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) but they need a body here in order for the spiritual soul to grow and develop to a full and complete stage.

Maybe let’s talk about marriage. Two people cannot just kiss and hug then call that marriage. They have to have something solid, something physical, in order to bond them together. Naturally, we will buy a house, maybe a ring, then furniture, and the longer you stay with the other person, the more you will have with them in terms of physical things. These things will help you secure the pre-heaven energies, and bond you two together better.

In Taoism, the sifu who started off the disciples and get the ordained, will for sure give them a secret name for their Sun-Toy or spiritual embryo. The disciple of course won’t have it cultivated yet, but it is a special one given or “started off” by the sifu who taught them, and this is a secret in the ancient time which the disciples cannot tell anyone. There is also a rule, if you leak it, the energy will be leaked from the disciple themselves. Who with the real deal knowledge dares to tell you the secrets or even put it on the books?

Spiritual Embryo Cultivation

As the dedicated spiritual embryo is named, empowered, and programmed by the sifu who teaches the disciple, the disciple will then have the spiritual embryo in their body, their pre-heaven body, and it stays there with the name. When the person cultivates their special spell daily, use it daily, do more work with it and such, the spiritual embryo gets stronger and stronger as it start to “exercise” and do more work here and there.

The next step is when the spiritual embryo starts to split up and clone into the magic altar, and there goes one more build in the altar’s energy heart, which stays in the incense pot area, but in the pre-heaven dimension body of your altar, the energy body.

As they cultivate more and more, one of the spiritual embryo of that one in their body and the altar will also clone itself and push one into the lineage energy network, and the lineage energy work will help you secure it in the pre-heaven dimension. When this route is built, then the disciple will have a bunch of satellite dishes places from his body, to the altar, to the lineage network in the pre-heaven dimension and out to their Yuan Shen/Yuen Sun and beyond, or even to the pre-heaven dimension beyond their Yuan Shen.

Purpose of a Spiritual Embryo

The main purpose of cultivating a spiritual embryo or Sun-Toy in Taoism is because of three things.

First is because it acts as a storage for your pre-heaven energies that you have cultivated for “doing magic” and such related things, it is a storage for the pre-heaven elements, which contains things for you, like a new bank account for yourself.

The second reason is for doing magic while you are alive, so that you can draw the things from this storage to use as resources and execute Taoist magic, instead of drawing it from your own energy body’s heart all the time. You got a second storage dedicated for magic work, isn’t that cool? 

The third reason is for after-death. When you die, the spiritual embryo contains all your energies and soul fragments then brings you up to the Yuan Shen/Yuen Sun as mentioned in the article of “Taoism and Death”.

Before we die, those who cultivated enough can also use their spiritual embryo as a medium to “soul travel” to your Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) to witness your own spiritual planetary body, do work there, fix up the planet, or even work on the Yuan Shen of other people. This is what we do for people when we help people to do a distanced ceremony, and we used to call it a Yuen Sun battle in the past, because it does feel like going for a battle sometimes. 

The spiritual embryo is nothing crazy hard to achieve, and our ordained disciples in stage 2 will already have one started for them and they just need to keep practicing the magic work to develop it. When they reach to a certain stage, they will be able to go through some advanced cultivation and be able to use it and soul-travel too. It’s really not something that crazy deep and vague, it’s our A-B-C of magic, but only people who don’t know a thing about real Taoist teachings will think that it’s like the ultimate stage of Chi Kung, which made us Taoist shake our head when looking at those discussions.

What is Immortality

Immortality is not to live a long life in this world or to live until your hair is growing as long as the yellow river. The word for immortal is “Sin” 仙 in Chinese, and that means something else. Just like when we use the words for the spiritual embryo (Sun Toy) 神胎, it has nothing to do with the embryo and such too.  The word for immortal is referred to when you use your resources and build your mountain, then that is the stage of Sin. Immortal. When you can go back to the mountain you have created, which is referred to the Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun), then that is the immortal stage, which we have explained in the “funeral for Taoist disciples” article already. You don’t stay here and live forever to be an immortal, because nothing physical can live forever, and you don’t see any good masters in this world that lives forever. A true Taoist should know how nature works and not be addicted to living longer and longer in this physical world. In fact, you live until you are done but you are very healthy and happy in this world, then we will call it good.  Where do you go after you die is the most important thing.

If you want to really get your hands on the cultivation of true Taoism immortality and develop your spiritual embryo, Sun-Toy 神胎, then you need to get ordained into the lineage as a disciple. After the stage 2 attunements, you will be started off with this cultivation and your spiritual embryo cultivation will then begin its journey to get muscular and pumped.

For the disciples, if you want your spiritual embryo to get stronger, do more work, use it more, and learn more, then it will eventually grow as you love it more.

Don’t waste your time digging around useless information online and cloud yourself even more. Get real and start learning the real way today!

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