Spiritual Embryo and Immortality in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎

Taoism spiritual embryo

In Taoism, we emphasize the cultivation and uses of a spiritual embryo, which is called the神胎in Chinese (Sun Toy – Cantonese). When you are ordained into our lineage and advence into stage 2, you will get a special name called the Sun-Ho神號, which is a name for this spiritual embryo. However, what exactly is the spiritual embryo? This article will clear it up for you and so you can understand what it is and what exactly you are cultivating in this lineage.

embryoAn embryo is a baby before it is born, the word for this iswhich means the stage of absorbing light into the system. As you can see the character is composed offor moon andwhich is a platform that intakes things. The moon is a metaphor, just like how we use it in magic, which is the subject that absorbs light. The word “light” here means the essence, the finished product, or anything that is completed. The essence of life from the mother is the light that the embryo absorbs. As the baby grows in the mother’s body, it keeps absorbing essence from the mother to stay alive. Whatever the mother eats is also whatever the baby gets.

A spiritual embryo is called the “Sun” Toy神胎, which is an embryo of Sun (read our article “what is God”), which is also Shen in mandarin.

What is Sun/Shen? Simply said, it is to project power out of a system beyond its limitation. For example, speaking is a way to Sun your intention out of your body, so that people outside of you can get the message that was once inside your mind. (Sun is also used like a verb).

When you want to do something, a spiritual embryo is born inside you, because you are about to project your power. For example, you are about to hit someone in the face, to Sun is to move your intention out of your mind and deliver it to the person’s face as a punch. Before you do it, and before you move, the kind of energy that builds up inside your mind is the little “baby”, the spiritual embryo. The more you feed it with things it needs, the more powerful the action later will be. For example, the more you see, hear, or sense from this person, the more you hate him, and the more you want to punch him, the angrier you get, the more it pumps you up… and all these elements go into your mind like “food” for the “embryo”, the baby. When you are going to do it, the embryo launches out and shows its power, and you will punch with a lot more power than how you would play-fight with the person.

However, the spiritual embryo cannot be about just anything. In Taoism and Taoist magic, we are talking about a specific spiritual embryo that we cultivate. Now that you understand what it means and the definition of a spiritual embryo, it is not hard to understand the Sun-Toy神胎.


Spiritual Embryo and Taoism

When the male puts in essence, and the female absorbs it, a baby is born, or more precisely saying, the embryo is born. The same principle applies to the Saam Law principle of sky, ground and human, the ternary principle of nature. When the sky gives something to the ground and the ground takes it, then the embryo is born, and later there will be a final product.

Now what Is the sky and ground referring to? In the article of “what is Taoism”, you have learned that all the sects and lineages in Taoism are not the same, because their “Tao” is not the same. They are all connected to something, which they call their Tao, like their “boss” which leads them toward a certain path and destiny. Being under the leadership of one, automatically means you are not under the leadership of another (unless you are undercover or a betrayer).

The sky is the Tao, the resource provider, the leader that the lineage is connected to. The ground is the absorbing party, which is you the disciple.  When you are connected to the Tao of the lineage, the Tao of the lineage puts its essence into you and you accept it, and that forms a spiritual embryo. This “baby” will grow as you cultivate in the lineage, as you absorb more wisdom, knowledge and teachings from the lineage. It will become the “heart” energy inside you that can be used as your “magic power”.


Spiritual Embryo and It’s Power

The spiritual embryo inside you will grow and later migrate to your altar, and into the lineage. As your spiritual embryo develops, it will move itself toward the Tao, and eventually act like a satellite dish that beams things from the Tao to you. Another modern example is like the router that connects you to the wifi network!


You can see the spiritual embryo like a spiritual planet - like the Yuen Sun. It is not a real baby, but it’s something that actually grows in the preheaven dimension as you keep learning and absorbing things from the lineage.  

Sun Toy / spiritual embryo can clone itself, and make “copies” of itself to be launched and attach to something else outside of you. Once it does so, the subject that got the spiritual embryo will then be able to also connect to the Tao’s power and absorb the light from the Tao like you do.

You can say that it is like a file that can be copied on your computer. Whoever has this file can open it and instantly connect to the internet. This file is the spiritual embryo that connects people to the internet as the sky (resource provider).

The power of a spiritual embryo is to allow your magic to project its power out of your body and onto other things. You can infuse your spiritual embryo to things and make them also connect to the Tao of your lineage and get charged up or be supported by the Tao’s power.

In our lineage, we have a spell for the “Open Sky Door” –陰陽有路路不開,旋氣一轉入神胎, Yin Yang thee is road but road don’t open, twist the energy once and in the spiritual embryo.

Yin is to absorb, Yang is to output, and so you can absorb or output the energy yourself, but you don’t do it, you close off these routes. You turn the energy around and give it to someone or something else instead. You can see the demo of this "open sky door" in the video below, tons of them.

Another metaphor here is that your boss gives you a promotion, you can take it and use it, but you choose to not do so, and you turn the ownership of this promotion to someone else instead. So the “baby” to be born from this promotion went into another person and the other person now can get the benefits from the boss because of you.

In our magic, we charge in our spiritual embryo to things to connect them to the Tao. You see this done when we are opening the altar, consecrating magical tools, and doing all sorts of magical work.

In the more advanced cultivation of Taoist magic in our lineage, the spiritual embryo will develop and it is what brings you to soul travel, and also what helps you to get on with your life after this life. It pulls your Yuen Sun to travel beyond its realm and back to nature, to the most pre-heaven side of nature, Dai Law Tin. 

To strengthen the spiritual embryo, one must cultivate the “Te”, which is to give back to the lineage and the Tao as said in the “concluding article”. The more you are giving to the Tao, the stronger your bonds become and the stronger this “baby” will be (because it got more food from the Tao). The spiritual embryo holds the firepower of your magic, and so if you want your magic to be effective and powerful, then you have to concentrate on this spiritual embryo cultivation.

To get started and be able to really cultivate and even use your spiritual embryo, get ordainedtoday!