Spiritual Embryo in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎

 Spiritual Embryo


The Sun Toy 神胎 or what most translate to the spiritual embryo, is the beginning stage of a god, and it is very easily created, just that the ones created by yourself as an ordinary person versus the one created by an ordained Taoist is not the same, because of the “bloodline” and “breed”. Just like some people are born black, some are born white, they are just different. The spiritual embryo is needed to perform Taoist magic, it is something even a newbie would need to learn how to do and use. Let’s dig into the subject!


A spiritual embryo is needed to create a god, just like how sperm is needed to create a human being. If you look at yourself, and look at others around you, we all have a body with arms and legs, even a bunch of complicated organs inside that “just works” on their own without anyone plugging a cable to our back or something like that Can you even imagine we all started from a puddle of white liquid called sperm? If you think god is “created” by us so easily is hard to believe, you should see how unbelievable human creation is too. Just from a puddle of sperm, and boom you have a full-grown human being in a few years, it’s like look at a big tree and imagining the seed again.

The magic work we do in Taoism is called Sun Gung 神功, which means the cultivation of gods. We create, cultivate and use the gods. When we need to use the power of the gods, we must create a “copy” of it, and that means we have to make the spiritual embryo first, and then bring that embryo out, and assign it the tasks and so on. Once the tasks and everything is given, the embryo is matured and is now a “god” which isn’t in the embryo form anymore.

This new born “god” help us do the magic work we requested, and fulfil our wishes. Without the spiritual embryo, no magic can be done or started. You can see how important it is. To a Taoist magic, the spiritual embryo or Sun Toy is like the most important thing for them, because it means you can create a new god, and it means your magic can work.

How it’s Made

The embryo is made from your “heart”, which isn’t the organ but the heart that feels. It’s very simple, three essentials that you need for the embryo to be born – the request of what you hope the god to help you with, the faith of how you believe the god can help you do this (without needing evidence, unconditional blind believe), and the acknowledgement of the god’s existent. Once all three elements are there, you can create the Sun Toy. Or you should say, the Sun Toy is “born” already inside you. The question is how to “bring it out” of you and apply that on other things.

When you learn in Saam Law Stage, you can see that we have a video teaching you how to “open the sky door”, it is a method that creates the Sun Toy too, which brings it out and use it to open the connection to the celestial court.

It is very easy to make the Sun Toy, but many people will fail because of skepticism and lack of faith. It’s just a bad habit people got from science’s teaching and that new-agey mindset of “question everything”. When you are like that, your gods can never be created, because you basically do not have faith in anything, you always need “proof” before the actual relationship. In fact, can you do that with your love-relationship? Like proof to me you love me first, so I can start loving you? That is why science also said that love isn’t real– but we all know that is crazy.

How it’s Used

You can think of Sun Toy is like a token, you need to use one token for every magic you cast, every thing you do need to “insert a coin” as a form of investment, just like a “seed” is needed to grow a plant or a tree. Whenever we do magic, we always inject a Sun Toy into something and then “grow” it by giving It the energy and powers, like assigning it the task and giving it a purpose. Once it has the purpose set in, the god will be matured and it will start working for you.

When you execute your heart spells “sun kuet” (see in the Saam Law Stage introduction page), you will also bring out a Sun Toy with each heart spells too.

The Sun Toy becomes a god, and the god dies when it is done with the task it was assigned, then it turns back into the original "energy form" and regroups to where it came from (your body or celestial court depending on how you do the magic), and it regroups with the big pool of energy again, ready for the next time to be reborn. Therefore, the spiritual embryo never really "dies", it just keeps on being recycled, and that is why we also say the Sun Toy is immortal, because it doesn't really "die" in a way.

It is very hard to explain all these application in a short post, ordain to learn more and get your hands on the actual magic today!