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Heart Spells of Saam Law Sun Gung

Tin Jee Magic Lessons

Heart Spells of Taoism

Heart spells 心咒 is like a magic key that is programmed by the lineage to give access to certain powers for the disciples. Remember the principle of Taoism – Tao and Te?  The cycle should flow from Tao to Te and not the other way around. It basically means that it is just like when parents give birth to a child, they should provide the child with everything they need, and later the child will give back as they learn and develop their own strength. There is no way that one should give birth to a child with the child feeding them backward to start a relationship.  We have explained that in the article of “What is Taoism” too, it’s a basic principle we emphasize in Taoism!

Going back to heart spells, it’s a few special spells that you will get when you ordained into our lineage, or when you get advanced to another stage in the lineage, there will be a few of these heart spells granted to you. For stage one, you have two heart spells, and then you will get three more in stage two, which is where most disciples will choose to stay and hang out until they really want to get serious and level up to the almighty stage three.

The heart spells allow you to draw a specific power from the lineage, and the magic power of the dedicated heart spell is suited for doing a certain kind of magic work. You can also use the heart spells on everything to empower them up or to super-charge them for a better result, such as empowering a proposal for business, or your exam paper for your potentials to be unleashed better and get a better mark at the end!


How Does Heart Spells Work?

You can compare the heart spells with how you can get water from the big ocean and the big company that takes care of the water delivery service for the city. It is not the best comparison, but it’s very alike. Every one of you will have a spiritual energy body, which we call the Faat-Sun 法身, and it’s there since you were born. However, you have not been knowing how to use it, since there is no one who can teach you how to use it. In Taoist magic, we utilize this spiritual energy body of yours as a container for us to deliver you the cultivated and crystalized energy essences from the lineage. When you ordain, we will drop a few essences turn you’re your spiritual energy body into another state, like a tank of clear water into a tank of blue liquid that can do powerful magic work. Without the ordination and attunements, you only have the clear liquid, which cannot do magic work, just like how an ordinary person.

Every day, you get fed from the lineage with few more essence and energies, and your tank of blue liquid gets stronger and denser. As you cultivate, you also make it stronger and denser or even bigger too. There goes the beginning of power building of Taoist magic.

The heart spells will allow you to withdraw essence or energies through your Faat-Sun, and it will beam energies from the lineage network and also from your own storage in the Faat-Sun, combined together, for the final magic essence that you can withdraw from the body and use on your magic work.

There are so many different types of “energies” in this world, just like many different types of gas, and not are breathable, and not all have the same pressure or mass. Magic essences are Pre-Heaven energies but they need to be tuned for doing magic work too, and that is why you have to use different heart spells for doing different things. Pre-Heaven energies are like neutral elements, they need some tweaking and programming to make them usable.

Heart spells in the lineage are like a magic key for you to unlock powers, and they are all programmed for you when you join and get ordained into the lineage, just like how a company grants you the access card with your ID and information. The heart spells you get are only for you, and no one else can use it even they change the “name” part at the end.  That’s why you are special because you are one of us in the big dragon family!


Different Heart Spells and Purposes  

For our stage one and two disciples, they will be mostly using the 2-5 heart spells all the time. Here we will list them out and let you know what their properties are and what they could be used for. Remember one key point here, whenever you execute any magic, you must draw power with your heart spell first. Just like saying whenever you want to write, you must dip ink of different colors and types before you write. You don’t just pick up a sword finger and start drawing because it’s like a writing without ink, there is nothing that will happen like this. Draw power, then execute magic, simple logic and easy to understand, right?


1 – Ling Sum Spell 靈心咒

This heart spell is for triggering the “heart” of things, dealing with anything related to communication with energies, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and even to store in things to the Pre-Heaven storages, or giving off magic commands to things. An example of how we use it is like when we need energies to draw Fa-Jee (Symbols) on things, this spell Is used to draw power for doing the symbols. The purpose of drawing symbols is to move energies around and “teach” them how to do or what to do things, and so it’s considered a form of magic “command”, it brings your intention across and it’s how you can move energies around and teach them to do things you want them to do. Another way to use this heart spell by itself is to empower something that you need the receiving end to get your intention or go with your flow. For example, you are handing in a proposal for business, then you can empower the document with this spell using the special hand sign. By doing so, the person that reads your proposal can feel you more and have a much higher chance of liking your ideas.

2 -  Hung Faat Spell 行法咒

Hung here is like to “walk” or to start doing things. This spell is for any magic that needs to be “started”. You can say that the first heart spell is to select things and do the drag and drop with a mouse. This one is like the click and double click action!  Anything that you need to execute and start its engine, you will need it!   A practical example of this is when we are doing incense magic, we have to draw symbols on the incense, giving it the power to execute your commands and not just to “acknowledge” it. Therefore, we need to use both the first and the second heart spells to draw power for doing this incense magic work. Another example is when we need to bind the power of the FU Talismans to the altar and get the power to pour down resources into the FU, we will use this spell too. For those people who might encounter a spiritual attack or disturbance, this spell can also be used to draw power and combine it with another protection spell to get yourself shield up right away. You can also use the special hand sign with this spell to do any magic empowering that needs an overall empowerment or boost. Maybe you are at a campsite and need to empower the place to seal up your camping area for protection, or maybe you are going to work and you need your car and belongings to be protected with some extra protection power to avoid any thieves or thugs attack.  


For the stage 2 heart spells, we will do a brief introduction to reduce the length of this article!


3 – Sin Faat Spell 仙法咒

This spell is used for any empowerments, connecting resources, adding ingredients to the work, linking up things or even to send things here and there internally, or to do internal workings, tweak your magic work and such. This spell can also be a spell for infusing more elements into your magic work to pump things up for more power to be unleashed.


4 – Sun Faat Spell 神法咒

This spell is used for outputting power and executing magic for effect. For example, if you have already done a magic on something and you need it to activate and start giving off powers right away, this will be the spell to use. This spell gives you immediate effect and executes magic right away for power.


5 – Sun Lung Spell 神龍咒

This spell is used for a full blast effect, like going “all out”, sending a full unit of things out, or to work on distance magic, or things that require you to send things out of your system. Most of the time, we will need this spell to do distance magic and advanced magic work in ceremonies.  It is one of the most powerful spells, yet you don’t need to use it for doing most of the work because it is like a 60000w light bulb, you don’t need that for just reading a book on your bed.  Different powers for different purposes and smaller is not weaker!


Get the Heart Spells Stronger!

Heart spells in Saam Law Sun Gung are super powerful and they all have a mega load of potentials to be unleashed. You need to go through some training to get them cultivated and so that they can get stronger. When you ordained into the lineage, you get two heart spells for being a stage one disciple, and the heart spells will work already. Yet, it’s not cultivated and so you should follow the instructions given by your Dai Sifu in the lineage to cultivate them and build their foundation power.

As you are done with the basic cultivation of the heart spells, using it every day, burn incense with it every day at your altar, and also doing more magic work with it will result in developing more power too. At the later stages, you will also learn the Pre-Heaven fu and spells cultivation, which will develop your heart spells furthermore and you will be connecting them to the Pre-Heaven dimensions even better.

Heart spells are your most important tool and you should practice it daily to make sure they can be naturally recited in your mind without thinking. At first, it might take you 30 seconds to get it recited, but when you are good at it, it might be only 1-2 seconds of a flash and your heart spell is out already. The more you cultivate and also use it, the better it gets!  Wish you all the best in learning Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic. If you are not ordained yet, you can contact us to start learning today!


Start and Using it Today!

You can get started by getting ordained into your lineage and learn Saam Law Sun Gung right away. Besides using the heart spells for drawing magic power to use, you can also use them alone with a minor “tweak”, in conjunction with special hand signs that will be taught to you, and there go zillions of magic you can do to things around you already. Practical usage of it will be like to give yourself protection when you go to work or school, making sure your work that you hand it will have good responds or results, making someone feel you more when you send a letter, helping a baby or someone to settle down when they are in shock/panic/emotion break down, healing for health or the soul, empowering your house or belongings for better energies and bringing in better potentials, etc. There are endless of things you can do to make life better just by using heart spells with a minor tweak. Start to magicalize your life today and spread this powerful energy around yourself.   

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