Heart Spells of Saam Law Sun Gung

Heart Spells of Saam Law Sun Gung

heart spell of Saam Law Sun Gung

心咒 Heart Spells of Saam Law Sun Gung are like the keys for our disciples to withdraw powers from the lineage, just like it is their “power spells”. Different heart spells have different powers and are capable of doing different things in the Taoist magic of our lineage. When you get ordained into the lineage, you will be granted the heart spells for your level, with your Taoist name also in the spells. This spell will only work for you, because it is granted to you by the higher powers in our lineage. It’s a personalized gift, which you will be using all your life!

The heart spells are to be memorized, just like how you can memorize your bank card password. You will also know how to practice it with the special methods to make it better, stronger and more responsive. With hard work, dedication, and real “heart” work done, your spells will let you withdraw more power as time goes on.

The foundation of how this heart spell work is based on your Tao and Te cultivation in the lineage, and of course, your “heart” bonding with the lineage. Love the lineage, the magic, the power and also the masters teaching you, and don’t forget to let your love be felt by the other side!  As we all know, one way love don’t work!   If you love the lineage, show it, demonstrate it, and deliver it accordingly just like our “Concluding Magic” article described. 


Introduction to Different Heart Spells

Every heart spell will withdraw power that is capable and suitable for doing certain things. In order to do Taoist magic properly, you must draw the right kind of power in order to make things work they way they should.

For new disciples, no worry, you are always assisted and supported when you do any magic work. Even you might be doing it with the wrong powers, it will still be working as long as your heart is with the lineage.  Being honest, truthful, have trust and faith with the lineage and the high powers that inherits you the powers is the key to make things work. Just like we have “auto=correct” features, but this is for magic work.

The first stage – Saam Law Disciples, will have 2 heart spells as follow:

1.      Ling Sum Spell 心咒 – mostly used for symbols, communication, transferring your message and thoughts or requests.

2.      Hung Faat Spell 行法咒 – for magic to execute, advanced symbols and to connect and let powers flow your way. Common uses are incense magic, opening altar, executing magic to protect yourself etc.

Then in stage 2 – Sun Lung Disciples, you will have 3 more heart spells on top:

3.      Sin Faat Spell 仙法咒 – for empowering, charging in energy, boosting, pumping up things like how you pump gasoline into a car.

4.      Sun Faat Spell 神法咒 – for outputting power, execute magic to the subject outside of you, to expose power, like how you burn the gasoline to get the car to output its power.

5.      Sun Lung Spell 龍咒 – for fully launching things out, projecting your magic to somewhere or someone by distance, to send magic out, and even to boost magic for more power

For a better understanding, watch the video to learn more about them.


There are more heart spells in stage 3, and 4. When you get there you will know what they are. The power of stage 1 is indeed pretty limited, but that is just like cadets who re aiming to officially becoming police. When you are a police, you have to commit, and since you are willing to take on the commitments, you will be given greater power. Imagine if the government can just give anyone a gun without knowing their background and how mature they are…?  With greater power, there are greater responsibility, and we definitely do not want our disciples with the stage 2 powers to use their magic to do bad things!  Therefore, if the disciples are still not ready, or cannot commit themselves yet, then we will let them stay in stage 1, with the limited power. 

In short, stage 1 disciples really cannot do FU (the talisman) work much, because of their limited powers. However, they can still be doing some basic FU for cultivation purposes. In stage 2, you can finally do FU work with all powers you need. Therefore, for those who are really looking to master the powerful FU work, then aim to get to stage 2!

Feel pumped and want to get started?  Get ordained as Taoist today and start doing it for real!  There is nothing that is better than getting your hands on the real thing!