Taoism FU Biggest Misunderstanding

The internet is great but also very harmful when a lot of false or misleading information is being flooded into the pool of content for everyone. This article will be one of those important for you if you want to learn about Taoist magic’s FU Talisman.

Taoist Sects Exclusive

Many people are claiming to know how FU Talismans work and starting to post things here and there. Please note that Taoism has many sects, and the magic is all exclusive to the sect, which means what works for sect-A a will not work for sect-B. They are different systems, just like the programming language is different, so they don’t use the same coding method. Those without a sect will not work because they have no power source at the back and are purely goofing around, which is to be avoided.

The GODS of the sects are also exclusive, which means even if the name is the same, the god is not the same behind because they are not from the same family/sect. You might see a sect with a Saam Ching on the altar and another with the same statue; they are NOT going to the same god. Think about your mother vs your friend’s mother; they are not the same person even though they are both mothers.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

There are people “teaching” the public that you can tell if a FU is good or bad for you by the text if it is readable. This is pure nonsense.  Taoism FU can be in scribbles; it is not for humans to read. The FU is a ticket for the gods to know what to do to help the people. The intention and thoughts are being “read” by the gods. A FU that says “happy and jolly forever” could be a FU that ruins your business; if the guy writing the FU want this to happen, the intention and thoughts will be what the gods go by. Many people worship EVIL GODS and write FU; even a protection FU can become a curse. The FU cannot be judged by just looking at the surface.

FU can be in any form, from pictures to icons to text. It doesn’t matter what colour and style; the FU is a ticket to talk to the gods and ask for help. What matters is DO THEY HAVE A GOD that they connect to. A bunch of wannabe teachers on the internet kept teaching people to make FU and say that is using your own “chi,” this is already the most ridiculous and dangerous thing they can spread to harm people.

At the same time, there is a lot of very “legit looking” FUs sold by “old Asians” who claim to be masters. Yes, their calligraphy might look nice and very legit to an ordinary person. However, if the FU is never sanctified or went through the real magic work to make it a real FU, then what good does this FU do? FU is not a form of art; you don’t need pretty calligraphy to make a FU powerful.

Never Mix Paths

If you see a guy selling or offering FU with multiple religions or sects backgrounds, avoid it.  Mixing religious paths and sects is already disloyal to all paths. If you truly believe in the god of one sect, how would you even think you need a second to “back you up”? This can only happen when the person learning from Sect A thinks that the sect is not strong enough or doesn’t have what he wants, then he goes find sect-B to fill up what he feels lacking. Then this guy might think sect B isn’t enough and need a sect C or another religion. These “salad style” masters are empty and hollow, knowing nothing from all the sects and religious paths they study and belong to. They insult all their masters, and no master would like a disciple like that. Not to mention how the god would hate these betrayers who step on a few boats at the same time.

FUs are also not to be mixed. There are FUs from different sects and religions, meaning the energy will crash if mixed because the gods are not the same family. It is like you are hiring 4 different companies to do the same job simultaneously; they will just run into conflicts.

There are also FU BOOKS collectors who collect books and write FUs out of those collections. You see these all over the internet because I have once been there and read over hundreds of FU books from different sects. After seeing so many books, you can tell right away which are the common “copycat” ones. Well, without a legit inheriting process, what can the FU do? Nothing.

Spread the info around and let more people get educated, avoid being scammed or falling into the trap of buying “E-FU” with evil magic that will bring you nothing but trouble. You can consider ordaining and learning from us if you are hyped about making FU talismans. Ordain today to start learning.