Taoist Tips for The Desperate Ones

15 March, 2023

Feeling down, depressed, hopeless, or going through a big challenge in life, going through hurdles in life and seeking help?

The Truth of Taoist BiGu 辟谷

12 March, 2023

BiGu/PiGu 辟谷 is not about fasting or not eating grains. That is a big no-no. Learn about the truth of Bi Gu and why you should do it  or HOW you can do it properly.

Taoist Magic Smartphone and Camera

08 March, 2023

Taoist magic can be done with a smartphone and camera, which allows you to send things to heaven directly; this is a serious lecture, not a joke. See how it works and start learning.

Why do We Need a Tao?

07 March, 2023

Why do you need a TAO? What is a TAO? How can TAO be so important for a normal person and what makes you a real Taoist? How can Tao change your life?