The Truth of Taoist BiGu 辟谷

The practice of Pik Goke/ Bi Gu 辟谷 (Saamlawnese: Pi Gu) is often misunderstood as avoiding grains or fasting, which is ridiculously wrong and misleading. Here you will learn about what it means and why you should be doing it (the proper way).

First, the word 谷 (mountain/valley) is not 穀 (grains). 辟 is to repel away things from entering. In short, you are repelling things that go into your mountain. The mountain refers to your “ground” as a metaphor for restricting and repelling things going into your body and the soul system. It is not about fasting or not eating grains.

Why does it matter for Taoists? Very simple because we don’t want the soul energy from other ordinary people, which could be toxic and harmful to us. The soul energies can go into you in many ways; it doesn’t need to be from food and drinks. People can send their soul energy to you just by thinking of you, cursing you, or doing magic on you at the back. Even if you hide in a cave or live on another planet, these energies can still find you in one second because there is no distance restriction in the spiritual dimension where these soul energies are. Everything can “snap” to the location in one second with the change of thoughts.

Taoists like us don’t have to stop eating or interacting with people. We need to be on guard and know when to put on the guard to block off certain energies from people and when to cleanse and purify our energies to remove unwanted elements. For example, you just met with a friend and then got affected, feeling down or angry for no reason. You can do magic to cleanse yourself and bust the negative energies; the problem is solved instantly. This is the real Bi Gu, to restrict and repel away unwanted things going into your body!

The 5 grains are the five types of energies in the soul, the five elements—gold, water, wood, fire, and earth. It is not the real food type of grains…

Three Bodies and Nine Linkages

There is a saying about the three corpses or three bodies 三尸九虫 which confuses most people on this topic. The three bodies say the Yuen Sun is your sky body, the soul is your ground body, and the physical body is the human body. Nine dimensions link them up, the nine “worms/parasites” people misunderstand.

It's crazy how people thought Taoists were dealing with parasites in the body with chanting and scriptures. (LOL)

The concept is very simple, and I always talk about it in this blog. The bad energies you picked up in this world, such as curses and evil magic etc, will eventually enter your Yuen Sun when you go to sleep because that is when your energy cycles back up to the PreHeaven. When you wake up, you get some energy from the Yuen Sun in your local body, making your soul energy for the day.

Bad soul energy can cause many problems. The three souls affect your ability to focus, lose direction in life, affect your thinking, and the power that pushes your body to take action. Imagine you wake up with bad soul energy; you can feel grey and hopeless the whole day while nothing happens.

What can you do to ordinary human beings to clear the three bodies and give them a cleanse or flush?

Everything you have at home is linked to your Yuen Sun, which your Yuen Sun uses to beam down its energies to help you with things in this world.  You might have gifts and things from other people, which are linked to those who gifted you the item. It could be something linked with your ex, your friend who turned bad, or maybe from a person who doesn’t like you but gifted you this at a party etc. Find things around your house and throw them out, simple! You are removing all these energy connections from your property, cutting them off. At the same time, you can use this opportunity to teach your Yuen Sun to refresh all the connections by throwing out your things.

Buy something new to replace it, and don’t just throw things out. You don’t want to deplete and lose your energies in one go purely, making you very vulnerable to external threats in the spiritual world too. If you buy something new to UPGRADE things, that is not a problem. Throw your old coffee machine out and buy a new one to replace it. As you keep throwing and changing out things at home, you are non-stop flushing and refreshing the Yuen Sun’s energy channel to the soul and you. This will help you flush the system and remove a lot of obstructions or clogs, which can help you remove a lot of “bad luck” in your life.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, don’t be the fool who believes in avoiding grains and think you are dealing with parasites! Those people who think they are doing chi kung and cultivating for that purpose are hilarious. People who look from the outside often misunderstand Taoist magic because they take the words by their surface meanings, and there go all the weird offshoots.